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Best Leadpages Alternative In 2024

Leadpages’s disadvantages, especially its strong focus on perfecting the landing page building process without parallel development of a more extensive digital marketing environment, often lead users to look for other platforms with more functions on the board. Discover the best Leadpages alternative in 2024. Landingi not only meets these criteria but also gives you at least the same level of creative power in building assets like landing pages, microsites, pop-ups, and more.
leadpages best alternative in 2024

If you’re about to change your digital marketing platform to one that preserves most of the Leadpages advantages, like user-friendliness, no-code page builder, and in-built set of additional tools, while being free of its common advantages, such as too high pricing and limited customization options, you’re on the mark! In this post, we present a tool that surpasses most of the Leadpages alternatives, as well as the said platform itself. Get to know Landingi!

Below, we’ll take a closer look at both platforms to compare their features, pros & cons, integrations, and pricing. We’ll also check the users’ opinions for both Landingi and Leadpages collected on the top online software review platforms:

  • G2,
  • Trustpilot,
  • GetApp.

If ConvertKit holds no surprises for you, go ahead and proceed directly to the Landingi section. For a quick comparison of the key differences between these platforms, view the infographics below.

leadpages and its best alternative comparison


Leadpegas was founded in 2012 and has quickly become a serious player in the digital marketing space. The platform was developed to address the need for a more efficient way to create engaging landing pages that convert visitors into leads and customers. Over the years, Leadpages has expanded its services, continually adding new features to support the evolving needs of online marketers and small businesses aiming to maximize their online impact.

What is Leadpages?

Leadpages is a comprehensive tool that allows users to build customized landing pages, pop-ups, and other similar digital assets.

The platform offers a wide range of features, including drag-and-drop interface, a vast library of customizable templates, and extensive integration options with email campaigns and social media ads. Additionally, Leadpages facilitates A/B testing and provides detailed analytics to help users refine their strategies and improve conversion rates.

This suite of tools is designed to help marketers and business owners create high-converting web pages that effectively capture leads and drive sales.

Why People are Using Leadpages?

People use Leadpages as it offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to build and deploy landing pages that look professional. This ease of use, combined with some testing and analytic tools and powerful integration capabilities with email services and CRM systems, makes it an essential tool for digital marketers looking to increase their lead generation.

A few big pros for using Leadpages listed starting with the most frequently observed by users (and mentioned in their reviews published on G2, TrustPilot and GetApp), are placed below (ranges for mentions are provided in brackets):

  • simple and user-friendly drag and drop editor with easy navigation (65+),
  • plenty of customization options (50+),
  • very helpful customer support provided on time (30+),
  • plenty of highly appealing templates for various purposes (20+),
  • powerful and fresh landing page templates (10+)
  • fair ratio-price balance (10+),
  • frequent updates and continuous product development (10+)

(*) A minimum of 10 mentions in users’ reviews to be included.

Individual opinions underline that the editor is clutter-free, while the platform stays effective in lead generation. There are also some accolades for the LeadPages newsletter, which is a great learning tool for digital marketing newcomers.

“Leadpages excels in its primary function – creating stunning and effective landing pages. The platform offers a variety of templates, making it easy to design professional-looking pages without a steep learning curve. The drag-and-drop interface is intuitive, allowing users to customize elements and create engaging landing pages quickly” (Verified User, 23 Dec 2023, G2)

What are Leadpages Disadvantages?

Major Leadpages disadvantages include limited native integrations, very few customization options in regards to visuals, and prices, which are a bit higher compared to some of the best Leadpages alternatives.

The following are significant drawbacks and limitations of Leadpages that you need to be aware of before deciding to sign up. We start with the issues most frequently noted by users and end with those that receive fewer mentions:

  • more native integrations would be profitable (instead of using Zapier) (20+),
  • limited customization options, especially for visual content (15+),
  • pricing tiers for specific plans could be lower (15+),
  • building advanced or professional-looking landing pages may require some additional advice if you have no technical skills (10+).

