Creative Landing Page Examples: 7 Ideas

Last updated: January 24, 2024 Written by: Martyna Targosz Martyna Targosz
Creative Landing Page Examples: 7 Ideas
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    Within this article, you will learn about good practices for designing creative landing pages and examine 7 creative landing page examples that show why an original attitude is essential.

    Through examining a couple of cases, we answer the question of why creativity is important while creating landing pages. The truth is that landing pages in any industry can be creative, original, and catchy, but why is it important in marketing?

    Before you dive into the article and scroll through our landing page examples, take a look at pieces of advice you can adopt right now:

    1. Think of your audience.
    2. Create catchy headlines.
    3. Prepare attractive graphics and videos.
    4. Remember about proper CTAs.
    5. Choose the best landing page builder – Landingi, with a toolkit allowing for performance analysis and optimization.

    Read more and learn about creative landing pages from this article. Just take one more little tip: sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to UX!

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      What Is the Role of Creativity In Creating Landing Pages?

      Creativity is a fundamental factor of high-converting landing pages and affects inspiration among users that encourages them to take action. Of course, usability stands as the main element of a good landing page. Still, these two factors have to coexist to bring the best results.

      To better understand the importance of creativity in crafting landing pages, take a look at the data:

      According to KlientBoost, 50% of users won’t recommend a landing page with poor design, and 38% will stop engaging with a landing page that they consider unattractive.

      Your landing page’s design can affect higher conversion rates. If your brand visual identity goes together with well-suited landing page colors and typography, included visuals that represent high quality, and CTAs that are visible but not flashy, you are on the right track.

      Internet users nowadays literally crave well-designed pages that are visually appealing but at the same time created for maximal effectiveness with user experience rules included.

      How Do I Create a Creative Landing Page?

      To make a high-converting creative landing page, you should start by setting your aims, thinking about the potential perfect user to meet your audience’s expectations, and then creating a page that cannot be skipped with proper tools. Originality is an advantage, but you should also focus on the essential elements of a properly designed landing page.

      In the beginning, choose the best tool and start to create a landing page with Landingi – it’s easier than you may think. Take a look at the instructions below and craft your creative landing page within 8 steps:

      1. Define objectives.
      2. Craft a compelling headline.
      3. Write an excellent copy.
      4. Set strong CTAs.
      5. Incorporate creativity.
      6. Personalize experience.
      7. Run A/B tests.
      8. Optimize your landing page.

      #1 Define objectives

      Make sure you know your audience’s needs and expectations, and clarify the page's purpose, whether it is lead generation, product promotion, or event registration. It’s crucial for further steps: once you know your page’s objective, you can create a layout that affects a higher conversion rate.

      #2 Craft a compelling headline

      According to CopyBlogger research, 8 out of 10 visitors will engage with your headline, while only a fraction, 2 out of 10, will proceed to read the remaining content.

      The headline is what has to hook the audience – it’s your chance to get attention, so ensure your headline is catchy and communicates the main message at the same time.

      #3 Write an excellent copy

      The copy you add to your creative landing page has to give information about your product, show all benefits, and, most importantly, inspire users to take action.

      #4 Set strong CTAs

      A Strong CTA is one that can’t be missed. Ensure your CTAs are visible, with an adequate and encouraging message and outstanding design. You can use some visual elements that point out the button to direct the user’s attention to the CTA.

      #5 Incorporate creativity

      Include engaging visuals, various types of content (videos, podcasts), and use inspiring colors. Experiment with unique layouts, interactive elements, or thematic consistency to make the page stand out.

      #6 Personalize experience

      Try to tailor content based on user demographics or behavior for a more personalized experience. The better you meet your traffic’s expectations, the better results you achieve.

      HubSpot shows data: personalized CTAs result in a 202% higher conversion rate compared to standard CTAs.

      #7 Run A/B tests

      Experiment with various designs and run A/B tests to choose the most effective ones. It’s easier when you use a proper tool, eg. Landingi, with a built-in test tool.

      #8 Optimize your landing page

      Don’t forget about optimization for mobile devices, lowering loading time to a minimum, and regular performance metrics analysis.

