How to enable lead notifications (without form details)

Last updated: April 19, 2023 Written by: Teresa
Table of contents
Table of contents

You can enable email notifications with leads generated on your landing pages (and lightboxes). This option is disabled by default.

The notification does not contain lead details – it is only information that someone has submitted a form, and it differs from email integration.

Take a look at the email integration guide if you want to get notified, see the details submitted by the user, and define the recipient of those notifications. Also, use this integration if you want to get notified about pop-up leads.

How to enable lead notifications

1. Go to the Landing Pages tab. Enter the Dashboard of your landing page. If you want to get notified about leads generated by a lightbox, enable notifications for the landing page that has a trigger for this lightbox.

2. Enter the Settings tab, in the Lead notifications check Send me email after every new lead in landing page inbox, and save the changes.

When you receive a new lead, we will send an email to the account’s owner e-mail address from The subject will include the name of your landing page.

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