(*) A minimum of 5 mentions in users’ reviews to be included.

Some opinions report issues with building multi-step forms or forms with conditional logic. Also, a few users point out that the tool could cover more content types, e.g., blog posts (it’s included, yet only in higher plans) or full websites, but, to be honest, Leadpages is not a website builder (and does not claim to be), so you should not expect website building in the toolset provided.

Nevertheless, the majority of drawbacks are indicated in reviews with positive conclusions, so keep in mind that Leadpages is generally well-appreciated by users.

“I dislike their native form functionality. You are limited to collecting basic information on prospects such as name, email, phone number, and address. You are not able to ask custom questions.” (Jonathan L., 31 Mar 2023, G2)

Leadpages Key Features

Leadpages key features include an intuitive and versatile landing page builder equipped with AI solutions and basic conversion tools like A/B testing. Let’s take a closer look on the details.

Esteemed Landing Page Builder

Leadpages’ landing page editor is renowned for its clean, user-friendly interface that allows even beginners to create professional-looking pages with ease. The drag-and-drop functionality makes it simple to customize elements on a page, including text, images, buttons, and widgets, without the need for coding knowledge.

The platform allows you to build landing pages from scratch or based on fully customizable templates. This is a standard you can find in each Leadpages alternative, but believe me, the difference lies in the templates themselves. They look fresh and cover most of the possible applications – from sales pages through product pages to ones for webinars.

The displacement of elements on the templates like CTA and headline is well-thought in terms of marketing, so it is easier to transform them into really high-converting landing pages.

Landing page creation is easier due to the numerous ready-to-use components. You can choose from classical widgets like buttons, images, icons, and forms, as well as untypical ones like a dedicated Calendly widget, countdown timer, date widget, social widgets, or even progress bars.

Also, I’d like to grant an extra point for section templates covering most of your needs. They are well arranged and significantly speed up creating landing pages. Even if there is no template ideal for you, they may serve you as an inspiration.

Everything is so intuitive and there is no room for confusion. The editor is quick, user-friendly, and almost bug-free (some may appear if you go overboard with custom codes).

Area for improvement? Mobile editing! Surprisingly, Leadpages does not offer a separate mobile view editor, which would greatly facilitate the creation process of a dedicated mobile version of the site. Of course, we can make specific elements visible only on the desktop or mobile version, but this kind of adjustment takes time, and it’s certainly not an optimal solution. More creative power in rearranging the mobile view would be surely beneficial.

AI capabilities

AI capabilities are another field quickly developed by Leadpages. Currently, they offer copy and image generators, but I feel they

You can produce copy for your pages automatically to save time (and money on paid copywriting), but keep in mind that you won’t avoid professional proofreading or editing, as the generated messaging is at least a few steps away from perfection. Compared to other tools, this tool performs averagely. I suppose it’s related to the pre-prompts logic, which could be improved.

The same goes for the AI image generator, but it should be noted that, as of now, this is a truly unique solution unavailable in most landing page builders these days.

Conversion Tools

“Conversion tools” is how Leadpages call them, but in fact, we talk about a set of pretty standard tools like A/B testing, dashboards with very few basic analytics, and sales page features (payment gateways, checkout forms, etc). Also, you can create with Leadpages whole sales funnels consisting of several forms or landing pages, but all of this takes place manually, as it’s not a sales funnel builder like, for example, ClickFunnels. Likewise, the same goes with Landingi.

Finally, if you are looking for a landing page platform equipped with an extensive lead-nurturing, remarketing or email marketing automation toolset, you should find an alternative to Leadpages, as the platform itself is just a great landing page builder, not a digital marketing machine.

Leadpages internal conversion guidance is very helpful and leads you through the effective use of the platform to make the most out of it, but, naturally, it won’t make you overcome its limitations in terms of offered functions.

