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Landing page on Instagram


Since Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, it is a great way to promote your business, services, and offers, as well as direct users to your landing page. There are several places on Instagram where you can share your landing page address to get more leads for your offer, event, newsletter, etc.

Instagram landing page

Instagram is primarily used as an app on mobile devices. That is why it is crucial to design a mobile-friendly page. Your visitors landing on the page after clicking a link on your Instagram do not want it to be unreadable on their smartphones. Thankfully, in Landingi, you can create a landing page and fully adjust it to mobile devices.

If you want to learn more about building responsive landing pages in Landingi, read our guide about mobile view options and the article about mobile landing page must-haves.

Landing page address in your bio

The simplest way to include your landing page address on your Instagram account is to share it in your bio. This option is available for all Instagram users.

1. Navigate to your Instagram profile. You can do it via mobile app or desktop.

2. Click Edit profile.

3. Paste your landing page URL address into the Website field and Submit.

4. Encourage users to click it to see your offer.

Your Instagram bio landing page may be a great way to introduce your users to more than one website! Check how to create a great Instagram bio landing page here.

Instagram Stories and ‘swipe up’

Instagram Stories disappear within 24 hours, but they are very popular; thus, embedding your landing page address there may bring you many visitors. You can do it with the ‘swipe up’ option via the mobile Instagram app. Note that this is available only for accounts with more than 10,000 followers or verified accounts.

1. Start your Story on Instagram (tap the camera icon at the top left) and upload your image or video.

2. Add some call to action to encourage users to swipe up.

3. Click a chain icon in the top middle of your screen.

4. Paste your landing page address.

5. Tap Done (on an iOS device) or the green check (on an Android device).

If you have configured your Instagram Shopping, you may create three more types of swipe up:

  • View Product
  • View Collection
  • View Shop

New stickers

In some regions, Instagram gives access for their users to its new stickers.

You can use DM ME to encourage users to send you direct messages.

You can use LINK to paste a direct URL address.

If you are lucky to be one of those who have them – do not hesitate to try them!

Instagram advertising with landing pages

Advertising on Instagram is very similar to advertising on Facebook or other platforms. Create intriguing ad content, upload it to Instagram as a post or story, and promote it, directing your followers to visit your landing page.

To advertise on Instagram, you must convert your profile to a professional account. In some regions, you may also need to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook Page to run ads directly from Instagram.

There are 3 ways to set up ads on Instagram:

  • Directly from Instagram – click Promote next to your post or in your story.
  • Via Facebook – when you connect your Instagram account to your Facebook account, you can create ads for both platforms on your Facebook Page.
  • Via Ads Manager – with Ads Manager, you can ​​create comprehensive ads on Facebook and Instagram.

To learn more about Instagram Ads, visit the official Instagram Help Center.


Track your metrics so you can optimize your Instagram content. To enter your Instagram statistics, navigate to your profile, and from the hamburger menu (top right of your screen), choose Insights.

You can track:

  • account reached
  • content interactions
  • your audience
  • your content (posts, stories, videos, lives, promotions)

To see more detailed statistics, go to your profile and click View Professional Dashboard. If you want to see your post statistics, click on a post and navigate to Post Insights.

Browse all integrations in our Integrations Catalog to see tools you can connect Landingi with.