How to Create Instagram Landing Pages (Examples)

November 2, 2021 13 min read Written by: Kinga Edwards
Table of contents
Table of contents

Do social media and landing pages go hand in hand? They sure can – social media plans often include landing page promotion and support effective lead generation. When you utilize your link in bio to include a button or link to your site, you want it to convert as well as possible.

That's the perfect place for a link to a landing page. It lets you direct traffic to a conversion-focused page and get the most out of your social media activities. Keep reading to learn more about Instagram landing pages, including how to create one, best practices, and examples to follow.

What is an Instagram Landing Page?

An Instagram landing page is a simple page that can be accessed by clicking through a link located in a promoted post on Instagram or in the link in bio. It is used to take potential leads and customers to a place where they can learn more about you and take another step in the customer journey.

Some uses for Instagram landing pages are:

  • including more links for your Instagram audience,
  • promoting products and content in your feed regularly without having to constantly replace the bio link,
  • launching advanced marketing campaigns,
  • linking complete landing pages unique to their Instagram target group.
  • Depending on how you build your landing page, it can contain content, links, or graphics – the choice is yours and there’s no unique template to follow.

Steps to Create an Instagram Landing Page

So you want to make a landing page for Instagram, but you don't know how? Don't worry, it's very easy and you'll find out everything you need to know right here. Follow this step-by-step guide to create an awesome page and use it in your Instagram marketing efforts.

Step 1: Pick a Goal

Your landing page will look different depending on what action you want your visitors to take. For instance, pages tailored to lead generation campaigns should contain a section with a form, but sales-oriented landing pages ought to have a buy button, preferably connected to a payment gateway like PayPal or Stripe.

That way, the user experience is smoother and it won't require sending the visitors to other pages to complete the transaction.

Step 2: Add Sections

Think about the most important parts of your Instagram landing page and focus on them. Some sections are ubiquitous: every landing page needs a hero section and a CTA button, and most pages benefit from the inclusion of a small gallery or testimonials.

Wireframing before getting to work in a landing page builder will help you visualize the end result better, even if it might make the entire process a bit longer.

Step 3: The Content

Now that you have a broad idea of what your landing page will look like, it's time to fill it with content. Add the copy and the images, and make sure you convey the benefits of your offer or business.

Step 4: Publish and Launch Your Campaigns

Now that the page is ready to go, all you have to do is publish it. Go to your profile, click the edit button, and update the URL with the one of your landing page. It's always a good idea to preview it before you start using it in your ads or in the link in your bio. Even a small mistake can have costly consequences, so don't forget about the final check.

Promote more effectively with landing pages

Best Practices

It's not enough to create just any Instagram landing page. You need one that converts. Here are best practices for Instagram landing pages you should follow.

Optimize for Mobile Devices

Since Instagram is a rather mobile social media platform, you need to make sure that your Instagram landing page is optimized accordingly. Test it out on various mobile devices and systems to verify whether or not it displays correctly. By using tools such as Landingi, you can customize both mobile and website views with one common editor.

Take a Minimalist Approach

In general, your Instagram landing page will be viewed on mobile devices more often than not, so you need to ensure that it will display correctly. That’s why it’s best not to overload the page with too many elements that could distract the viewer. Keep information to a minimum and leave your audience asking for more.

That doesn’t mean your landing page should, by default, be so simple that it’s unattractive. Less is more! Make the most of the capabilities of your landing page creator to build a minimalistic yet captivating page for your audience.

Don’t go off-piste with the design, either. You need to establish a consistent tone for your Instagram landing page and keep it in line with your brand book. You may confuse your audience by using a color scheme that contrasts with your regular one. Even better, you can add your Instagram profile photo to provide a complete match.

Reduce Scrolling

No one is going to scroll through your landing page for ages, so you need to find the golden mean between how much content you want to publish and how much you can squeeze in.

Common landing page examples don’t usually consist of scrollable elements. Instead, they use sliders and separate cards for showcasing content, photos, and links, so you may want to keep that in mind. This way, your content will always, definitely, be not only above the fold but across it as well.

Customize to Fit Your Brand

Many tools for landing pages offer advanced customization options that let you include your brand logo, images, and colors on your landing page to support your branding efforts. Make sure you test multiple layouts in order to identify the best one for your business. Customize it with buttons, icons, or photos, but keep in mind the loading time, accessibility and usability.