Leadpages Integrations

Leadpages allows you to integrate natively with a few esteemed apps or platforms like Google Analytics, HubSpot, and Salesforce. There are also a bunch of compatible apps that can be easily integrated too. Everything else is, unfortunately, a matter of Zapier. Below are the most famous names included in each of these groups:

Native, in-app integration:

  • Google Analytics,
  • HubSpot,
  • Salesforce,
  • Keap,
  • ActiveCampaign,
  • Drip,
  • GetResponse,

Compatible apps:

  • Google Tag Manager,
  • HotJar,
  • Facebook Ads (also: Google Ads and Instagram Ads),
  • Shopify,
  • Typeform.

Integration via Zapier only:

  • Pipedrive,
  • Zoho CRM,
  • SendOwl,
  • Campaign Monitor,
  • Gmail,
  • Klaviyo,
  • MailerLite,
  • Intercom,
  • Slack.

Leadpages Pricing & Plans

Leadpages pricing includes two basic plans with fixed features and one advanced dedicated to international brands and key clients. Signing up for the latter one requires talking to sales. No free plan is offered, but both “Standard” and “Pro” plans include a free 14-day free trial period.

The “Standard” plan (for $49 monthly, or $37 if billed annually) includes all the features related to landing page building, 250 templates, all the integrations, basic analytic tools and unlimited traffic & leads.

What will you get if you choose the higher one? Plan “Pro” (for $99 a month, or $74 when billed yearly) gives you more AI credits (30,000 instead of 10,000), 3 custom domains (instead of 1), and e-commerce tools. Finally, this tier unlocks access to Writing Assistant and blogging features.

Advanced” plan includes a dedicated success coach, 50 custom domains, unlimited AI credits, multiple blogs, and advanced integrations. Price is set individually.

Landingi – Best Leadpages Alternative

Having been a notable player in digital marketing for almost 15 years, Landingi initially gained acclaim as a top-tier page builder. The platform has since expanded its offerings to include a versatile suite equipped with, amont others, AI content creation tools, thorough user behavior analysis, and testing functionalities. Thus, today, it’s a kind of digital marketing environment rather than another one-purpose builder, which sets it apart among the majority of Leadpages alternatives.

What is Landingi?

Landingi is a cloud-based platform that helps users design, implement, and perfect professional landing pages without coding. It features intuitive drag-and-drop editing tools, an extensive template library, A/B testing capabilities, and integrations with a range of marketing tools. Its mission is to make lead capture, sales generation, and campaign evaluation more accessible for marketers and companies.

Why People are Using Landingi?

People use Landingi due to its very intuitive drag-and-drop editor, ability to create not only good-looking but also high-converting landing pages, almost endless customization freedom, hundreds of pre-built templates, and a full package of additional tools like built-in A/B testing (or A/B/x testing), advanced analytics and continuously expanded AI capabilities. That said, Landingi represents an all-in-one marketing approach, combining various tools into a single versatile platform.

According to reviews, here are the top seven advantages of Landingi, ranked by frequency of praise (with mention counts provided in brackets*):

  • powerful, drag-and-drop builder able to create landing pages, microsites, pop-ups, forms, sections, etc., without coding skills (70+),
  • loads of fully customizable landing page templates optimized for specific industries and goals (40+),
  • very helpful and professional support with 100% human-to-human interaction (40+),
  • advanced features and additional tools addressing a variety of digital marketing purposes, from testing to analyzing user data (40+),
  • compared to the other top landing page building platforms: fair and affordable prices (30+),
  • very wide integration catalog and ability to be involved in PPC ads or email marketing campaigns (15+),
  • account management solutions perfect for scalability and big businesses (15+).

(*) A minimum of 10 mentions in users’ opinions to be counted.

“My favorite part of Landingi is how easy it is to create and deploy a landing page. Within a couple of hours, I was able to deploy several landing pages. Also, the customer service is outstanding. I have used the chat feature many times and receive prompt, helpful replies within minutes or even seconds.” (Jaren H., GetApp, 2023).

