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Effective email marketing step by step

November 4, 2014 Paulina Kamińska 5 min read

Anyone can write an e-mail – but effective mailing is a completely different story. Proper construction of an e-mail should make the recipient visit our website and then perform an action (e.g. buy something or fill out a form). Another very important thing is to remember that the message should leave behind a positive, durable trace in the user’s memory.

effective email marketing

On each stage the user must be positive that:

Effective email marketing

How to create effective mailing campaigns? You need to focus on three elements:

  1. the message title,
  2. the landing page link,
  3. the landing page.

A good title = a chance for effective mailing

An interesting and intriguing title increases the chance of your message being noticed among so many other e-mails in the inbox and opened.

These are a few rules that help create effective mailing:

Of course, the points mentioned above don’t always prove right, as it can turn out that a simple headline without any interesting word-play will be more effective than a sophisticated (sometimes even great) slogan.

Make them click

Once the recipient, encouraged by an interesting title, opens the message, you need to draw their attention to the link redirecting to your page and make them click on it.

Suitable content of the message should encourage the recipient to browse through the offer. You can’t overdo here – an excessively long text about the products will bore the recipient and one that praises the products too much will scare them.

The content should be short and describe (best using bullet points) the facts concerning the benefits that one can draw from using the products on offer. The first passage is the headline – its task is to arouse curiosity and encourage further reading. Effective mailing includes phrases encouraging recipients to perform an action, such as: “Buy now,” “Check it out yourself” or “See more.”

Mailing creation

Another aspect is graphic creation of mailing. While preparing it one must remember about technical limitations – graphics need to be “light” (not too many kilobytes) so that the e-mail makes it to all its recipients safely. Visual stimuli are very important in reception and processing of information.

E-mail graphics affect imagination; they should arouse associations and strengthen the company’s image (relate to its logo, colors). Just remember – it’s better to have less attractive but effective mailing than a beautiful, artistically pampered gem that won’t ensure a high conversion rate.

Effective mailing = a landing page

effective email marketing

Some e-mail marketing tools allow for tracing the recipients’ reaction. Professional e-mail marketing programs have a statistics function, with use of which you can quickly see how many people have opened the message, how many recipients have resigned from the newsletter service or how many have visited the company’s website. However, reaction to an e-mail is just half the battle. It can be followed also by means of Google Analytics.

The magic of conversion should work after clicking on the link and visiting your website. If you redirect the customer to:

You need a special, adjusted to specific mailing page – an optimized landing page.

You have only 3–4 seconds to convince the user to avail themselves of your offer. Otherwise, they will leave the page. As a result, the customer is lost and the whole mailing has counted for nothing. Therefore, follow the rules below:

Have you encountered any interesting examples of mailing recently? Share them in the comment section!


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