AWeber Integration

Last Updated: 27 Jan 2020

In this manual, you will get to know how to integrate your chosen form on a landing page with AWeber – e-mail marketing platform.

This integration does not support custom form fields.

How to integrate your landing page with AWeber?

1. Log in to the platform, go to the Landing Pages tab and go to edit the selected landing.

2. In the Editor, go to the Form Settings -> Integrations -> AWeber.


3. Click on the button Connect AWeber with Landingi.


4. In the newly opened browser tab, log into your Aweber account and confirm the permission to integrate with the Landingi platform by clicking on Allow Access.


5. After a successful login, in the integration details, you will see your AWeber account number and names of your mailing lists. Select the chosen account and mailing list (1) from the drop-down menu, and then combine the form fields with the appropriate field value in AWeber (2).

Click Save and Close (3) and then publish your landing page.


Fill out the form for testing purposes and check if your leads are sent correctly to AWeber.

After logging in to Aweber, you should find your lead data in the Subscribers -> Manage subscribers.

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