Configure your subdomain with Cloudflare

Last updated: April 6, 2022 Written by: Avatar Teresa
Table of contents
Table of contents

If you've registered after April 6, 2022 and would like to set up your subdomain, please follow the in-app step-by-step guide – click Configure domain next to your subdomain in the Domains tab. You can always contact our Support Team via chat or email.
The following guide is intended for the users registered before April 6, 2022. Guides for new users will be available soon.

You can manage your DNS records and name servers of every domain name via Cloudflare. Some domain provides require you to purchase a paid hosting package in order to edit the DNS records, but you can easily point the name servers to Cloudflare and point the DNS records to Landingi for free.

This guide will show you how to add A and CNAME records in Cloudflare. When adding or editing records, you must temporarily disable the proxy for the domain.

Add a new domain to Cloudflare

1. Log in to your Cloudflare account.

2. If you  haven't added your root domain to Cloudfare, go to the Websites tab and click + Add site.

3. Enter your root domain name and click on Add site.

4. To add new DNS records, navigate to the Review DNS records section and click Add record.

REMEMBER: Disable Cloudflare (proxy) after adding a new value for each record and save changes. An active proxy will make it impossible to install the SSL certificate in Landingi.

Redirect your subdomain – other than www

1. Add one new CNAME record.

2. Edit the Name field and copy the Target one. Paste the values to your CNAME record.

  • Name: type in your new subdomain name, e.g., portfolio for



3. Click Save, and then Continue.

Redirecting a www subdomain

Before you start, read tips on redirecting a www subdomain with A and CNAME records.

1. Add new A and CNAME records.

2. Copy and paste the following values:

Type A


IPv4 address:



3. Click Save, and then Continue.

Set up DNS servers

If you set up your domain for the first time, Cloudflare will indicate the nameservers that you should remove and add to your domain provider's account.

Click Done.

Changing DNS records to Landingi – I already have my domain in Cloudflare

1. If you have a domain added to Cloudflare and you want to redirect it to Landingi, you need to switch off Cloudflare (proxy) for some time. Click on Proxied (1) to turn it off.

2. Now, you can add your domain to Landingi. When you see your domain active on the list, click on DNS only (2) to switch on Cloudflare cloud again. 

Finish the configuration in Landingi

When you're ready, go back to Landingi and click on Confirm/Finish.

Once you've added the subdomain to your account, our system will verify whether the DNS redirections have been done correctly. During this time, an hourglass icon will be visible next to the domain with the information that the domain is being verified. Usually, the domain will be active a few hours after adding it, but the total waiting time depends on the number of domains in our system waiting in the queue to install the certificate. We will email you when the domain is installed correctly.

A green globe icon indicates an active domain. You can assign it to your landing page.

After assigning the domain, go back to Cloudflare and turn on the proxy.


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