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Table of contents

In the Landingi platform, you can easily set the background for the entire landing page template. You can choose a solid color, gradient, image, or video as your landing page background. The possibilities are many. The final choice depends primarily on what your brand wants to convey and the goal your business wants to achieve. The product or service itself is also essential.

Learn more about best practices on landing page images.

How to set the background in landing page templates?

First, go to the editor of your landing page template.

Then navigate to Page Settings (1) and use the slider to turn on the background (2). Select the background style of the template. You can choose from four types of background – solid (full) color, gradient, image, and video (from YouTube or Vimeo).

You can find tips on how to set the video as a background here.

Read more about the parallax effect here.

Video templates background

When editing the webpage template, you can go back to Page Settings by clicking on the arrow:

Landing page templates background edition

Image as background in the landing page templates

If you choose an image as a background, you can upload it from your computer or use Unsplash free images. Unsplash is a platform with free, high-definition images. It's free to download, use, copy or modify the images.

Choose a picture and double-click or Save and close.

Background image

Adjust image position on the landing page template

You can set the position and adjustment of the image in the background on the landing page by using the panel options on the right side of the editor.

Landing pages backgroud edition

Color as a background on the landing pages

This is not the end of the possibilities for personalizing the landing page template. In addition, you can also apply a layer of color to the image as a background.

To do this, just click on Over (1), select the color (2), and set the transparency level (3).

The background with the layer looks like this:

Color layer on the landing page
The background without the layer looks like this:
Background without the color layer on the landing page

Tip: If you are working on a landing page template and the background is not visible on individual sections, click on the desired area and use the slider in the right toolbar to turn off the background.

Landing pages backgroud options

Gradient as a background on the landing pages template

You can apply a picture as the landing page background and then set the gradient for a single section to get the effect as below.

If you want the background image to be visible below the gradient, set one of the gradient colors transparent.

Gradient background on the landing page

Why is proper editing of landing page templates important?

A good landing page is a great tool for a marketer or business to generate leads, acquire customers, increase conversions and brand awareness, and build brand image. Finally, they also help to convert website visitors into brand followers.

Whether you want to build a page based on one of the more than 300 templates available in Landingi for selling a product or service, encouraging people to attend a conference, or signing up for a pre-sale for, the drag and drop functionality will help your business to create a ready-made page quickly.

Landingi, unlike HTML templates, provides an easy-to-use and intuitive interface that people with no technical knowledge and no programming skills can use. App landing, video templates, coming soon landing pages, and others are waiting for you to use them all to prepare promotional campaigns. Our website templates have all the essential elements needed to build good landing that will be high converting and will generate more leads.

Does the design of the landing page matter?

Definitely yes! What sales page template you choose and what personalizations you make will determine the result. Remember that you only have a moment to catch the viewer's attention. So concentrate on the following:

  • a catchy headline on the home page, which must include the most important keywords,

  • an accurate but persuasive description of what the page is about,

  • a single task for the user to perform, a catchy CTA with a clear message like buy now or download,

  • a clear template layout consistent with your brand branding.

A refined and great landing page supports lead generation, increases conversion rates, and encourages visitors to make a deal.

Can a landing page template, once created, be edited?

Editing an already existing template of the sales page is possible. However, during an advertising campaign, such a move must be carefully considered so as not to lose valuable data.

The website template prepared for your brand can also be used in the future for other promotions. When doing so, there is no need to clear call to action buttons and other details in the template. It is enough to copy individual layout and background elements, edit content and images, and have a new webpage in just a few clicks.

However, it is worth conducting the work on the latest version of the template to make the page as refined as possible for our brand's needs.

Do I need to know how to code to change the background and other elements in the page template?

The landing page builder from Landingi has a very intuitive interface. You will do most of the work in it simply by dragging and dropping the various elements of the template. There is no need to make changes to the HTML template. Adding your content tailored to your business needs, as well as contact and sign up forms or links, is based on ready-made elements. A sales website prepared this way will serve you for a long time and guarantee your customers unlimited downloads of the products!


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