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Last updated: September 19, 2022 Written by: Author Magdalena Dejnak
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      With Google Tag Manager, you can quickly and easily update measurement codes and related code fragments collectively known as tags on your website.

      This guide will walk you through connecting your landing page with GTM manually. You can also use our in-app Google Tag Manager integration to apply the tag to all your landing pages and manage it globally.

      Install Google Tag Manager on a landing page

      1. Go to Google Tag Manager. If you do not have an account, create a new one.

      2. If you already have an account, navigate to the Admin tab and add a new container. 

      3. Installation codes will appear. Copy the first one.

      4. In a new window, go to the JavaScript Code tab in your landing page's Dashboard in Landingi. Click Add script.

      add script

      You can enter Dashboard and JavaScript Code tab also directly from the editor.

      dashboard javascript landingi

      5. Name the script and paste the copied code in the Content field. Choose Head position on Both pages. Save by clicking Add.

      add google tag manager to landing page

      6. Copy the second code from Google Tag Manager.

      google tag manager installation

      7. Add another script to your landing page.

      8. Name the script and paste the copied code in the Content field. Choose Body top position on Both pages. Save by clicking Add.

      install google tag manager in landingi

      9. Go back to Google Tag Manager. Click OK, and then Submit.

      submit google tag manager

      10. Add name and description. Click Publish.

      publish google tag manager

      11. Once your Google Tag Manager is published, you can add tags and monitor your statistics.

      add google tag manager landing page

      Read our blog atricle to learn more about Google Tag Manager.

      NOTE: Keep in mind that Google Tag Manager is a third-party solution and is continually being developed. We do our best to keep this guide updated, but if you come across any changes in the set-up process, let us know.

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