News and updates June 2023—generate content with AI, first-party cookies, publishing options

Last updated: August 10, 2023 7min read Written by: Patrycja Szurgacz
News and updates June 2023 – AI + text, first-party cookies, publishing options
Table of contents
Table of contents

Generate content with the help of artificial intelligence

The text widget has been upgraded with a new AI-based content generation feature. It's ideal for anyone looking for inspiration before getting started or who doesn't have time to write content themselves. The feature runs on ChatGPT and is in BETA stage, which means you can have a real impact on how it will work. Start generating texts and share your feedback with us – this will help us understand what we should still work on.

First-party cookies and statistics

We have changed the cookies that count statistics on landing pages to first-party cookies.

Until now, statistics were based on two types of third-party files: ls_uid and ls_sid.

From now on, when a visitor enters a landing page, only the ls_sid file is saved, which is valid for 30 minutes from the moment of entry, after it expires, the next entry is counted as a new visit. This is a first-party file and is used to calculate statistics that you can track in your landing page's Dashboard.

Read more about the advantages of first-party cookies and learn more about statistics in Landingi.

Publishing options

We've refined the publishing process to make it easier for you to manage your publishing options.

There are three publishing options available in Landingi: redirecting to your custom domain, embedding on a server, and using a WordPress plugin. You can use several options for the same page.

You can now see all the URLs under which your site is visible, set a MAIN URL, or add another one.

Other product updates


—Removing the Agency Gallery tab from the main tab menu – the gallery is now available directly within the image widget (read more about image gallery for Agency plan).

Publishing options

—Improving the UI and UX of the publishing option – blocking the Copy URL button for an unpublished landing page.

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