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With over 200+ landing page templates to customize, you can create a high-converting landing page in minutes!

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Sign up for a 14-day free trial today and create as many landing pages as you need.

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Getting started with Landingi is fast and easy. With over 200 pre-built templates to choose from, a drag-and-drop squeeze page builder, one-click page duplication, and in all-in-one lead collection platform, you can create high-converting landing pages in minutes.

Landing Page Publishing

Create as many landing pages as you need

With Landinigi’s 14-day free trial, you can test out any of our plans and create an unlimited number of landing pages. You can also collect an unlimited number of leads from your squeeze page.

Free Landing Page Templates
Free Landing Page Builder

Save hundreds of dollars building landing pages yourself

Hiring a professional web designer to design and build a landing page can cost hundreds of dollars, sometimes close to a $1,000.

With Landingi, you can get started for free. Our 14-day free trial is available to demo any of our premium plans. After that, plans start at only $29/month.

Additionally, our drag-and-drop page builder enables anyone to build their own squeeze page within minutes. No coding or design experience needed!

Free Landing Page Builder

Landingi is committed to helping you save time and streamline your landing page creation process

Here are just a few features that allow you get up and running fast:

Choose a Free Template

Access to over 200+ templates

Landingi has over 200+ free landing page templates to choose from and customize, no matter what industry you’re in.

Free Landing Page Publish

One-click publishing

Publish your landing page live with the click of a button.

Drag and Drop Landing Page Builder

Drag-and-drop builder

Anyone can use Landingi’s simple landing page builder. No coding, programming, or design experience required!

Free Landing Page Preview

Simple preview

Easily check your work with the “Preview” button to ensure everything is perfect before publishing.

Landing Page Duplicate

One-click duplication

Duplicate landing pages with the click of a button. Creating copies has never been easier.

Easy Copy Landing Page Elements

Easily move and copy elements

With Landingi’s page builder, you can copy individual or entire sections to new landing pages.

Free Landing Page Forms' Integrations

All-in-one landing page tool

There’s no need to integrate with multiple tools. With Landingi, you can create landing pages, build forms, and manage leads in one single platform.

Lead Export

Export leads

With one click, you can export leads to a CSV file or Google Sheet.

Landing Page Anti-spam Security

Anti-spam security

Our landing page forms are protected by several anti-spam rules, to ensure only high-quality leads are collected and that you don’t have to waste time filtering out spam submissions.

Over 4,000 companies trust Landingi as their landing page builder

Companies choose Landingi for our simple, extremely easy-to-use landing page creator. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Here’s what a few of our happy customers have to say:

We’ve made many business mistakes over the years. Working with Landingi wasn’t one of them. Their willingness to cooperate, the fact that they consider our needs when doing R&D, the end product we deliver together… We’re proud of the end result.

Dan Irmler
CEO and Founder

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Right now, because we can create landing pages within our team, the process is just much quicker and simpler, so I think the time-saving aspect is the biggest advantage.

Olga Szmigielska
Digital Marketing Project Manager

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It’s always very convenient when you can make landing pages on your own, not with the whole product team. Our developers can focus on new features and we can focus on performance marketing. With Landingi we can create landing pages in hours, instead of weeks!

Rafał Krzyżański
Head of E-commerce

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200+ Landing Page Templates To Help You Create Landing Pages Faster

Education, Technology, Ecommerce or Finance are just a few out of more than a dozen industries. Find the perfect one to align with your offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the free trial?

The free trial is available for 14 days.

What plans can I demo?

You can try out any of our premium plans with our free trial. That includes our Create, Automate, Agency, and White Label plans.

Does the free trial have any limitations?

There are only two limitations to the free trial: 1. The trial limited to 14 days 2. You are allowed up to 200 visits total to your squeeze page(s) Other than that, you will receive complete access to Landingi and all of its features. This includes the landing page builder, access to over 200 pre-built templates, lead management, and more.

Do I need to input my credit card details in order to signup for the free trial?

No. You do not need to add your credit card to signup for a free trial. All you have to do is input your name, email, and a password. You can also signup with your Facebook or Google account.

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No credit card needed.

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