Additionally, numerous testimonials highlight the platform for its strong infrastructure, excellent responsiveness, and quick loading speeds, along with its broad array of e-commerce tools, including support for various payment gateways, connections with e-commerce platforms, and order tracking capabilities.

More and more reviewers are mentioning relatively new features on the Landingi platform, especially:

  • AI Assistant, which can generate detailed content for landing pages (microsites, etc.), offering customization for audience, tone, and purpose, along with providing essential SEO components like descriptions and meta descriptions;
  • EventTracker, able to monitor views, scroll depth, clicks and other actions users take on your pages, which is great for collecting data and drawing reasonable conclusions on further improvements and strategic changes.

“Don’t need to know CSS or how to code, easy way to build, landing pages that are beautiful and clean” (Carlos V., G2, Feb 22, 2024).

What are Landingi’s Disadvantages?

The disadvantages of Landingi are minor and comprise some time required to learn the interface, as well as the absence of dedicated email marketing tools available directly on the platform (not via integrations). In general, negative reviews are quite rare for Landingi, so the subsequent improvement points are also pulled from the positive comments, albeit with a hint of criticism. They are ordered by the frequency of user references (indicated in parentheses):

  • The interface needs a while to adapt to (10+),
  • The auto-generated mobile view saves time, yet it requires further modifications to achieve perfection (5+).
  • Video and animation customization options could be expanded (5+).

(*) A minimum of 5 mentions in users’ reviews to be included.

“Adding a domain was a little complex, but I attribute that to my skills and not the software.” (Jessica T., 21 Nov 2023, G2)

Landingi Key Features

Landingi’s key features comprise a straightforward, drag-and-drop interface for building customized, responsive landing pages, microsites, pop-ups, forms, and other digital assets, making it accessible even to those without technical skills or any experience in the field. Additionally, users may take advantage of A/B testing, continuously expanded AI toolset, and EventTracker for monitoring users’ on-site activities.

Top-Notch Builder with Intuitive Interface

Thanks to its clear, accurate, and drag-and-drop interface, Landingi enables the effortless design of eye-catching landing pages, one-page sites, and mobile-optimized pages, in addition to other digital constructions (pop-ups, forms, lightboxes, etc.). The array of tools you can use in the creation process includes (among others):

  • text boxes,
  • forms (with ready-to-use patterns),
  • buttons (also for payments),
  • images, icons, and effects,
  • videos or animations,
  • custom codes, and more.

Landingi allows you to design landing pages as well as individual sections. You can build these sections using templates or start from scratch and activate (or modify) them across multiple pages at once with just a single click (it’s how Smart Sections work).

One of the standout features of Landingi is its exclusive mobile view editor. It empowers users to optimize their landing pages for mobile devices, ensuring a perfect viewing experience. Users can finely adjust elements such as button sizes and visibility, as well as the organization of components, to create a responsive and mobile-friendly design.

What is really helpful is that Landingi, with just one click, can automatically suggest a new layout for mobile, facilitating a more efficient design process.

Loads of Templates

Offering a richer variety of templates than its competitors, Landingi boasts a collection of over 400 kits suitable for landing pages, pop-ups, and sections. They are categorized by specific goals, industries, and colors, ensuring that users can swiftly find one that ideally fits their needs.

For those, however, who desire complete creative freedom, the option to begin with a blank canvas and design pages entirely from scratch is also available.

AI Multi-Purpose Assistance

Landingi offers a set of AI tools with a cutting-edge copy generator at the forefront. It’s powered by a ChatGPT engine stimulated by a system of predefined prompts for finer and more precise copy. Enter essential information about your brand, audience, and communication style, and receive content for your landing pages that is almost ready to publish, requiring just minimal edits. Should the first version not meet your expectations, the “regenerate” feature allows for additional iterations.

Another use-case concerns SEO. As required, AI Assistant is able to automatically create and populate descriptions and meta descriptions for your pages.

