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Table of contents
Table of contents

In the Landingi platform, you can easily set the background for the whole landing page.

Setting a background

Go to the editor of your landing page.

Navigate to Page Settings (1), then use the slider to turn on the background (2). Select the background style. You can choose from four types of background solid (full) color, gradient, image, and video (from YouTube or Vimeo).

You can find tips on how to set the video as a background here.

Read more about the parallax effect here.

When editing, you can go back to Page Settings by clicking on the arrow:


If you choose an image, you can upload the image from your computer or use Unsplash free images. Unsplash is a platform with free, high-definition images. It's free to download, use, copy or modify the images. 

Choose a picture and double click or Save and close.

Image position

You can set the position and behavior of the image in the background by using the panel options on the right side of the editor.


You can also apply a layer of color to the image as a background.

Click on Over (1), select the color (2), and set the transparency level (3).

Background with the layer
Background without the layer


1. If you are working on the template lading page and the background is not visible on individual sections, enter the Section settings and use the slider to turn off the background.

2. You can apply a picture as the page background and then set the gradient for a single section to get the effect as below.


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