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Heart set on conversion – Landingi rebranding


It’s been quite a ride. In November, we are going to celebrate the 9th anniversary of Landingi’s activity, although officially, the company was launched in 2013. It all started as a side project in an interactive agency, but it has turned into a business with global reach, that employs over 60 people. Take a look at the recent changes in Landingi.

We’ve changed

At first, just like every start-up, we prioritized dynamic growth in order to provide our clients with the best value possible over branding and marketing. Because we decided to implement the “product first” attitude, we used a few visual branding systems. You might even remember some of them.

Our most recent logo, the magnet, had been with us for four years. It symbolized the attraction of leads that the landing pages built in our editor were tasked with. At the time, it was a fresh idea that got the message across effectively. We’d grown fond of our magnet and we were sad to see it go.

As years went by, our logo and branding identity, which includes our website, have lost some of the mojo and started to fall behind the industry standards. It’s the natural order of things in this business. Trends change and it’s our job to keep up with them. Therefore, we have decided that it was time to make a change, and what a change it was. The magnet is no more.


As for Landingi, the year 2020 is the time of carefully-planned changes. We based the rebranding process on the feedback of our users and the analysis of the market, its needs and opportunities.

While planning the strategy early in the year, we came to a conclusion that our product must evolve into something more than a landing page editor and that the scope of the services we provide must be extended as well, so that it covers as much of the value chain as possible.

A new beginning

Considering the new strategy and the need to reinvigorate the company image, we have decided to make changes on multiple fronts. We have designed a new logo or visual branding of Landingi, but we have also been working on solutions for our clients.

Our new logo is much simpler and more modern. We have decided to with only one color this time. The logo is comprised of two geometric shapes inscribed in a square. In its most basic understanding, it’s a symbol of creating something out of nothing, but the message is supposed to convey much more than that. I would like to use this opportunity to explain a few key meanings and give you an interpretation of my own. Of course, perception is subjective and everyone is bound to see the logo differently.

When I saw the draft of the logo for the first time, I thought: “huh, it’s a square heart”. That symbol perfectly represents the character, the values and the personality of Landingi. One of our core values is #humanity, both in terms of the relationship with our clients and within the company. That is why the heart fits here like a glove.
The shape refers to the sharpness of the technological aspect of it, which is a SaaS platform that supports marketing and sales campaigns that use landing pages.

Throughout all the years of activity, we have been looking for our own Unique Selling Proposition on the landing page creator market, and to be honest (which, by the way, is another company value of ours – #honesty), we have struggled with it. The customers were appreciative of our templates and the usability of the platform, which is why we have decided to put design and UX as the top priorities. This statement is also a part of our key strategy definition.

By offering outstanding design and usability, we can prove that marketing solutions can not only be effective but also beautiful and user-friendly.

An excerpt from Landingi key strategy

We understand “beautiful design” as the highest possible quality of the products and services we offer. We want our logo to convey that visually, which is why we want the shape of the logo to invoke the look of a diamond. The beauty of design, unmatched quality and clarity – this is exactly what we want to provide our customers with so that they can make their own creations on an equally high level.

Everything we have accomplished so far and everything we plan to achieve would be impossible without the people that make up our team. Every single day, each of the 63 employees puts tons of effort into making Landingi the best version of itself. We see and appreciate that, and we believe that our logo should be a reflection of their efforts. As such, it serves as an homage to the “S” symbol of Superman. #TeamLandingi really is a Superteam.

The last, and probably the most obvious interpretation is literally the letter L rotated at a 45-degree angle, that stands for Landingi, plain and simple.

Design to Convert

As I’ve mentioned in the beginning, it wasn’t just a rebranding that we have gone through. We have set out to address the needs of the customer on every step of the value chain, which means branching out of the landing page builder that we have been known for so far. We have encompassed the core of our actions in a range of solutions that can be illustrated by icons connected to our brand new logo.

Design is all about the ability to build landing pages, lightboxes and pop ups independently, with the complete control over your creations across the whole campaign. With great possibilities comes great responsibility, but I do believe that marketers are well-equipped in terms of tools and solutions to create beautiful, and most importantly, effective conversion funnels. We do our part by offering over 300 landing page and pop up templates made with our customers and their respective industries in mind.

One of the goals of our solutions is that the launch of a landing page or pop up that is aimed to generate leads is as effortless and safe as it can be. AWS cloud hosting, a dedicated WordPress plugin, embedding a PHP file on your own server, or the ability to display a pop up with a simple Javascript code covers nearly all of the needs of marketers today.

We operate in the Martech space, so we are aware of the huge importance of integration. Having multiple tools combined in a marketing stack is like having a well-oiled machine. The automation of processes is vital to the efficiency of your actions. Our aim is to allow our customers to focus on what is important, which is the fulfillment of their marketing goals.

Every process can benefit from optimization, and marketing is no stranger to this idea. It requires constant improvements in order to maintain high efficiency and allocate the marketing budget effectively. Features such as A/B tests, dynamic content, and personalization of messaging can help make that happen.

Everything boils down to conversion. That is the part where lead generation or a sale happens. Every marketing campaign has a goal that it strives towards. We want to help you make it happen, whether it’s getting more people signed up to your webinar, organizing a pre-sale of a book you are about to launch, or releasing discount codes that boost your sales figures.

Our solutions portfolio contains two additional ones, exceeding the essential Design to Convert chain.

Agencies have the natural urge to expand their service portfolio – it helps in meeting ever-growing customer expectations. We wanted to support agencies by creating a handful of solutions dedicated to planning and running marketing campaigns. Subaccounts for employees and clients, priority support, or the possibility of using Landingi under their own brand are just a few examples of what we offer.

We have prepared solutions for enterprises especially for companies that need tailored features and functionalities. Various enterprises have different needs, like advanced security systems for financial services companies, reliable hosting with dedicated server instance for VOD platforms and so on.

The final piece of our branding strategy is our brand new claim: Take the lead. It’s going to be a significant part of our messaging in various places and circumstances. We have decided to use this one because it’s short, to the point and it’s a play on words, as you can understand it in two ways. One refers to becoming a leader in your industry, for instance. The other suggests (quite accurately, I would say) that our platform is here to give you leads, so take them.

This claim is also a reminder of what we want to accomplish as a company. and the whole idea behind Landingi. We don’t stop in our pursuit to deliver marketing solutions that are astonishingly beautiful and equally useful. As a result, companies all over the world gain the ability to grow their online business independently, with an experienced partner to support them all the way through.

We want this new version of Landingi to go along with clear and precise communication, which will help our customers to understand, how they can use Landingi and adjust it to their needs.

We deeply believe that the solutions we offer will turn out to be a better answer to customers’ needs and will enable them to run effective marketing campaigns.

Andrzej Bieda

Design & Marketing Expert

Andrzej Bieda is a marketing expert with over 10 years experience in design and landing page creation.
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