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Table of contents
Table of contents

cPanel is one of the most popular Linux-based control panels for web hosting accounts that lets you conveniently manage all services in a single place. It is used by some providers like e.g. Hostgator. To make redirections using this tool, you need to be sure what are the differences between the root domain and the subdomain.

The overall display of cPanel may slightly vary depending on the domain provider.

Make sure you add the domain to your account in the Landingi platform. Here you will learn how to do it.

Redirect your subdomain in cPanel – other than www

1. Log in to the subdomain portal and go to Hosting. Find your domain on the list and go to cPanel.

2. Click on Domains (1) and go to the Simple Zone Editor (2).

3. Add one CNAME record.

Edit the Name field and copy the CNAME field. Paste the values to your CNAME record.

  • Name: type in your new subdomain name, e.g., portfolio for, the system will automatically fill in the root domain name



Redirect a www subdomain in cPanel

Before you start, read tips on redirecting a www subdomain with A and CNAME records.

1. Log in to the HostGator portal and go to Hosting. Find your domain on the list and go to cPanel.

2. Click on Domains (1) and go to the Advanced Zone Editor (2).

3. To redirect a www subdomain, you need two DNS records (CNAME and A).

Verify whether you already have the A record or a www CNAME record. If yes, edit their values. If you don’t see these records, add new ones.

Type in 14400 for the TTL section. Edit the Name field for the A record and copy other fields. Paste them to your A and CNAME records.

  • Name for A record: type in your domain name
  • Dot: add a dot at the end of the name for A record
Type A





Finish the configuration in Landingi

When you're ready, go back to Landingi and click on Confirm/Finish.

Once you've added the subdomain to your account, our system will verify whether the DNS redirections have been done correctly. During this time, an hourglass icon will be visible next to the domain with the information that the domain is being verified. Usually, the domain will be active a few hours after adding it, but the total waiting time depends on the number of domains in our system waiting in the queue to install the certificate. We will email you when the domain is installed correctly.

A green globe icon indicates an active domain. You can assign it to your landing page.

In some cases, you have to wait between 1 and 24 hours for the records to propagate.


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