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May 22, 2020 8min read Written by: Przemek Kwapisz
Table of contents
Table of contents

Messy and not user-friendly landing pages are a great formula for losing valuable leads and steering a business towards epic failure. The flawless, high-converting ones turn out to be a great selling weapon for online businesses

Designing an impeccable landing page can be tricky, but if you don’t devote a sufficient amount of time to creating a well-designed landing page that converts, you will be harming your business and stopping your landing page from serving its purpose.

The primary goal of every landing page is boosting conversions, but the final appearance is impacted by a marketing campaign, event, or offer that you prepare it for. And how should a PPC landing page look if you want to make the maximum return on your campaign?

When it comes to PPC landing pages, it is difficult to present any exemplary PPC landing page examples. Pay per click is not an industry, but a promotion method so it is better to center around the best practices rather than specific examples. In this area, the keywords influence the final form of the campaign.

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What features you should focus on while creating a PPC landing page?

Keep your keywords relevant to the landing page

When creating a PPC landing page, always have in mind the keywords that you are bidding on and make sure the landing page is relevant. Otherwise, users who click a link in the search result and end up on your landing page, not related at all to what they have been looking for, will just be irritated.

Therefore, make sure that your PPC landing page matches the keywords. Otherwise, you risk not reaching the most valuable users of your PPC landing page and driving completely disinterested people to your site instead.

Remember about the message match

Truth be told, without message matching, your PPC campaign and landing page won’t yield any conversions.

Simply put, the PPC message match is when the message in a pay-per-click ad on Facebook, Google Ads, Instagram or other platforms, is similar to the message on the linked landing page. It can be achieved by using similar phrases, colors, logo, copy and offer.

Improving the PPC message match can increase conversion rate by more than 200%
Brad Smith for Moz

According to the Moz case study, improving the PPC message match can increase conversion rate by more than 200%. What is more, the same case study observed a decrease in the ad cost per conversion by 69%.

A proper message match is crucial for the effectiveness of any PPC campaign, as it means that it delivers exactly what it promises. Otherwise, users who click on an ad and enter a completely different landing page may feel confused and weirded out.

Message match allows you to keep the consistency and integrity of your PPC marketing campaign. It is crucial, as visitors expect to familiarize themselves with the offer that corresponds to the promise you have put in the ad.

Therefore, in order to make sure that you have a good PPC message match, make sure that:

  • meta tags include keywords used in a campaign,
  • headline in the first landing page section is related to a pitch from the ad,
  • graphics on a PPC landing page are connected to banner visual elements,
  • a PPC landing page has the same call to action (CTA) as the one in an ad.

The keyword relevance and message match are the foundation of every effective PPC campaign and a converting PPC landing page. Therefore, you should always take them into consideration while creating a PPC landing page.

What are the best PPC landing page examples?

As mentioned previously, it is difficult to list a lot of cutting-edge best PPC landing page examples as the final appearance of a PPC landing page is heavily impacted by the keywords and the industry itself.

Therefore, when looking into PPC landing page design examples, don’t fixate yourself on the template itself, but center around the best practices they are following and which make them stellar.

PPC landing page – landing page builder

Landing Page Builder

What makes this PPC landing page awesome:

  • in meta tags, there is the primary keyword (“landing page builder”) which increases the Quality Score in Google Ads, making the landing page easier to find for potential prospects,
  • the headline relates to the ad text and includes the primary keywords “landing page builder”,
  • the landing page lists the features that are crucial for making the final decision and differentiate this landing page builder from the others on the market,
  • there is social proof (Neil Patel’s review), which inspires trust and contributes to increasing conversions,
  • CTA has numerous versions but is always centered around the 14-day-free-trial which works as a lead magnet.

PPC landing page – landing page design

What makes this PPC landing page so effective:

  • in meta tags, there is the main keyword “landing page design”,
  • the headline is connected to the ad text and includes the main keyword “landing page design”,
  • the landing page lists the key features of the product,
  • the key advantages are presented in an appealing way (short text and icons),
  • there is social proof in the form of usage examples and customers’ reviews,
  • there is an intuitive lead generation form that allows users to set up a meeting or start a conversation.
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PPC landing page example – lead generation

What makes this PPC landing page work:

  • in the first section, there is a list of quoted benefits so users don’t need to scroll down,
  • the landing page includes a CTA directed towards providing potential customers with a free demo, which may easily increase conversions and allow users to get familiar with the offer,
  • there is social proof in the form of logos of satisfied companies and customer opinions, which proves the quality of services,
  • the key advantages are outlined in a bullet list, making them easy to read and remember,
  • the landing page design is simple and uncluttered, making it user-friendly.

PPC landing page example – project management tool

What makes this PPC landing page likely to convert:

  • the headline is related to the ad text and includes the primary keyword “project management tools”,
  • the key features are quoted in an appealing and straightforward way,
  • there is social proof in the form of logos and customers’ reviews enhancing the quality of services and the usefulness of the tool,
  • the imagery presents the main features of the tool, which allows users to see what the product looks like,
  • the CTA is focused on providing users with a free demo.

PPC landing page example – CRM software

What makes this PPC landing page great:

  • the headline and the landing page copy include the primary keyword “sales cloud”,
  • the landing page is concise and well-structured, without any unnecessary elements and that keeps the visitors focused, the CTA is the same as in the ad and it is repeated on the landing page, therefore reinforcing the message,
  • there is social proof in the form of logos of customers (both small businesses and large, influential enterprises),
  • there are customers’ reviews complimenting the message and the quality of services.

As you can see, the best PPC landing page examples differ across industries. Nevertheless, they all follow the PPC landing page best practices, such as:

  • using the primary keyword in a headline and in a landing page copy,
  • taking care of the message match between a linking ad and a landing page,
  • a concise and simple form,
  • outlined benefits,
  • visible CTA (repeated in a few spots).

In order to make your site as effective as the PPC landing page examples seen above, keep in mind all the best practices listed in the article. If you are making a landing page for the first time, you can use a high-quality landing page builder (like one that Landingi offers) to make the process easier and create a stellar PPC landing page that will increase the effectiveness of your PPC campaign.

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