10 Instapage Alternatives to Balance Your Landing Pages

Last updated: December 19, 2023 Written by: Magdalena Dejnak
instapage alternatives
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    Instapage is known as one of the best landing page builders. The platform has some great pros; however, as any web tool, it has both fans and skeptics looking for an alternative solution. Landing page editors differ in workflow, features, layouts, usage, integrations, which every user judges with their own criteria, depending on what is easy or valuable for them. Marketing needs are different for every landing page owner, but what is the most desired (and common for all of them) is the high quality of services and a stable, reliable platform. That is why today’s comparison may be exactly what you are looking for.

    We have searched for Instapage alternatives to give you a bigger picture of possibilities. Maybe we will encourage you to reconsider your needs or to find the best match for your expectations. All of the tools we mention are basically drag and drop editors that need no coding knowledge. They claim to be easy, professional, and quick, so their differences must lay slightly deeper. We have compared their most basic plans to see what their core value is.

    That being said, let’s find out what those 10 Instapage alternatives are like, shall we?

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      (Why) do you need an Instapage alternative?

      We can all agree that landing pages are crucial for online businesses nowadays. But how to choose the best landing page platform? You can check their user ratings, however, they vary depending on where you look for them. Instapage has a strong reputation, and so does Landingi: we have scored 4.8/5 stars in Capterra (Instapage’s score is 4.5) and 4.4/5 in G2 Crowd (4.3 for Instapage). Remember, what is best for you is what meets your needs. Therefore, it may occur that your business does not need every Instapage’s feature and its potential is just wasted. For beginners (or less-advanced marketers), lots of possibilities can be overwhelming or even useless, until they become comfortable with a platform. And it takes time. And money.

      Instapage is a huge tool, providing six products to automatize, optimize and speed up marketing actions. Lots of integrations, templates, and developments are focused on maximizing conversions, as their claim says. Such great machinery might seem perfect for big businesses or agencies with their complex expectations: thousands of page visits, hundreds of landing pages, and cross-team projects. However, even such big players may look for an Instapage alternative to cut some costs or find a better user experience. 

      To compare Instapage with its alternatives properly, we need to start with a short overview of this landing page builder.

      Instapage is a drag and drop editor, easy and quick to use. Moving, sizing, overlapping elements can be done even by an amateur due to an intuitive interface. To create a page, you can choose from one of 500+ customizable, well-designed templates. The editor has the most crucial landing page features and elements, such as timers, image library, multi-step forms, A/B testing, heatmaps, smart sections, dynamic content replacement, integrations, and many more.

      Instapage offers only two plans. Optimizing, the first one, costs $299 per month (billed monthly), and the second plan, Converting, is priced individually, making it a solution for more advanced users. What does it mean? You can have a wide range of features and possibilities with the cheaper plan; however, if all that jazz is too much for you, you still pay the full price. 

      To make things simple, let’s list some Instapage features in the Optimizing plan:

      • unlimited conversions
      • unlimited domains
      • 30,000 unique visitors per month
      • 30 landing pages
      • max. 5 account users
      • WordPress plugin
      • over 120 integrations (Shopify, Zapier, CRM, Webhook, email)
      • smart sections (Instablocks®)

      Instapage is a popular landing page builder. However, many web developers, designers, and SaaS companies have created many other landing page editors and platforms, and it would be a waste to not know them and compare.

      10 Instapage alternatives


      We are proud to say that Landingi can go toe to toe with the best landing page platforms. It is not only an Instapage alternative. It stands out with its own characteristics.

      Looking for an Instapage alternative? Every plan in #Landingi platform gives you unlimited landing pages, account users, and conversions. #TakeTheLead #DesignToConvert

      Landingi offers three standard plans and an Enterprise plan with custom pricing. Every plan gives you unlimited landing pages, account users, and conversions. Create, the most basic one, starts at $55/mo and supports 10 domains and 50,000 unique visitors – much more than Instapage offers with their Optimizing plan (which is significantly pricier). 

