How to Build a Great Instagram Bio Landing Page

March 12, 2021 9 min read Written by: Kinga Edwards
Table of contents
Table of contents

Do social media and landing pages go hand in hand? They sure can – social media plans often include landing page promotion and support effective lead generation.

However, did you know that landing pages can be used as workarounds for social media limitations?

In this case, we’re talking about Instagram, which allows only one clickable link in each profile. It’s called “a link in Instagram bio”, and it puzzles many social media creators. It’s the only way to link to anything within your Instagram profile, so no wonder that social media managers would like to use it to the fullest extent.

And that’s exactly what they can do with an Instagram Bio Landing Page.

What is an Instagram bio landing page?

An Instagram Bio landing page is a simple page that can be accessed by clicking through a link located in a profile’s “Bio” section on Instagram.

And that’s a mistake! Why limit your business to inserting one link only when you can do way more with it? Landing pages are a natural “extension” of one link in a bio – instead of a single link, you can direct to and promote much more than that.

For example, you may want to use Link in Bio landing pages for:

  • including more links for your Instagram audience,
  • promoting products and content in your feed regularly without having to constantly replace the bio link,
  • launching advanced marketing campaigns,
  • linking complete landing pages unique to their Instagram target group.

Depending on how you build your Link in bio landing page, it can contain content, links, or graphics – the choice is yours and there’s no unique template to follow.

Benefits of an Instagram bio landing page

Holistic promotion

With an Instagram bio landing page, you can cross-promote your other social media pages too. This means more than just pushing traffic to your content or sales pages, then! Instagram Bio landing pages give you the option to link to Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platforms.

More efficient campaign management

Without an Instagram bio landing page, your campaigns may lose traction quicker. Each time you launch a new campaign that promotes a different URL, your bio link must be updated, thus causing any previous traffic to be lost.

This is not an issue with Instagram bio landing pages, because multiple campaigns can be run in parallel.

Affiliate marketing helper

Influencers and affiliate marketers can take advantage of more affiliate opportunities by using Instagram Bio landing pages. To ensure you don’t miss out on a referral opportunity, you can add multiple affiliate links to your landing page at any one time and potentially double or triple your revenue. Of course, your Instagram Bio landing page shouldn’t look completely like a sales page.

Precise targeting

Through Instagram bio landing pages, you can set up different links and promotions targeting different buyer personas for more narrowly targeted campaigns. With an Instagram bio link, it‘s possible to redirect your audience to one place, and one place only. Now, on your Instagram Bio landing page, you can place multiple links that are easily accessible for everyone who enters. Win-win!

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Conversion booster

Bio landing pages can boost key metrics like click-through and conversion rates. The more options your audience has, the more likely they are to click-through and convert. If you’ve never done it before, it’s likely that you will be overwhelmed by ideas and options. You simply need to find the golden mean, and that may take some time!

Promote more effectively with landing pages

How to build an Instagram bio landing page: best practices

There's no secret recipe to an Instagram Bio landing page. Fortunately, though, there are a few practices you may want to follow and apply to your strategy. 

Mobile-optimized landing page

Since Instagram is a rather mobile social media platform, you need to make sure that your Instagram Bio Landing Page is optimized accordingly. Test it out on various mobile devices and systems to verify whether or not it displays correctly. By using tools such as Landingi, you can customize both mobile and website views with one common editor.

Keep it neat and consistent

In general, your Instagram Bio landing page will be viewed on mobile devices more often than not, so you need to ensure that it will display correctly. That’s why it’s best not to overload the page with too many elements that could distract the viewer. Keep information to a minimum and leave your audience asking for more.

That doesn’t mean your landing page should, by default, be so simple that it’s unattractive. Less is more! Make the most of the capabilities of your landing page creator to build a minimalistic yet captivating page for your audience.

Don’t go off-piste with the design, either. You need to establish a consistent tone for your Instagram bio landing page and keep it in line with your brand book. You may confuse your audience by using a color scheme that contrasts with your regular one. Even better, you can add your Instagram profile photo to provide a complete match.

Think & execute above the fold

No one is going to scroll through your Instagram bio landing page for ages, so you need to find the golden mean between how much content you want to publish and how much you can squeeze in.

Common Instagram bio landing page examples don’t usually consist of scrollable elements. Instead, they use sliders and separate cards for showcasing content, photos, and links, so you may want to keep that in mind. This way, your content will always, definitely, be not only above the fold but across it as well.

Customize your Instagram bio landing page

Many tools for Instagram Bio landing pages offer advanced customization options that let you include your brand logo, images, and colors on your landing page to support your branding efforts. Make sure you test multiple layouts in order to identify the best one for your business. Customize it with buttons, icons, or photos, but keep in mind the loading time, accessibility and usability.

Make it simple to edit

It’s very likely that you’ll need to update your Instagram Bio landing page on a regular basis. That’s why your page should be easily editable anytime, and a slight modification shouldn’t take the time of your developers. While highly customized solutions may look impressive, they can be a nightmare to edit. Take that into consideration when looking for a landing page builder.

Don’t forget about lead gen tricks

Consider adding opt-in boxes to the link in your Instagram Bio landing page as well. Isn't it possible to get new subscribers through your Instagram Bio landing page? Of course, it is! Make the transition between your social media accounts and your website, blog, or eCommerce store seamless - it doesn't need to only act as a showcase page. Additional help could come from including a clear CTA.

Build a link in bio landing page with Landingi

Though there are tools available for making Instagram Bio landing pages, they tend to be limited and come with very few customizable options.

The answer to the demands, needs, and requirements of marketers who simply want to do more with their Instagram Bio landing pages is Landingi.

With a wide range of impressive options awaiting in this tool, you can be sure to find something that’s right up your alley for building an Instagram bio landing page in minutes.

And the sky's the limit here.

Landingi has over 300 landing page templates waiting for you to customize, using a drag-and-drop editor and multiple built-in assets and elements.

Want to bring your very own idea of an Instagram Bio landing page to life? 

It's the perfect place for you, since you can also start building your page from scratch without ready-to-go templates if you prefer.

Does your Instagram landing page need to be updated on a daily basis? 

Worry no more. With an intuitive editor, you can apply quick fixes in no time.

Would you like to know how your landing page is doing, and whether it could do better? 

You're one hell of a marketer! You can optimize your landing page after it has been launched, as well as dive deep into analytics and statistics. Furthermore, you can A/B test a few versions of Instagram bio landing pages to find those which perform well and those that you should avoid.

Do I really need an Instagram bio landing page?

No, you don’t.

There are still many brands that run their social media accounts without linking to dedicated social media landing pages. And they seem to do just fine.

But why wouldn’t you give it a go? 

Instagram Bio landing pages can play a key role in growing your brand’s reach and building a natural bridge between your business and your social media accounts. In contrast to many social media platforms, on which you can add almost unlimited amounts of links, Instagram's policy is very restrictive in this regard.

That’s why Link in bio landing pages come across as perfect workarounds and good ideas for bringing more traffic and conversion, as well as building brand awareness and a better professional appearance.

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