The Recipe for a Tasty Black Friday in Ecommerce

Last updated: November 20, 2023 Written by: Kamil Hatko Kamil Hatko

The Recipe for a Tasty Black Friday in E-commerce


2 landing pages
2 pop ups
1 autoresponder text

Additional ingredients for the Master Chef option:

1 email marketing system
2 autoresponder texts
1 Google Analytics
1 Google Tag Manager
1 Facebook Pixel
1 set of banners

Arranging Black Friday specials every year may cause headaches among shop-owners. The competition stays awake and customers wait for the best offers like a person having a sweet-tooth waits for their dessert. In this article I will show you how to adjust your actions to your online store tastefully and how to prepare for effective marketing activities. The execution is easy as pie, but needs some in-advance-moves to make it well-done.

I have prepared a package with two brand new templates of landing pages and pop ups. You can easily implement them in your Landingi account. If you haven’t managed to create the account yet, register now and test this idea for 14 days for free.

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    Before Black Friday – preparation

    It’s all in a customer

    Many online stores compete in creating extraordinary visuals for their campaigns. They, however, forget about showing what benefits they have for their customers. And it is a fact of common knowledge that good-looking dishes do not make us fully satisfied when there is not enough food. By planning Black Friday campaigns 2-4 weeks before its start you are able to measure your customers’ expectations. Ask them directly what kind of promotion is the most interesting for them:

    • % discount
    • buy one, get one free
    • free delivery
    • free gifts

    Such data tell you what your customers expect. Moreover, they feel more involved in your offer and it is easier for you to maintain contact with them. That way, your messages about promotion are highly awaited: social media posts and stories, newsletters as well as any notifications gain more interactions.

    For this purpose, I have prepared for you a completely new landing page template, with which you can get more leads (potential customers) few weeks before Black Friday. You can use such page in your social media or in an advertising campaign to collect a group of potential buyers. All data will be saved on your Landingi account. You can also use an integration with email marketing system to automatically transfer acquired emails to your mailing contact base. With this, you are able to send your offer on Black Friday quickly and to all the interested.

    Widen your perspective

    Online stores often make one common mistake: they focus on the sales. If you follow your shop analytics, you see that users purchasing during a single visit are only a margin. Majority of them browse through offers, compare them and end the visit right after adding products to a cart.

    By focusing on a group of potential customers and offering them a discount in return for signing up to a newsletter, you can gradually build your high-caloric base of potential buyers. It may be that they won’t take advantage of the offer during their first visit, but you are able to remind them about the promotion in the future.

    Lead generation in e-commerce is an effective sale-increasing strategy because it enables cyclic actions and warming customers. An interesting brand or products are enough for lead generation to impact the sales.

    Notice that special actions (like Black Friday) happen cyclically. December is a time for a pre-Christmas campaign. January – for a new-year-sale, and February for Valentine’s Day promotion, etc. Every occasion is great to prepare something extra. You just need recipients to which you can address such offers. In Landingi you can create your own landing page easily or choose one of 300 templates. Still, a landing page in e-commerce is not all you need.

    POP UP in your store

    You probably lead some advertising campaigns focused on increasing sales, and your online store is continuously visited by new users. It creates great conditions for (passive) lead acquisition in your store.

    To help you with that, I have prepared a pop up template, consistent with a landing page.

    You can implement it in your online shop and decide how it will be triggered. In Landingi you can choose when a pop up window will come up:

    • after user spends specific time on a page,
    • after scrolling some % of a page,
    • after clicking on an icon/a button,
    • when the user's intent is to leave the page.

    That way you are able to generate quite an impressive number of potential customers before Black Friday and collect information about their expectations. More about pop ups’ features can be found in our help center.

    Communication? Autoresponder!

    It is a good practise that after filling out the form on a landing page or pop up user gets an automatic message as an answer to their entry. Such automated messages are autoresponders. If you already use an integration with an email marketing system, you can create autoresponders there. You can also use the autoresponder option in form settings on the Landingi platform.  Here is an example of such a message:


    Thank you for your interest in our Black Friday special offer and for your answers about a preferred type of promotion.

    Let’s stay in touch – more great offers will be sent to you soon!



    As you can see, the goal of this message is to:

    • confirm receiving an entry,
    • maintain user’s attention,
    • inform about future steps,
    • build communication and bond with a user.

    During Black Friday – activities

    Zero hour

    The day has come. A clock shows 00:00:00. Black Friday is here. It’s the time for offensive activities and for serving customers’ favourite meal: promotion.

    Due to before-Black-Friday actions you managed to collect your target group. You can now send them an email informing them about the promotion start.

    To make those activities even easier, I have prepared a second landing page template with a dedicated pop up.

    In that case you don’t generate leads anymore. Your job is to redirect the traffic to specific categories or products in your online shop. Also, you can easily announce the code activating the discount.

    At the same time, you emphasize the limited time of your offer. You can also present products which you believe are the most attractive and may interest a potential buyer.

    POP UP on Black Friday

    On Black Friday there will be higher than usual traffic in your store. Customers will jump from one product to another, from left to right. Therefore, you need something to point your special offer out and to show users how to use the promotion. You need a pop up window. A button on a window may redirect users to a subpage with instructions or to a category with discounted products.

    Master Chef option

    If you got more advanced skills in marketing tools, take advantage of more professional activities before and during Black Friday.

    Analytics set up is highly useful when working with landing pages. With that, you can log the amount of filled out forms and assign conversions to what takes place. Brand campaigns (Google Ads Display, Remarketing, Facebook Ads Lookalike) could focus on such a goal and generate leads more efficiently. With well-prepared analytics and a campaign set on similar recipients, a lead will make another lead.

    The second advanced option is integrating the landing page form or pop up form with an email marketing system. Connect forms with a mailing base at the very beginning and enjoy automated actions. Email marketing system allows you to create autoresponder paths. In the first message, thank for the entry or signing up. In the second one, inform about products which are back in stock. In the next one encourage users to take part in a contest to make the atmosphere around Black Friday even hotter. 24h prior to promotion start, send an email with a timer to maintain users’ attention.

    Is it your first Black Friday when you use landing pages and pop up windows? It is worth measuring how they impact your sales this year. To mark links in autoresponders or CTA buttons more accurately, you can use our UTM Builder. It will allow you to create links easy to track in analytics.

    Planning to launch some advertising campaigns? Take care of the consistency of your banners. After all, they will be seen by the recipients. The banners are the first contact points between your brand and a user. The first impression is very important – it may impact purchase decisions positively or (hopefully not) negatively. To avoid any mishaps, check out the article by Creatopy featuring Black Friday banner ad examples. See what works for your business and get inspired.

    In conclusion

    Black Friday for an online store means more than just 24 hours of presenting an offer. To increase your online sales, make some ahead preparations and focus on lead acquisition before Black Friday. With two landing pages templates and pop ups templates (ready to implement in your online shop) dedicated to this goal, you are close to achieve results better than ever.

    Use Landingi platform and the templates for free up to 14 days since registration.

    Download the templates package, easy to implement in your Landingi account, and create the tastiest Black Friday for your online store.