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Home Blog 10 Dynamic Landing Page Examples In 2023 [+ Templates]

10 Dynamic Landing Page Examples In 2023 [+ Templates]

Dynamic landing pages adjust their content and design in real time based on visitor interactions, providing a tailored user experience. Discover how they work, see top examples, and learn best practices in this guide.

According to an Adobe study, 53% of marketers report seeing a positive increase in customer loyalty after implementing personalization within their marketing campaigns. Additionally, 89% reported an increase in return on investment.

But how can you implement personalization within your landing pages? One way to do this is through dynamic landing pages. This guide will cover what dynamic landing pages are and cover top examples along with a few best practices.

We’ll also show you how easy it is to create these pages with Landingi. So let’s get to it!

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What Is a Dynamic Landing Page?

In short, dynamic landing pages are pages that alter their messaging (e.g., headlines, body copy, and CTAs) based on different types of visitors. For instance, the same landing page may differ depending on the visitors’ search queries, location, or the funnel stage they’re in.

Dynamic landing pages are common in PPC campaigns, as they allow marketers to easily match a landing page with ad copy and search terms from different advertisements.

However, dynamic landing pages can be used for various other purposes, like altering page content based on visitors’ geographical locations.

Why Should You Use a Dynamic Landing Page?

First, dynamic landing pages appeal to a wider audience. Since these page types can alter their content based on the visitors’ search queries, location, or funnel stage, you’ll be able to personalize the content to resonate with multiple audience segments. Consequently, dynamic landing pages also lead to an increase in conversions.

Second, as mentioned, dynamic landing pages are handy in PPC campaigns. A dynamic page can automatically alter its copy to match the keywords from multiple ads within a specific ad group, ensuring consistency.

Speaking of keywords, dynamic landing pages eliminate the need to create a separate page for each dynamic keyword insertion. This can save a significant amount of time.

Dynamic Landing Page Best Practices

Keyword matching

If you are using dynamic landing pages in a PPC campaign, make sure to match keywords used in the page to keywords you are bidding on. This can be done using dynamic text replacement.

This helps with message match and in improving your quality score when using Google Ads.

Maintain consistency

The core messaging across your landing page variation should remain consistent. Consider only modifying key areas of attention, like tweaking keywords within headlines and CTA copy.

Split-test your page

A/B test your dynamic landing page to understand how to make it appealing to different audience segments. For instance, you could test different discounts to see how people from different locations act.

Now that we’ve got this covered, let’s go ahead and see some real-life examples.

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10 Dynamic Landing Page Examples

Freshworks: PPC Dynamic Landing Page

Freshworks’ dynamic landing page is an excellent example. The landing page modifies its copy and layout based on the users’ search queries.

In this case, we used the following keywords: “HubSpot alternative” and “Salesforce alternative.

The landing page for the “HubSpot alternativekeyword:

The landing page for the “Salesforce alternative” keyword:

Freshworks targets users seeking an alternative to Salesforce and HubSpot. It aims to convince visitors that Freshworks is the right choice.

Above the fold, we can see that the changes between the two landing pages are rather minimal — the headline differs to match the users’ search query and ensures consistent messaging.

The supporting copy also changes to better relate to each alternative: HubSpot covers automation and chat capabilities, while Salesforce is an excellent all-in-one sales CRM.

However, the changes are more significant below the fold.

Freshworks offers in-depth comparisons between its platform and the two alternatives. The landing pages differ in comparison points to put Freshworks in the best possible light.

Sleeknote: PPC Dynamic Landing Page

Sleeknote’s dynamic landing page also alters its copy depending on the following search queries: “Shopify popups” and “Website popups.” The platform aims to promote two different solutions based on the users’ keywords.

However, the changes are not as extensive as the Freshworks example.

The landing page for the Shopify popupskeyword:

The landing page for the Website popupskeyword: 

Sleeknote’s dynamic landing page changes the copy above the headline to match the visitors’ search queries.

Moreover, the second landing page swaps “revenue” with “sales” and adds “website,” indicating that the page promotes a popup builder specifically for websites.

The below-the-fold content remains similar across both landing page variations.

Build a page just like this one with Landingi’s Digital Marketing Consultant template.

BrandMentions: PPC Dynamic Landing Page

BrandMentions modifies its PPC dynamic landing page variants based on the following keywords: “Social media listening tool” and “Social media monitoring tools.”

The landing page for the “Social media listening tool” keyword: 

The landing page for the “Social media monitoring tools” keyword:

BrandMentions made minimal tweaks to its landing page — the headline changes to match the users’ search queries.

Other than that, BrandMentions swaps the word “listening” with “monitoring” and vice-versa throughout the page variations’ copy below the fold, as these terms are often interchangeable.

Build a landing page just like this one with Landingi’s SaaS Website template.

Nebula: Affiliate Dynamic Landing Page

Nebula uses dynamic landing pages in its affiliate links. The layout and copy of the landing pages cater to each content creator.

As such, visitors who clicked the link will better relate to the page, leading to more signups. We’ll cover pages from two content creators: TLDR News and Real Life Lore.

