Text options

Last Updated: 22 Feb 2019

1. Add text

  • To add text to your landing page, drag and drop text element from the left panel widgets,
Text options
  • The text appears in the editor. When you select text element, text options will appear on right panel. Text can be changed as entire item, or you can select some fragments and change the appearance of those fragments only,
Text options

2. Text Options (right panel, overview)

In text options, you can customize:

1. The name of the element. It can be changed by clicking on the word “Text”,

2. The width and height of the text,

3. The position of the text in the editor,

4. The color palette (color picker) – allows you to change the color of text. Next is the button to change the text size. On right side from size change is the button to change the spacing between text lines,

5. A font ribbon. Next is the ribbon of typeface (normal, bold etc.),

6. A position of the text (left, center, right, justified). Next is the button to change the text type (paragraph, headline or bulleted list),

7. Text shadow – allows you to add a shadow effect to the text.

Text options

Additional options (appears after clicking on the text element)

1. The color palette (color picker) – allows you to change the color of text,

2. Bold – adds bold,

3. Italic – adds italic,

4. Underline – underline added,

5. Strikethrough – strikethrough added,

6. Link – adds a link to the text,

7. Unlink – deactivates (disconnects) added links,

8. List – adds bullet list.

Text options

3. Advanced Options

When you click on “Advanced” button, you can find the ID of the element and a window to assign a class. The text element can also be activated or hidden in selected views (more about mobile views in the article Mobile views).

Text options
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