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Marketer’s online tools – how to create beautiful graphics

July 21, 2014 Paulina Kamińska 5 min read

A great advantage of contemporary marketers is the fact that they have an opportunity to utilize a number of tools available on the internet in order to make their work easier. Additionally, most of the tools are available for free or have both paid and unpaid licenses. Therefore, I would like to share with you the tools that I know and very often use. You’re encouraged to read a short review of eight of them – ones that will make internet marketing even easier.

“A photo without effects is like a unicorn without a rainbow.”

You must frequently be in a situation when you need to add just a small change, e.g. in the form of some photo effect but there’s no one that could do it for you, graphic artists are snowed under work, etc. A marketer’s online tools for creation of graphics will make this task much easier. You will create graphics that can be used on a website, a blog, in the social media or even in an internet campaign. But I warn you: playing graphic artist is quite addictive 😉

1. Pixlr

online marketer tool

Pixlr is a tool for creation and edition of graphics. We can choose from three versions of this program: Pixlr Editor, Pixlr Express and Pixlr O-Mat. Pixlr Editor is very close in its functions to GIMP and in order to use it one needs to know a little more about graphics programs, e.g. what layers are. I recommend it to those with a little more experience (but not that much) with various editors, who create graphics in different places and don’t like installing programs on their computers. For a little less experienced users it will be easier to use Pixlr Express, which is very intuitive and one can quickly edit a photo or add cool elements – effects, stickers, frames and texts in it.

online marketer tool

2. iPiccy

online marketer tool

This is the newest tool that’s fallen into my hands. Its functions are divided into a few categories, e.g.: a basic editor, effects, frames or retouch. With use of the last option we can touch up eyes, lips, etc. in the picture. We will also change the photo’s colors or texture with one click.

online marketer tool

3. Canva

online marketer tool

Who doesn’t know this tool is an ass! Of course, that’s a joke because it means that the best is still ahead of you. The basic advantage of Canva is that it offers many free elements and templates, with use of which you can create graphics in a very modern way. And, most importantly, you don’t need to be a graphic artist in order to use it, nor do you need any advanced skills.

online marketer tool

Canva offers many sizes of pictures, so you don’t need to worry about whether a photo will fit Facebook or not, etc. There are really a myriad of possibilities. With the help of this tool you will create graphics for the social media (including Facebook ads), posters, blog graphics, presentations, invitations. You can also create graphics in any sizes you want. Canva has a bank of pictures that you can buy; they cost about $1 a piece but you can also upload your own photos. The only disadvantage of this tool is a small stock of fonts with special characters. However, Canva is a real winner among free tools for graphic creation and I personally use it very often.


online marketer tool

BeFunky is a really easy-to-use photo editor. It is also available in a free version; however, this version isn’t for commercial use. With this tool you will add beautiful effects to your pictures, create collages or a Facebook cover photo. The gallery available on the BeFunky website is also cool, especially if you’re looking for inspiration for a project:

online marketer tool

5. ThinkLink

online marketer tool

ThinkLink will help you breathe life to the pictures and graphics that you place on a blog or social media profiles. Using this tool is as easy as ABC; you just put icons in the places that you’d like to distinguish, then you add a text or a link to a website. A very nice tool for creation of engaging content!

You can see how ThinkLink works by clicking on the interactive icons in the picture below:

6. Photovisi

online marketer tool

A very easy-to-use tool for creation of collages that can later be shared on social media channels (Facebook, G+ and Twitter). The tool has great templates that can be edited – you can remove particular elements, change colors or add texts.


Design Seeds

A very nice page for all those creating graphics by themselves and looking for hints or inspirations regarding colors. On the website you will find pictures and color palettes created on their basis. Such color combinations will be useful during creation of your websites and landing pages.


And what tools do you use? I’m waiting for your suggestions in the comment section 🙂 

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