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Think Visually – Landing Page Graphic Project and Conversion


As a marketing tool, a landing page is focused on conversion. For that to happen,  a whole set of elements needs to come together. The first and an most important one that grabs a visitor’s attention is the graphic project. A landing page should be clear, strong in communicating its purpose and should attract attention. But to make that possible, what is there to think about?

Not just for the pros

First and foremost – you don’t have to be a graphic artist. Nor a programmer. What you can do is to use an intuitive landing page online builder that has a drag-and-drop interface. This kind of tool is pixel-perfect in nature and that means instant perfection in everything you do – you don’t have to pay attention to details. You can instantly match all elements and change them in an easy way.

Nowadays, when almost every webpage is, in fact, a web application there is a need for a responsiveness factor. It means that every single project made (including a landing page) has to display properly at all times, no matter the device it’s displayed on (PC, a tablet, a smartphone). It’s sure worth it to pick and choose the right tools for that functionality to occur. A responsive web design translates into all elements being logically adjusted for the nature of the display. On-the-fly.

All of this makes using a modern tool seamless because there are no boundaries in landing page creation. You can create any given graphic project, and as we know, high-quality marketing imagery translates directly into your conversion rate.

Make your sections smartable and let go of mundane manual tasks with Smart Sections! An easy way to manage bulk changes.


The same goes for video – you can use it as an integral part of a landing page but you can also “hide it” on the second plan, using it as a background. In this case it’s worth using the parallax effect. It works like this – a visitor seamlessly scrolls the page and it acts like it has depth in it. Speaking plainly – when scrolling down, the lower part of the page overlaps with the higher one. This is a more advanced element of landing page graphic design. When made right, is gives the offer an additional dimension.

What about when we don’t have time to make a page? There are a few available options. For instance, choose any of pre-made landing page templates and edit the project yourself – change graphics, write your own copy, adjust and move elements, manipulate the size. Delete old ones and add new ones.

There is also an option to import a landing page from any given URL. This is handy when an old project does not necessarily meet the current standards for the campaign or new guidelines.

Making a landing page is like making a building – you can live there comfortable and beautifully, but if it lacks a solid foundation and structure (graphic project), it will collapse.

Thanks to a handy tool you can radically decrease the time needed to create a beautiful landing page and when there is very little time left, you can order the creation of a landing page from scratch.

In a landing page project – one that comes from your hand or from a platform owner, you can use your own JavaScript and HTML codes, as well as CSS styles. For more advanced users and those with bigger needs, it means more options. Putting a slider or an animation increases the potential for conversion, making more complicated landing pages more sophisticated.

Make it yours

No matter if you create simpler or more complicated beautiful landing pages, you can always leverage sources for inspiration. The gallery of graphics and icons plus the ability for uploading vector graphics (.svg format) means that you’ll never run out of ideas. What’s important is that all graphics imported on a platform are optimized on-the-fly, while being uploaded. It means they are not losing quality, but their weight is significantly smaller. You can also use a Marketing Starter Kit – a pack of free elements for landing page creation, such as color pallets, fonts, graphics, examples of copy, etc.

An important thing to consider when it comes to landing page creation is the visual aspect of corporate identity. Because there are guidelines in a company’s brand books, marketers must obey the rules for using specific fonts and color pallets. In a good landing page editor, you can save any given color and add it to favorites, also through using color hash.

Graphic layout is responsible for most of the outcome. It’s like making a building – you can live there comfortably and beautifully, but if it lacks a solid foundation and structure, it will collapse. It’s similar with landing pages – you can have an excellent Call to Action (CTA), beautiful graphics, professionally-produced and edited video and it can simply fall short. You have to think visually – put yourself in the shoes of the visitor and understand what it means to effectively reach him or her with a marketing message.

Jarosław Ściślak

Marketing Specialist

Jarosław Ściślak is a marketing expert with over 6 years of experience in content marketing, branding, and landing page creation.
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