The landing page for TLDR News:

The landing page for Real Life Lore:

The landing page variations are personalized to each specific creator by including their names in the headline and YouTube banner images in the pages’ visuals.

The rest of copy and layout between the two variations remain unchanged. However, the CTA copy found below the fold includes the names of each creator. This serves as a last attempt to connect with visitors and encourage them to convert.

Vessi: Affiliate Dynamic Landing Page

Similar to Nebula, Vessi also personalizes its landing pages based on the content creators who endorse its products. We’ll cover pages from kallmekris and Linus Tech Tips.

The landing page for kallmekris

The landing page for Linus Tech Tips:

Although the changes seem rather minimal, they do an excellent job of engaging with viewers — including images of the YouTubers endorsing the products.

Additionally, the personalized discount codes give users a further incentive to purchase the product.

Lastly, the landing page variations promote products for different genders, appealing to each YouTube channel’s main audience demographic. Kallmekriss’s page promotes shoes for women, while Linus Tech Tips’ page promotes shoes for men.

Build a page just like this one with Landingi’s Selling a Product template.

Spotify: Location-Based Dynamic Landing Page

Spotify uses location-based dynamic landing pages to appeal to consumers from different countries and promote its premium subscription. We’ll cover examples from the United Kingdom and Poland.

The United Kingdom landing page: 

The Poland landing page:

The page variation designated for Poland is written in Polish to better connect with visitors and ensure that viewers can read the landing page copy. Pricing is also converted into Poland’s national currency to help users better quantify the subscription’s plan value.

Other than that, the page layout across both variants remains unchanged.

Build a page just like this one with Landingi’s Your Music App template.

Adobe Illustrator: Location-Based Dynamic Landing Page

Unlike Spotify, Adobe Illustrator uses a location-based dynamic landing page to showcase an exclusive offer for residents within specific countries. We’ll cover examples from the United States and the United Kingdom.

The United States landing page:

The United Kingdom landing page:

Aside from the localized currency, the UK landing page offers a 50% discount for the next six months. This offer is unavailable to US-based visitors.

Moreover, notice how the UK variation lacks the free trial CTA button, nudging visitors to purchase the product straightaway. The CTA copy is also more persuasive (e.g., “Save now”).

Build a page just like this one with Landingi’s AirLand template.

Ridge Wallet: Location-Based Dynamic Landing Page

In contrast to the other two location-based dynamic landing pages, Ridge Wallet’s product offerings change depending on the visitors’ location. We’ll cover examples from the United States and European Union.

The United States landing page:

The European Union landing page: 

Firstly, the hero image between the page variants differs. US visitors also benefit from an exclusive Father’s Day discount, as seen in the banner.

Most notably, the number of promoted products differs from one page to the other — the US landing page showcases more wallets and accessories.

US visitors also have the option to browse Ridge’s other products (e.g., watches, pens, etc.) by clicking on the navigation link next to the hamburger icon. In contrast, EU visitors are limited to keychains.

Moreover, the US page has the filter menu visible on the left-hand side of the screen, while the EU variant has it hidden under drop-down menus.

Bright Cellars: Preference-Based Dynamic Landing Page

Bright Cellars takes a different approach — inviting users to take a quiz regarding their preferences in food. Users are then redirected to a landing page showing the best wines based on their answers.

The Bright Cellars landing page: 

As such, Bright Cellars manages to engage and connect with its visitors by allowing them to select their preferences. Moreover, sending product recommendations tailored to each specific visitor increases the likelihood of generating a purchase.

Function of Beauty: Preference-Based Dynamic Landing Page

Similarly, Function of Beauty also invites users to take a quiz and customizes product recommendations depending on their answers. However, the page takes it a step further.

The Function of Beauty landing page:

The landing page includes the visitor’s name within the logo (upper-central part of the screen) upon completing the quiz. This additional touch allows the brand to be more memorable and establish a stronger connection with visitors.

How To Build a Dynamic Landing Page With Landingi

Landingi allows you to create dynamic landing pages through dynamic text. As such, your landing page will automatically alter its headline and copy based on your set parameters.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Go to the Landing Pages tab, select your landing page, and click on Dashboard.

Step 2: Select JavaScript Code and click on Add new script. 

Step 3: Name your script and type in the following code.

<script defer src=””></script>

This code allows Landingi to capture parameters from the landing page’s domain address.

Step 4: Click Save and enter the landing page editor.

Step 5: Click on any widget you wish to alter and mark the dynamic text using this formula: %{{parameter}}||default_text%

The double curly brackets indicate the name of the parameter which will be registered. The code after the two vertical bars “||” indicates the alternative text that appears once the parameter is registered.

In our example, the code would look like this: %{{destination}}||Spain%

Step 6: To check the dynamic text, enter your landing page address along with your parameters following this format:


In our case, it would look like this:



And there you have it — 10 dynamic landing page examples, some best practices, and a quick guide on how to create dynamic landing pages with Landingi. That’s not all, though.

Landingi offers a wide variety of features that help you create high-converting landing pages quickly and at scale. These include Smart Sections, access to 400+ fully customizable templates, a pixel-perfect editor, and more.

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