Meanwhile, Landingi is enhancing its AI capabilities for image editing, currently allowing users to effortlessly change image backgrounds with a single click, with plans for more comprehensive features in the near future.

Harness the power of AI to generate copy, edit images, and improve SEO. All within a single platform. Save time and get one step closer to perfection.

Conversion Rate Optimization Suite

This is the field where Landingi shows the potential to exceed a mere page creation process. The platform is equipped with a range of conversion optimization tools that deliver crucial data on user behavior, creating a solid ground for analysis and well-informed decision-making. All of this can improve your design approaches and increase conversion rates. Landingi includes a variety of CRO tools, but two are extraordinarily helpful:

  • The A/B testing functionality facilitates empirical evaluation of alternate versions of landing pages or discrete components like headlines and imagery. This rigorous testing helps to determine which one yields superior conversion metrics, enhancing traffic volumes and/or lead generation stats (depending on how you’ll define conversion).
  • EventTracker specializes in the detailed tracking of user interactions such as button clicks, page scrolls, and video views, providing invaluable insights for website analysis. It serves as an effective alternative to Google Analytics for those focused on optimizing landing pages, overcoming many of GA’s limitations. For a thorough comparison of both tools regarding essential features, see the detailed breakdown below.

It’s the area where Landingi outperforms Leadpages, which does not support so detailed analytics for landing pages or micro conversion tracking. You can view general statistics such as page visits and conversions within the app, but detailed tracking of user behavior on your pages is not available. This means you miss out on understanding which features of your pages hinder conversions.

Solutions for Agencies, Enterprises and Global Companies

Landingi shines as a top Leadpages alternative, especially when it comes to scalability that suits agencies, large brands, and global firms. These clients often need more complex management features, options for customizing workflows, and, naturally, the tools for managing a large number of pages.

With Landingi’s agency package, you can set up numerous subaccounts for various clients, campaigns, and website types, each with customized permission settings and managed through easy-to-use, clear dashboards.

For anyone needing to generate numerous landing pages or websites, Landingi offers a collection of specially designed tools tailored to handle such volumes:

  • First up, the platform’s Smart Sections feature lets you update multiple landing pages in one go by simply adjusting a shared section and then clicking “save” (changes will populate automatically on all of the pages with the edited smart section). It’s a real time-saver, especially when managing large-scale multipage campaigns or various sales landing pages.
  • Landingi also offers dynamic content (also known as dynamic text replacement feature), which is crucial for programmatic SEO strategies. This functionality lets you present different content to various demographic groups, enhancing targeted outreach. For instance, a pet supply store might use this feature to offer “Essential winter pet care products” to customers in colder regions, and “Keep your pets cool with these summer essentials!” to those in warmer areas. It’s the magic of flawless personalization that automation can achieve!
  • Finally, Landingi enables you to effortlessly duplicate your pages with just one click, allowing for the quick creation of similar pages.

Reliability and Optimal Performance

Landingi upholds top-tier standards in website security and functionality, leveraging cloud solutions provided by Amazon Web Services. It incorporates all the relevant security protocols, including two-factor authentication and the newest Re-Captcha. Frequent penetration testing conducted by external cybersecurity specialists completes this picture. This thorough security approach guarantees both the safety and optimal performance of your pages, establishing Landingi as a reliable platform used by many well-known global brands, such as:

  • Sony,
  • Warner Bros,
  • Opera,
  • Nationale-Nederlanden,
  • DAT,
  • PayU.

