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Last Updated: 02.09.2019

Advanced popups are available on all plans except the Basic plan.

You can decide, on which websites your popup will be displayed, when it will appear and how often. For the first time, you will be asked to configure the display options before the first publication of a new popup, however, you can change the settings at any time – it is enough that you go to Display rules from the list of popups or from the Dashboard level.

How to display my popup?

I. Websites targeting

In this place you decide, where your popup will be located. You can set it on your landing page (1) or the external website (2).


To set the popup on your landing page:

1. Click + Add Landing Page. You will see the window with list of landing pages that can be selected:


2. Check the landing page where your popup should be displayed. Remember, that you can set it on more and one landing page.

3. Click Save.

1. Click + Add External Pages. You will see the window with the form where you can type the domain’s URL, where your website is located.


2. Type the domain’s URL where the popup will be displayed and click
Save. Remember, that you can add more than just one site.

To go to the next option, click Next.

II. Triggers

Triggers determine what user’s behavior the popup will display on the website. In our platform you can choose from four ways how your popup will be displayed:


1. Time spent on the website – popup will display to the user after the time you set.

2. Scroll down – popup will display when the user scroll down the page by the percentage value you specified.

3. Exit intent – popup will display in right moment when the user changes the cursor position to leave the page.

4. Click on element – popup will display after clicking on an element you specify (you will set it by entering the appropriate element’s ID or its class).

III. Frequency

Thanks to the following options you can set the frequency with what your popup will display:


1. Show on every visit.

2. Shown once on first visit.

3. Show alway after {number} visit – allows you to specify, after which visit the popup will start to display (constantly, at any next visit).

4. Show only on {number} visit – allows you to specify, when the popup will display (only once)

To select the appropriate configuration, click on the tile.

Remember – you can set more than one option to configure the frequency of popups displaying.

IV. Publication

Once you completed all the actions correctly, your popup is ready to be published. Remember to configure each of the display options otherwise the publication will not be possible.


1. Click on the
Publish now button – your popup will be displayed on the previously selected websites if all the steps have been completed correctly.

To learn more about the new popups’ features, you might check the following manuals: an edition or statistics and leads.

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