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Why the landing page is 300% more effective

April 21, 2015 Rafaela Acar 5 min read

Landing Page

Landing Page is a special page, which enables you to gain your (one and only) objective:

• the sale of the product
• obtaining contact information (leads)
• building a mailing database
• publicity on Facebook, Twitter and Google+
• convincing people to your brand, implanting ideas

Landing Page are 30% to as much as 600% more effective than ordinary websites and are great for advertising campaigns.

Landing Page and conversion rate

The conversion rate of the ordinary website is usually 1-3%. Which means that among every 100 users visiting the site, only 1 to 3 will buy the product or give you their contact information.

And the traffic is not for free – whether it’s Google AdWords, links and banner campaigns, SEO at Google or sponsored links on other sites.

Most important thing to understand is that thanks to the landing page you can:

• reduce the cost of customer acquisition
• increase profit

Landing page is strictly optimized for the conversion – encouraging the user to take the action (e.g. purchase) is the sole purpose of its existence. There are a number of techniques that are used to increase the effectiveness of a site.

The landing page for your AdWords campaign

AdWords campaigns, but also all the other campaigns (sponsored links, mailing, banner advertising, AdSense AdTaily, Facebook Ads) consists of two components:

• advertising
• the landing page

Clicking on the ad will open the landing page. You only have a few seconds to convince the user that it is worth to stay on this site – and to buy a product, leave contact information, or perform any other clearly defined action.

The great mistake is to direct customers to the main company site. The user will not waste time on searching for the information – that’s why you have to get him straight to what he needs. If you earn on the sale, you have to:
• Promote a specific product, not a company
• Send the traffic on the landing page of this product
• Do not tempt the user with any links, other products or ads (this purposes serves upselling, mailing, newsletters – and alternatively the bottom part of the landing page).

Remember that ad and landing page must be strictly adjusted to one another and they have to make the impression of coherence. If advertisement shows a yellow banner with green flower, the landing page also should have a yellow background with a green flower. If in the ad there is a phrase “inexpensive computers for companies” you should use it on the is landing page on a visible header.

Landing page and ordinary website

Landing page is the result of 20 years of research on the effectiveness of websites. Some time ago users used to read almost the entire contents of web pages, then they clicked on the links and they searched for information. Today it no longer works. The only effective way to sell on the Internet is to give the user exactly what he needs (or what we want to sell to him).

The advantage of landing page in brief:

Landing page

Ordinary website

1 page with no subpagesMany subpages
No menuComplicated navigation
The user sees the conversion buttonThe user sees the menu, the links and advertisements.
The user does what you want him to do – there is no elements of choice.The user has a choice – there is a small chance that he will do what you want him to
The high conversion rate.A low conversion rate.
All the benefits and important information are given to the user.The user has to search for information on multiple subpages.
All content is tailored for the specific type of customer /product/key word.The same content for all types of users.


 How to create an effective landing page?

The image of the most effective landing page is based on tests. You analyze thousands of users visit on the site, then you change some elements and selects the most profitable options.

Fortunately, we do not have to do this alone – there are known patterns of user behavior and conventions for optimal arrangement of elements, and everything is proven and clarified by tests.

Here is a free landing page wizard – – which includes a number of tested templates, optimized for the best efficiency.

Squeeze page – Email Marketing

There is a type of landing page called squeeze page. The difference between them is very small: simply the squeeze page serves only to collect the user’s email addresses. With such mailing database you can send many offers to customers, of whom you know that they are interested in the topic – moreover they asked for it voluntarily.

How do I get the traffic to a landing page?

A good landing page is the perfect addendum of advertising:

• Sponsored links (e.g. AdWords)
• Advertising on blogs and external sites (AdSense AdTaily banners)
• Mailing and newsletter
If you use these forms of advertising, the landing page is the only way out – directing traffic to the ordinary page is no longer attractive.
If you post a lot of valuable and unique content on your landing page- you can count on good positions in Google search results.


Rafaela Acar

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