How to Generate New Content Ideas

May 13, 2019 9 min read Written by: Avatar Karola Stachowicz
Table of contents
Table of contents

Running out of new content ideas, or experiencing writer’s block, are situations that all writers experience at some point in their careers. It can be frustrating and time-consuming to come up with fresh ideas and many people will even wonder how you always manage to produce unique new content ideas. It becomes overwhelming to generate creative content especially when you have spent years immersed in content creation. Regardless of whether it is blog post ideas, eBooks, website content ideas or podcasts, at some point you will feel there is nothing left to say, you have little else to contribute in a discussion, or you no longer have compelling ideas for your audience anymore.

However, this should not be a problem anymore. Here is how to generate content ideas that capture your audience’s attention every time.

Create topics in batches

Although companies that use content marketing can increase their conversion rates 5 times more than those that do not, it consumes a lot of time and is inefficient to choose a topic every time you sit down ready to produce some content. Set aside a few hours, research and come up with several blog ideas to run you for 3 weeks or more. Make a list of those topics which will ensure that at the time you sit down to write, you are already focused on an idea and only require to polish it up to form a hot topic for your blogs, or website pages. Furthermore, you can create a list of all the topics that you obtain because you can never predict when you will have a new idea. You can always go back to this list whenever you run out of ideas for new content. If you do not write it down, you will most likely forget.

SEO efforts analysis

Your efforts to optimize your content for search engines should integrate tools such as Google Analytics or Google Search Console which play a significant role in generating content ideas. They enable you to view the questions users typed into Google search box to reach to your site, what topic you are ranking for, what interested them in your website and how they interacted with it. This information is crucial in developing new content ideas on similar topics or related ones thus attracting more of those users.


Social media

Social networks are not only an asset in creating brand awareness but are also good sources of new content ideas. Social media has approximately 3.5 billion users globally thus provides a ready market for your content and improves how users interact with your brand. Use the platforms to your advantage and follow people who read your content, observe what they talk about, tweet, share or reply. Take note of that information, and every once in a while ask a question on your social media profile. The answers and comments your followers give will provide you with a long list of new content ideas.

Join social media groups in your chosen industry to remain updated on what is trending in your field. This will help you provide content that is relevant and useful to your audience at all times. Moreover, include and follow hashtags in your industry to learn what people are asking questions concerning, as well as the popular topics.

Your competitors’ FAQs

Using your rivals’ FAQ site, going through their blogs and reading their blog comments will give you great insight on what to write. The information you learn from their websites will enable you to come up with more improved content ideas for blogs you write for and cover neglected areas which makes you stand out. Also, if they are successful, you can check what it is they are doing that is making them better than you. For instance, if you usually focus on creating written content such as blogging and not on advertising, you can follow your competitors’ idea if you find out that posting ads and banners is what makes them more successful.

Utilize research tools

Technology has managed to solve the common problem of generating content ideas for blogs and other publications by developing idea tools that have made everything easier. These blog topic generator platforms include;

  •    Hubspot blog ideas generator
  •    Portent’s content idea generator
  •    Answer the public
  •    Ubersuggest
  •    BuzzSumo
  •    Alltop
  •    Google Trend
  •    Content Row’s link Bait Title Generator
  •    Quora

These content ideas tools are easy to use, and you will only be required to enter a keyword then they will provide thousands of potential title ideas instantly.

Use Google suggestions

When you start typing a general topic on Google search box, Google autocomplete suggests for you numerous other points below the search box which can form a basis for your content. Also, Google provides searches that are similar at the bottom of the results page. These search predictions and associated results that appear will uncover new content ideas for your site. Take advantage of the suggestions to create content that your audience is already looking for.

Follow current developments

Recent events and developments within your industry can generate new ideas for your brand. You will not be reporting breaking news, instead, you will be using the information to create content on what those current events mean to your users. New developments might range from new products to emerging trends or the latest technology. For example, if you deal in branded gift items such as T-shirts, mugs, sweatshirts or hoodies, you can advertise your items that are branded with a message related to what is trending.

Update previously published posts

You can use topics from your old posts to obtain inspirations for new ideas. Other excellent sources are old magazines, not necessarily published by you. But you can still use some of their topics to generate your new content. Update the subject matter to fit the current situation or re-write the post in a different point of view.


Read your publication site comments

Your target audience is readers who leave comments on your publication site. If you are wondering where and how to obtain content ideas, read all the comments, and you will discover new inspiration. It is evident that you cannot exhaust everything on a topic. Your users will ask questions or comment on the holes in your content, and this might generate more ideas for your next post.

Tell personal stories

Sharing interesting stories about your life experiences, lessons learned, mistakes and your achievements can be your next topic when your well of content ideas runs dry. Over 5 billion videos are watched on youtube every day thus you can be sure yours will still have viewers. You can use your story or someone else’s story as this is an effective way of connecting with your audience and providing them with unique content. People are always more attentive to visual content than written content; hence, uploading a video makes your story more interesting.

Imitating other landing pages

When it comes to creating headlines for landing pages and adverts, you are allowed to copy ideas designs from other websites. If you are running out of ideas on how to build landing pages that portray your creative side, worry no more. According to David Ogilvy, the number of people who read the headlines is 5 times those that read the actual body. The headlines of your landing pages will either convince someone to stay on your site or make them leave. Even as you copy the format of the headlines, avoid those that have been overused to the extent that people no longer pay attention to them. ‘Start your free trial,’ is one of the headlines that will never become too cliched.

Email signups & Newsletter

Sign up to your competitors’ newsletters to find out what new developments there are in their organization. You will also observe what they are offering in exchange for a sign-up. For instance, you might find out they are giving a free ebook on a particular topic. You could be sure that text must mean something if they created a book on it. That gives you an idea, and you can research it and generate a similar thing, but better.


Social platforms are the best source of ideas. However, you cannot survive alone. When looking for content for your page or channel, you must learn to network and collaborate with other content creators. Having a close working relationship with those who are in a similar industry allows you to view things from a different perspective and get inspiration for new campaigns. Learn from your peers when you are out of ideas. You can also collaborate with them on campaigns to obtain a more significant reach on your target customers.

Final words

Always having creative content ideas to write is not easy. However, there are many ideas for your blog all around you if you know where to research. There is no reason why you should struggle to generate unique and exciting ideas for your audience. A break from content creation can be a good idea too. You might unlock new ideas when you are not trying too hard for them. Use all these resources to your advantage and your problem will be eliminated.


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