A/B tests


Let’s start with a pill of A/B tests 🙂

A/B testing is one of the most important processes in landing page creation.
It is a process, not a one-time action. By testing your landing pages you can increase your campaign results greatly!
Now, let’s go to the general path.

1. In order to prepare an A/B test, please select the landing page that you want to test and enter “Test” bookmark, in the landing’s settings.

A/B tests

2. The first thing to do is to create more than one landing page variants, that will participate in the test. You can either copy your currently selected landing page, create brand new one or use another, existing landing page. All these options are available in “Add a variant” field:

A/B tests

3. Go on the example with me.
We decided to make a duplicate of the original landing page and change it a little, to find out which slogan will gain more conversions.
The original landing page (named “A/B tests”) looks like this:

A/B tests

4. After creating a duplicate (named “A/B tests copy”) please enter edition mode of the copy (Available through the gearwheel icon), and make some changes.
Let us assume that the copy will look as follows:

A/B tests

5. After making the changes, please save it and publish.

6. Once the variant is complete, please proceed to “Settings” bookmark. Once there, please select the method of the winner selection and the traffic division.

Please bear in mind, that the traffic selection does not divide the traffic by percentage proportion. The percentage set determines what is the probability of selection of each variant, and displaying them to the landing page visitors. It means that if you set the traffic as 50/50, it is still possible that one variant will be randomly selected and displayed more often than the other one.

A/B tests

7. Once everything is set, you can commence the test by clicking on the green “Start the test” button.

A/B tests
  • When the test is ongoing, you will see a little, red icon just next to the landing name (that icon is also visible in the landing pages list on your account).
A/B tests
  • You can edit original landing page or test version without necessary of stop testing and lose previous data.
  • When you duplicate one of your landing pages, a test version of them will duplicate too.

8. The test will end, when the conditions set in the settings are met. 
If you choose to manually set the winner, you will be able to do that once you have stopped the test. By default, the original landing page will be selected as a winner.

A/B tests

Please keep in mind, that if you want the test to be reliable, it is strongly recommended to use it when you are able to collect several hundred conversions per a single variant.

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