Make it Simple to Edit

It’s very likely that you’ll need to update your Instagram landing page on a regular basis. That’s why your page should be easily editable anytime, and a slight modification shouldn’t take the time of your developers. While highly customized solutions may look impressive, they can be a nightmare to edit. Take that into consideration when looking for a landing page builder.

Use the Landing Page for Lead Generation

Consider adding opt-in boxes to the link in your Instagram landing page as well. Isn't it possible to get new subscribers through your landing page? Of course, it is! Landing pages work very well in lead generation campaigns.

Make the transition between your social media accounts and your website, blog, or eCommerce store seamless - it doesn't need to only act as a showcase page. Additional help could come from including a clear CTA.

Examples of Landing Pages on Instagram

1. Messenger People

The messaging app solution uses Instagram to promote their ebook, which can be downloaded by filling a form located at the bottom of the landing page. It's a classic lead magnet, created to drive lead generation efforts.

The design of the Messenger People's landing page is consistent with the ad, so it's off to a good start. The hero section is very simple: a header that explains what the ebook is, an image, and a CTA button. Speaking of the buttons, clicking it scrolls down to the form – a nice touch.

The next three sections dive a bit deeper into the contents of the ebook: the benefits of reading it and the use cases, so the visitors have a general idea of what's inside. All of that is succinct and each section ends with a CTA button.

Some might say that having this many buttons is a bit of an overkill, but at least the visitors have a chance to click it almost at any point of scrolling.

The only part that could do with a bit of optimizing is the form. Do you really need my company name and website address and telephone number to release the ebook? I can't help but wonder how many visitors have decided to leave the page because of that.

2. 42 Heilbronn

Landing page for 42 Heilbronn's coding school

Educators use social media to promote their services, too. Coding courses are very popular these days, and some education companies take a more proactive approach by positioning themselves on Instagram or Facebook feeds of those who might be interested in such services.

42 Heilbronn has a dedicated landing page that is paired with a sponsored post on Instagram. The page looks very well on desktop and mobile devices, it has two identical CTA buttons, so there is no confusion as to what the next step should be.

The landing page has a few sections that make the content easily digestible and speak to the effectiveness of the offered course. There is a 2-minute video explaining what the school is about and how the process works, which adds tons of context and doesn't require any reading.

Having a few testimonials of former students is always a good option, and the way it's been implemented in this case is great. The testimonials are contained in clickable boxes, which contain lots of information in a small amount of space.

Other sections, such as the application process, use sliders to save space on the page. The only section that could do with some changes is the final one since it contains links that redirect outside of the landing page, which can negatively affect the conversion rate.

3. Canva

The landing page promoting Canva's marketplace does a few things right. There are two CTA buttons – one in the opening section and the other at the bottom of the page. The FAQ section expands when you click on a question, and the benefits are described very clearly.

However, the Creators section could be done a bit better. While it's great that it features real people and examples of their work, it links to their profiles, so it's easy to leave the page, scroll through a profile, and never come back to the landing page. Also, the mobile version shows only a part of the examples, and it looks like it was supposed to be a slide show, but it's not.

4. Teamflow

While Teamflow doesn't have a dedicated landing page for their ads, their homepage actually does follow some of the best practices of landing pages, which is why it's on the list.

The hero section is very well made. There is a catchy header, an informative description, and a signup form that is incredibly simple. All the visitors need to enter is their work email address and click the CTA button. Teamflow's page contains some convincing testimonials as well as studies that support the use of this type of software for employees working from home.

The page has almost no links other than the CTAs, but there could be some more buttons throughout the page instead of just the one in the hero section and one at the very end.

One thing to note is that the page itself is rather long, especially on mobile. While the software is something that needs a bit of explaining, there must be a way to reduce the length of the page, at least a little bit.

5. Stripe

Landing page for Stripe's checkout report

Lead magnets and landing pages go very well together, and promoting various reports on Instagram seems to be a popular marketing campaign type. Stripe's landing page focuses on statistics and numbers, which gives the visitors the feeling that the report might follow the same approach.

Aside from a few stats, the page opens the curtain a little bit and lets the visitors know about the contents of the report without spoiling it. There is no need for more than one CTA button, and the choice of "Read now" instead of download is an interesting one.

Maybe it would be better to forgo a few form fields, but Stripe has decided to get more information from their leads for future segmentation. The problem is that mobile visitors will have to scroll to fill see the entire form, so it's not the best solution from the user experience point of view.

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