      Landingi is a platform dedicated to landing pages, therefore, it includes all integrations and elements necessary to boost your campaigns and conversions. More plans mean more flexibility and more accurate needs-features match. What makes Landingi stand out is its migration service enabling you to switch platforms easily: Landingi team can import all of your landing pages from any other platform, keeping your to-date design in a 1:1 ratio. And what is even better, three of your landing pages will be imported free of charge.

      If you want to get familiar with a more detailed Landingi vs Instapage comparison, check out one of our latest articles Landingi vs Instapage.

      Landingi most useful features are:

      • unlimited conversions
      • 10 domains (Need more? Upgrade to a higher plan or extend your limits for $15)
      • 50,000 unique visitors per month (Need more? Upgrade to a higher plan or extend your limits for $15)
      • unlimited landing pages
      • unlimited account users
      • 300+ landing page templates, tailor-made and high-converting
      • 100+ pop-up templates
      • free migration of up to 3 landing pages
      • email, chat, and phone support in any plan
      • WordPress plugin
      • Unsplash, Shopify, Zapier, CRM, Webhook, email integrations (and more)
      • smart sections, A/B testing, and much more in higher plans
      Try Landingi features for free

      Landingi’s most affordable plan gives you all the necessary tools to create high-converting campaigns straight away. With unlimited landing pages (30 in Instapage), limitation up to 50,000 unique visitors per month (30,000 in Instapage), and well-qualified support, Landingi is proud to give one of the best user experiences. If this is still not enough, you do not have to immediately change your plan – limits of domains, subaccounts, or visitors can be extended for $15. Compare Landingi and Instapage


      wishpond vs instapage

      Wishpond is marketing software for generating and nurturing leads. It enables you to create landing pages as well as newsletters or email drip campaigns. 

      • starting price: $99/mo
      • unlimited landing pages
      • 100+ templates
      • unlimited account users
      • WordPress plugin
      • integrations such as Shopify, Zapier, CRM, Webhook, email
      • up to 1,000 leads
      • support available with higher plans

      The price of Wishpond’s basic plan is not low, and only one hundred templates make it less flexible and harder to find something outstanding. Lead limitation and lack of support in lower plans make using this platform far from pleasant. There is no “Sign in and start straight away” option. You have to book a demo to create an account afterward. Such multistage onboarding may be inconvenient.


      Wix is a cloud-based website builder. It is not dedicated either to landing pages nor lead management, so it has much fewer integrations. 

      • the lowest plan is free, although ad-free options start at $14/mo
      • 2 GB of bandwidth each month allows for approx. 50 visits per day = 1,500/mo
      • 300+ templates, but only 40 of them are dedicated to landing pages
      • no optimization features
      • few integrations

      Fourteen bucks sounds great for the beginning, right? Too bad that Wix offers only a few integrations and lots of limits. 1,500 visits per month is a really small number, but higher plans offer unlimited bandwidth (still limiting the storage, though).


      getresponse vs instapage

      GetResponse is an email and marketing automation tool. One of their products is a landing page builder, giving you more options in one place. 

      • starting price: $15/mo
      • unlimited landing pages
      • 180 templates
      • unlimited domains
      • dynamic content in emails
      • contact list size limited to 1,000
      • WordPress plugin
      • Zapier integration

      A comprehensive email marketing platform and unlimited landing pages for $15 sounds great, but GetResponse’s basic plan does not offer much if you look for a tool to boost your lead-generating campaigns. There are no multiple account users, the contact list size is limited to 1,000 (unless you pay more), and there are only 180 templates.


      mailchimp vs instapage

      MailChimp is another email marketing platform that has extended its offer with a landing page builder. 

