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Effective landing page content – three steps to its creation

June 12, 2014 Paulina Kamińska 3 min read

By content I mean both the text in verbal form as well as the graphics seen by the viewer on your page. I do so because information about the product or service that you offer is conveyed to the viewer by means of a written word and a picture alike. Effective content is the first step to increase the page’s effectiveness and conversion.

#1. Start with the eyes!

Before the viewer that visits your page reads what you’ve written for them, they will scan the page in terms of graphics. You must know the proverb: “What the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over.” We know it well from personal experience (especially women do;)). For example, if we see an attractive dress on the internet, we automatically crave to have it. So make sure that your landing page arouses the visitor’s senses and makes them crave for possession of the product/service that you offer.

landing page content

photo credit: Clara P. N. Araujo via photopin cc

How to do it?

#2. Speak to the mind

The text should be, first of all, easy to read, absorb and remember. Definitely give up placing a lot of text, especially in a continuous flow.

landing page content

How to do it?

#3. Aim at the heart

I think that this one is the most difficult step. It is mostly about creating the content (word and picture), as much as it’s possible, in the form of a story that will relate to the viewer’s emotions and experiences.

landing page content

The eyes, the mind, the heart – this is the way that the content makes when it meets a viewer. Why do we need all that? If you apply all the elements, there is a fair chance that you will be REMEMBERED. One final golden rule: “Content is king, but context is God.” Remember that the most significant element here is the context, that is combining all the elements so that they match one another and create a coherent whole.


Is it difficult for you to write texts? 


Paulina Kamińska

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