Landingi Integrations

Landingi can connect with over 170 tools, making it a great choice for companies with lots of marketing software on the board. There is a wider range of native integrations than in Leadpages and they include especially big names. Key tools for integration (regardless of the way) include:

  • CRMs (Salesforce, Pipeline, HubSpot, CRM, Zoho, Keap, Brevo, ConvertKit, Firmao, Thrive Coach and other apps),
  • ecommerce stack (BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Chargify, Mercado Pago, Jotform, PayPal, Stripe, etc.),
  • email marketing automation platforms (GetResponse, Klaviyo, MailChimp, SendFox, Freshmail, ActiveCampaign, Campaign Monitor, EmailOctopus, Constant Contact and more),
  • chats, communication and support software (Freshchat, Zendesk, Intercom, Convolo, WhatsApp),
  • data analytics, behavior tracking and reporting software (Google Analytics, Hotjar, Pinterest Tag, Crazy Egg, Mixpanel, Piwik PRO, TikTok Pixel, Matomo),
  • ad platforms (e.g. Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising),
  • other useful tools (Calendly, Zapier, Booksy, ClickSend, Excel, Gmail, Spotify, Drip, Slack, reCAPTCHA, Airbnb, and Trustpilot).

Landingi Pricing & Plans

Landingi offers three plans ranging in cost from $29 per month for the “Lite” plan (but only $290 if billed yearly), through $69 a month for the “Professional” plan (discounted to $690 when billed annually), to $999 for “Unlimited”($9990 yearly if paid uprfront). You can try “Lite” or “Advanced” Landingi’s plans for free and get full access to its page-creation features without needing to pay upfront.

Every plan comes equipped with a wide array of functionalities, and the key features of each are outlined below. All higher-tier plans incorporate the features of the lower-tier ones, with variations in the allowable monthly visits and the number of domains per account.

1. Lite ($29 monthly):

  • asset builder (landing pages, websites, mobile pages, microsites, forms, pop-ups, lightboxes, thank-you-pages, sections),
  • 10 pages to build,
  • 400+ templates (300+ for landing pages, and 100+ for other assets),
  • 5,000 visits a month,
  • 1 custom domain (+SSL),
  • conversions without limits,
  • all the building components included (buttons, CTAs, visuals, forms, countdown timers, sliders and many more),
  • calendars and maps embeds,
  • Smart Sections,
  • WordPress Plugin,
  • optimization tools,
  • tracking pages with GTM integration and in-built dashboards,
  • nearly 200 integrations,
  • lead inbox and management in platform,
  • top page speed index and 99.9% uptime.

2. Professional ($49 monthly):

  • unlimited creations to build,
  • 50,000 visits a month,
  • 10 custom domains (+SSLs).

3. Unlimited ($999 monthly):

  • unlimited traffic,
  • 20 custom domains(+SSLs),
  • 20 subaccounts,
  • access to audit logs,
  • domain whitelisting,
  • reverse proxy publishing,
  • custom development (on demand),
  • lead generation advisory,
  • official partnership.

Note: If you need more traffic or additional domains beyond what the basic plans offer, you can always buy additional packages.

Furthermore, the add-on store provides a range of features that extend beyond those indicated above.

Why Landingi is the Best Leadpages Alternative?

Landingi is the best Leadpages alternative due to more flexibility and customization options, advanced analytics for user behavior tracking, and better-developed AI content generation tools. In other words, Landingi tends to be a more comprehensive digital landing page platform with an amazing builder on the board, while Leadpages is an amazing builder itself, but it doesn’t offer so vast digital marketing capabilities.

Undoubtedly, both platforms are among the leaders of the landing page-building segment, and only a few other ones can compete with them seriously. Most of the competitors, however, charge you much more. On the other hand, there is definitely no free alternative to Leadpages or Landingi with so many features available, such a good performance of created pages, and such a polished interface.

The question of which platform to bet on stays open, as it’s, in fact, a matter of your specific needs. I suggest trying both tools before making your choice. Especially since both platforms offer free trials.

Marcin Hylewski

Content Writer

Marcin Hylewski is a marketing content expert with over 5 years of expertise in content creation and has been involved in digital marketing for over a year. He writes about creating landing pages and optimizing their conversion rates. Currently, he is under the mentorship of Błażej Abel, the CEO of Landingi, a front-runner in landing page solutions.
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