      • starting price: $14,99/mo
      • unlimited landing pages
      • 100+ templates
      • unlimited subdomains
      • up to 100,000 contacts 
      • Webhook, Zapier integrations
      • WordPress plugin
      • dynamic content

      Another good price for the beginning equals slightly over 100 website templates. In MailChimp, there are not many integrations, and contacts are limited to 100,000, but you can take advantage of unlimited subdomains.


      optimizepress vs instapage

      OptimizePress is a marketing WordPress plugin that can be used to create landing pages, sales pages, funnels, membership websites, online courses, or event pages.

      • starting price: $99/annually ($8.25/mo)
      • 1 personal site (= 1 domain)
      • unlimited visitors
      • 250+ templates
      • content visibility control on membership sites
      • Webhook, Zapier, CRM, email integrations

      If you have strong feelings about WordPress, the OptimizePress plugin may be something you will appreciate (as long as you don’t need many websites). The builder gives you over 250 templates, many of which are dedicated to optimizing landing pages. However, keep in mind that you pay for the whole year in advance and you can have only 1 domain or WordPress site.


      kickofflabs vs instapage

      KickoffLabs is a marketing platform focused on lead generation, viral campaigns, contest campaigns.

      • starting price: $29/mo
      • unlimited landing pages
      • 2,000 visitors
      • 45+ templates
      • contest boxes
      • no WordPress plugin
      • Zapier integration

      Looking for a way to run your campaigns virally? KickoffLabs can be your buddy as it offers interesting solutions for such purposes. Unfortunately, there are only a few dozens of templates, and visitors are limited to 2,000.

      Thrive Architect

      thrive architect vs instapage

      Thrive Architect is a page builder for business and conversion-focused websites. It is a WordPress plugin, easy to extend with other Thrive plugins.

      • starting price: $19/mo
      • possible to install on 25 websites
      • 1 year of support
      • 290+ templates
      • pop-ups and conversions with other plugins
      • custom, global fields
      • Zapier, CRM, email integrations

      Another WordPress plugin, Thrive Architect, seems to be quite intriguing with almost 300 templates, extra plugins, and the price starting at $19 per month. However, its big disadvantage is only 1 year of support and you can only use it on 25 websites.


      elementor vs instapage

      Elementor is another WordPress plugin for website building. It is one of the most popular editors, yet not dedicated to landing pages.

      • starting price: $99/annually ($8.25/mo)
      • the lower plan does not have a form builder
      • possible to install on 3 websites
      • 300+ templates but only a few for landing pages
      • Zapier, email, CRM integrations
      • live support only with higher plans

      The popularity of Elementor comes from its universality in website building. However, it makes this WordPress plugin less useful for landing page owners. The form builder is available only on higher plans, there are only a few templates dedicated to landing pages, and you can use Elementor to build up to 3 websites. Moreover, to install Elementor builder you need to have the paid version of WordPress.

      Google Sites

      google sites vs instapage

      Google Sites is one of Google’s tools and is a 100% free website builder. It is super simple and has minimal options.

      • price: free
      • unlimited pages, visitors, domains
      • 6 themes
      • conversions through the Google Forms tool
      • Google Forms may be integrated with Zapier
      • Google support

      Biggest advantage? The price, of course. But besides that, Google Sites does not stand out in anything. There are only six themes (not even templates), and possibilities are limited. You can create as many websites as you want, but lead generation may be quite difficult with forms based on the Google Form tool.

      What is your alternative for Instapage?

      Have you managed to find your alternative for Instapage? Is it on our list? Remember, no matter what you choose, ensure that it matches your needs, expectations, and plans, so your landing pages can make your campaigns convert.

      When choosing a landing page builder, you should be looking for features that would make your landing pages modern, useful, and easy to create and optimize. 

      Balance your landing pages with Landingi

      Domains, smart elements, dedicated integrations, plugins are important. But, what is crucial in running effective campaigns, is lots of templates, unique visitors, and pages. Moreover, no matter how comfortable you feel in website building, you need to be able to contact support and get a helpful response quickly. 

      The usability-features-price balance should be your new work-life one. When you master such balancing, finding the best Instapage alternative will be easy as pie.