Shopify integration

Last updated: January 21, 2021 Written by: Avatar Teresa
Table of contents
    Table of contents

      Shopify is a very popular e-commerce platform for online stores. This integration allows you to sell products on a landing page.

      How to set up Shopify integration in the Landingi platform?

      1. Log into your Shopify store.

      2. Click on the plus icon next to the Sales Channels tab.


      3. Choose Buy button.


      From this moment on, you can embed an HTML code with your product on a landing page.

      4. Go to the Buy Button section and choose your product.


      5. Copy the code that appeared – you will embed it on your landing page in the next steps.


      6. Paste it on your landing page as a custom HTML.

      7. Publish your landing page and check how your product is visible on the landing page.


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