Button options


1. Button actions

A button can work as:

– redirection link,
– file download button,
– redirection to section,
– popup window.

2. Button edit

To add an action to the button, edit it by clicking the pencil icon below the element:

Button options

– redirect:

Button options
  • after clicking this button, the user will be redirected to another website:

1 – add an URL address on which you want to redirect the user,
2 – checkbox for open the link in a new tab (new browser window),
3 – place for UTM of your link (advanced function).

– file download:

Button options
  • when user clicks the button, the file will be downloaded:

1 – enter the URL of your file,
2 – upload a file from your computer (up to 8 MB).

– section link:

Button options
  • you can choose a section, where can you redirect users after they clicked the button. Once made this action, the website will be scrolled up/down to the section you had chosen there. You must have at least two sections to use this option.
Button options

– show popup:

Button options
  • after clicking this button, the callback form will appear in a popup window:

1- from this place you can choose one of your created popups before,
2- you can create a popup from there, by press the “+” icon.

Button options


You can choose a button template or change the button appearance in right option panel in the editor:

Button options


Additional settings. You can add here ‘on click’ button code and change the label of a button:

Button options

Option panel

You can change the font of the button in the “Typography” tab,

Button options

Additionally, you can change the button label by typing text in label gap. You can also set other properties of button eg. background color, size of button etc.

Button options

If you want to add two lines of text in button, separate the text lines with command <br> in label gap.

Button options
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