Downloading and importing landing pages to a file

Last updated: December 1, 2020 Written by: Avatar Justyna
Table of contents
Table of contents

You can export and download your landing page as a file in special .landingpage format. It allows you to transfer landing pages from one active account to another and it is an alternative for merging them. If you have created variants of your landing page for A/B tests, they will also be downloaded and then imported

If your old account is inactive – write to us and we will help you with a transfer.

1. How to download your landing page?

1. Log in to Landingi account and go to the Landing Pages tab.
2. Find the landing page which you want to export and click on More > Download.


3.  In the new window click on the button Download .landingpage file to confirm your export.


Your landing page has been exported to .landingpage file.

2. How to import your landing page?

You can import downloaded earlier landing page on another active Landingi account.

1. Log in to your Landingi account where you want to import your landing page.
2. Go to Landing Pages tab and click on Create new landing page (just like when creating a new landing page).


3. In the new window choose the option ‘Upload a .landingpage file’.


4. After selecting the file and uploading it, a newly imported landing page will appear on the list of all landing pages, with the default name according to the example below.


Note: The imported landing page is unpublished, so you need to publish it again under the chosen domain, e.g. by clicking on the globe icon.


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