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Websites offering free images

November 14, 2014 Paulina Kamińska 3 min read

Do you need pictures for your blog, website or landing page? Unfortunately, you can’t simply use the things you find on the internet. You’d better not risk and say “I’ll use someone else’s picture, whatever, I’ll remove it if I have to” either. The pages given below will be useful especially if you need interesting images while on a limited budget 🙂

List of websites with free images:


This is a collection of over 300,000 free photos for private and commercial use. Most of the pictures are very nice and modern. They are available in various sizes and you don’t need to register an account in order to download them. The page is equipped with a search engine, however, you can’t filter the results. Therefore, you might not always quickly find what you’re looking for. Still, I recommend the website because the images are really nice 🙂


This is a collection of free downloadable pictures and pieces of graphic art. The images are of various quality, but one can find great suggestions. The main advantage of the website is its advanced search engine, with use of which we can quickly find photos from various categories. In order to download pictures one needs to register a free account.



The search engine shows some payable pictures (from shutterstock) and some free ones. One can search for images by choosing categories. On this website registration of an account is not necessary, which is an undoubted convenience. The quality and attractiveness of the pictures is largely varied, but it’s possible to find nice images, especially in the nature or animal sections.



A collection of beautiful pictures for private or commercial use. Unfortunately, there is no search engine that would help you quickly find a picture of your dreams. This is a good place for those who can devote more time for the search. One doesn’t need to register an account and downloading photos is very easy.

Bonus – UPDATE


This tool will enable you to find payable and free icons that can be downloaded as SVG, ICO and ICNS files or, for the less advanced, simply as PNGs. The icons are available in various sizes and categories, also for commercial use.

If you decide to use free sources, always read about the terms of use of the websites. The fact that the images are free doesn’t necessarily mean that one can use them for commercial purposes. Good luck looking for the perfect picture!

Do you know any other interesting websites that offer free pictures?


Paulina Kamińska

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