Dressed for Success – How to Choose a Landing Page Template for WordPress

January 18, 2018 Jarosław Ściślak 5 min read

We recently wrote on our blog about WordPress as a tool for creating Internet pages. The ability to integrate landing page templates with this CMS is an additional perk of this widely used system for content creation and management. There are several ways to get landing page templates, which one is the best?

Value is the key

Finding a landing page template is not a hard thing to do – there are quite a few sources for them. Not all offer the same value, though. What makes a landing page template valuable for somebody?

It has to be:

  • functional- easy to use within your company’s industry limits,
  • flexible – designed for easy editing and adaptable to your needs,
  • modular-built – the editing process itself should not be about working with layers. It should be about adjustment to a campaign
  • embedded in an environment that allows for easy integration.

It’s also worth taking a look at additional options involving templates, but we’ll go back to that later. Let’s focus on where to get landing page templates.


Different roads

The most common options when browsing for landing page templates are:

  • purchase of a template,
  • an independent production,
  • an independent production on WordPress,
  • an in-house production,
  • outsource.

Each of these options has pros and cons, but all have one thing in common – they’re not perfect. Picking the right landing page template should be quick, intuitive and the editing process should be easy. Sometimes time is a factor, or should we say – a lack of time. Every person that works on a landing page, from developer, graphic artist, marketer, and manager responsible for feedback is a busy man. That’s why making a landing page template in-house, even if it can be reused and repurposed in the future, can cause ripples across the board. And this is not what you want.


To avoid all of this, it’s worth it to order a template production from an external company or use a template from a company’s catalog. It will save time for developers, graphic artists and managers engaged in the final campaign acceptance process.

The usage of a landing page template can also be problematic. All changes, big or small, can require consultation with the company that made the template. And let’s not even start with the possibility of template integration or technical support.

WordPress + landing page template, a match made in heaven

We already wrote about how to integrate an existing landing page with WordPress. Benefits are surely known to you and details of the process can be found in the manual. Integration of the Landingi plugin for WordPress with the CMS itself is easy and doesn’t require a considerable amount of time or a technical background.

That’s the source of Landingi’s unique value proposition. You can ask your question to the Customer Success representative, rather than browse forums linked with other landing page companies. Rather than bother users busy with their campaigns, it’s worth consulting the people engaged in the product and its development. They are constantly updating their knowledge about the application’s features. They answer quickly, allowing you to focus on the goal – campaigns!


Goal – campaign. Challenge – goal!

Developers and graphic artists in your company are all busy people – just like you. Even if they create a landing page, that is going to be used in the upcoming campaign, its editing process is going to take some time. Not mentioning management approval. What works today, does not mean it will work tomorrow. A second CTA button? A form with an additional box for a question? A task that takes minutes for a developer might take few days due to a workload. That’s how necessity for quick editing of the landing page is born.


You have to have a choice and Landingi offers it to you – we have over a 100 templates to choose from and all of them are easy to edit. Our marketplace is growing; we also react to feedback from the customers. Don’t wait for a free-time slot in your company, create a template yourself or commission this task for us. Your goal is the campaign’s success; our goal is to help you achieve it.

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