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Significance of colors in advertisement

September 26, 2013 Agata Rabsztyn 3 min read

Colors in advertisement

Colors have many important functions in our lives. They affect our senses through association with tastes or smells as well as influence our mood by improving it, giving us energy or making us upset. By paying attention to them while designing a landing page or advertising creations one can influence the receivers’ behavior with use of simple measures more efficiently. Colors affect emotions through associations recalled by the mind, connected to previous experience. A suitable choice of colors ought to be tailored to the receivers and therefore, it should take into consideration:

The meaning of colors in a given target group

The most important factor in the color choice is the target group of an advertisement. Colors and their hues may have different effects depending on age, sex, social status or subculture. For example, taking sex into consideration, it turns out that men prefer color blue. However, in case of women, the choice of one favorite color is difficult. They prefer definitely cooler and less saturated colors. It is not a surprise either that they can discern many more colors and their hues, while the knowledge of a statistical man is limited to the basic color palette.

The meaning of colors in a given culture

People in general have similar associations in relation to colors, however, a part of them does not have a universal meaning across the world. Depending on a region, they can have different power of esthetic influence and take on a different, sometimes completely opposite sense. For instance, black in the European culture is a color for mourning, while in other countries it has a positive connotation, for example, in China it represents happiness, in India it is a color of life. Therefore, while creating a landing page that will be aimed at foreign receivers, one ought to take perception of colors in different cultures into consideration.

The psychological meaning of colors

In coloring there are two extremes of colors. On the one hand there are the warm colors: reds, oranges and yellows, which are taken as energetic and extrovert colors. On the other hand there are greens, blues and violets. The cool colors are received as calm and introvert. Depending on what emotions we would like to evoke among the visitors of our website, one needs to choose colors from the right extreme. As we can see, the choice of a suitable color is not an obvious matter. A psychologically well-matched color might turn out to be completely inappropriate for visual identification of a company or character of an industry. If you are hesitating between a few colors, you should try creating a few variants of advertisements or landing pages and test them with use of the A/B tests. Activity of the page users will show you which color is the most efficient.


Agata Rabsztyn

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