News and Updates October 2023—Form events, improved publishing, new payment method

Last updated: November 16, 2023 Written by: Patrycja Szurgacz
News and updates October 2023
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      Form events for EventTracker

      We've added new events that you can track with EventTracker in your landing page's Dashboard:

      • form submission initiation
      • form submission error
      • successful form submission

      How is traditional conversion tracking different from form events in EventTracker?

      In typical terms, a conversion means someone fills out a form on a page.

      EventTracker gives you specific data. Separate events, even if the same form appears in different parts of one page, show you which location for a form is effective. Initiation and error events indicate that the user was interested in your offer but either abandoned the form or encountered technical issues along the way.

      Learn more about EventTracker

      Enhanced page saving and publishing

      We've made some changes to make it faster and easier to save and publish landing pages. This ensures smoother workflow when editing pages that contain a large number of elements.

      New payment method

      We've added a new payment method – Mercado Pago for one-time payments.

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