Creating a landing page is not even the beginning of your digital adventure! There’s more to be concerned about than just some content you create, values you offer or aims you had while putting it all together. That concern is promotion and how you promote a landing page. Your effects, as well as meeting your requirements and business goals and overall satisfaction, depend on actual promotion.

One of the most effective promotion methods is social media. The huge marketing potential can visibly help your landing page get noticed and deliver some results. Read our article and find out how can you combine social media with landing pages.

Why should you use social media to promote a landing page?

  • social media platforms are great for building some brand awareness and recognition – and target groups would welcome your landing pages with open arms as long as they go along with your values and communication
  • reaching your selected and even very specific target groups is relatively cheap and easy thanks to detailed possibilities of targeting
  • the variety of forms and platforms allows you to test and optimize your performance as well as use almost unlimited ways of advertising your business
  • action means reaction – you can see your effects in a heartbeat and analyse them on a regularly based on statistics from social media and your landing page

Are you convinced yet? Social media may not be the core of your strategy, but it should play an important role bearing in mind all the opportunities. It’s worth considering them as a precious addition to your general strategy and a support for promoting landing pages.

There are many ways to promote a landing page, but before you start it’s crucial to answer a few questions:

  1. Have you already identified your target group? Be where they are and use a platform where it’s the most likely to catch them in your Net. However, don’t limit yourself – there are many platforms ready to be tested.
  2. Are you aware that you may have to spend some additional budget for further promotion?
  3. Do you have all promotion materials ready to be used and redistributed?
  4. What is your manpower? Can you manage this promotion on your own?

Once they are answered, and you ensure yourself that you’re all set for this kind of advertising your landing page, you’re good to go! But what if… you have no clue what to do whatsoever?

Landing Page Builder for non-programmers.

Start customizing your landing page

How to link the potential of landing pages with social media activities? Find out a few good practices:

  • juggle with post forms. Your landing page doesn’t have to be promoted in a predictable way and neither does it have to use boring templates. You can promote it in many ways, and on Facebook alone you have a variety of options such as:

    linkpost – the most popular form used by vast majority of brands – it’s a simple linking to landing page with an automatic simple preview

    video post or video linkpost – prepare a video that will tell a short story of what your audience can find on a landing page with an active link. Also, you can share it on other social media platforms to enhance the promotion of your landing page.

    carousel post – this can be used well for landing page promotion as well – it’s enough to create a few images and various copy and show it in the form of a carousel post on Facebook or Instagram


    – Canvas – more advanced form, dedicated for mobile devices. You can gain quite high conversion out of it, but it requires a lot of time and effort as well as limiting your promotion possibilities (as you can promote it only on mobile devices).

    – test various adverts – it is worth trying out not only when it comes to post forms but also advertising goals.
    Testing a few goals on the same target groups, using the same placement and spending a similar amount of money within budget can help make some conclusions useful for further optimisation.
  • give a few platforms a go – Facebook may be helpful but there are many more pieces of the puzzle and it is worth being open to all of them. Twitter or Linkedin can be great wells of valuable leads and promote a landing page in a really effective wat.
  • expand your current target groups – even if your groups have already been selected, you should update them on a regular basis and check if they still deliver the desired results. Advanced targeting allows you to reach even very specific and niche groups that may be worth testing out for your brand. It can turn out that a group you had not thought about may hit the jackpot for your conversion and sales and help promote a landing page further.
  • join some groups and make the most of them – social media activities have to be out of the box sometimes. Use some microsociety to promote your landing page, put some useful information on them as well as links to interesting content you offer. If your landing page is really full of value, your messages won’t be considered as spam.
  • think about crosspromotion – maybe on social media there are already some pages and people who could help your brand? Offer some collaboration that will bring benefits to both of you and make the most of your partners’ reach. This could work wonders on Twitter!
  • use your mailing base – it can be uploaded to Facebook’s adverts panel and create a new target group based on e-mail addresses. This group with a high dose of possibility know you well, so targeting them on Facebook may be very cost-effective. It may also be a little helpful for understanding your mailing audience interests and habits.
  • novelties like chatbots on Facebook are ready to be used – these virtual assistants can help automate a few processes on Facebook. Obviously, they will never replace a real contact and non-artificial interaction with customers but can be a nice addition to your strategy by sending some landing page’s content or redirect to your website.
  • put your landing page address in your bio on Twitter or Linkedin, and start following people or commenting their activity to get noticed.
  • publish a couple of infographics on Pinterest to grab people’s attention – they often hunt for infographics and yours can lead them to your offer and landing page.
  • make the most of integrations between your landing page and Facebook page – here at we offer integrations with a Facebook Pixel or Facebook Tab. Find out more >>

Do you know some more ways of reaching your target group with your landing page using social media? Share your thought in comments!