      7 Examples of Creative Landing Pages

      Take a look at 7 examples of the best creative landing pages below and use takeaways to learn and adapt a couple of best practices of landing page creation:

      1. Feel the flow – TOEFL iBT x ATHLETIC EXCELLENCE GRANT

      Toefl iBT® created an excellent landing page for their special program – the Athletic Excellence Grant. With the Landingi Design Team and the possibilities of the tool, this landing page authentically lives with a beat of sports movements.

      What makes this landing page outstanding is not only perfectly chosen colors or typography but also shapes, interactive visuals, and videos in the background that make it alive – as for an inspirational sports attitude.

      Examples of Creative Landing Pages - feel the flow example


      The landing page, even with high-quality visuals and videos, is optimized for mobile devices and ensures low-time loading.

      Key takeaways:

      • Interactive elements included
      • GIFs or videos in the background
      • Shapes that flow within scrolling
      • Fewer colors to direct attention to information
      • Consistent layout

      2. Show the potential – deBijenkorf

      A creative landing page for high-end department stores hits the main purpose – promoting products and encouraging visitors to discover the potential of fashion. But it’s not a classic landing page, the purpose is just to enjoy the shopping forest.

      Examples of Creative Landing Pages - show the potential example


      The visual side of its design is crucial, as in the high-fashion industry, so forget about usability. After all, it’s an excellent example of how to implement creativity into your project. The only problem is the loading time. In a perfect world, it wouldn’t matter, but in reality, it is different; visitors won’t wait to see your page.

      Key takeaways:

      • Various product creative visualizations
      • High-quality graphics in the background
      • Horizontal navigation
      • Content that encourages visitors to discover more

      If you seek originality, Landingi Builder, with its intuitive editor and AI tools, will help you create a little digital piece of art. Still, for those who require perfection, the Landingi design team can do some magic and craft an original and converting landing page.

      3. Inspire your audience – MGS Frigomat

      MGS Frigomat created a landing page that shows innovation in the industry and encourages the audience to choose professional equipment for ice cream shops.

      The page designed with Landingi inspires traffic to implement changes with its creative layout, answers for any possible questions condensed into various types of content, and engages to take action with visible CTAs.

      Examples of Creative Landing Pages - inspire your audience


      Its strength lies in colors, clear navigation, and high-quality visuals presented unconventionally. You can notice that the CTAs are visible but not overwhelming, which impacts better results.

      Key takeaways:

      • Interesting product presentation
      • Catchy content with necessary information
      • Strong, alternative CTAs
      • Video included

      Landing Page Template

      The template for the product landing page above can help you elevate creativity and craft the original page – check it out or look for other patterns to customize the perfect landing page.

      4. Dive into a story – Arts & Culture by Google

      It’s all about the experience – the landing page of Arts & Culture by Google is the guide for those who truly want to make a little piece of art of their landing pages.

      The main point is to make every eye-catching element inspiring for users. When videos and pictures are used to create not a background but a component of the content, visitors dive into the story and simply engage in your landing page.

      Examples of Creative Landing Pages - dive into a story example


      The written content is condensed to a minimum, which makes the text-to-image ratio just perfect. You can notice simple icons that guide visitors to take alternative actions. The only point that could be improved in this example is delivering stronger CTAs, but except for that, its originality should be a pattern for you.

      Key takeaways:

      • Minimized volume of written content
      • High-quality visuals are a part of the content, not an addition
      • Video content included
      • Smooth transitions

      Landing Page Template

      If you feel inspired to create your own creative landing page at this moment, start from the template above, and use Landingi to unleash your creativity.

      5. Focus on the product – Billie Eilish Fragrances

      The product landing page doesn’t have to be boring. Look at the example below – Billie Eilish Fragrances used creativity to show the product in unconventional ways.

      When you enter the landing page, you see only the fragrance bottle visualization, simple instructions, et voilà – it works. Visitors have to interact if they want to know more about the product. At the same time, CTA works perfectly, boosting conversions.

      Examples of Creative Landing Pages - focus on the product example


      Simple design, great typography, and minimized content elevate the user experience and direct focus on the product.

      Key takeaways:

      • Fewer colors for a better experience
      • Tasteful typography
      • High-quality visualization
      • Strong, but not flashy CTAs

      Landing Page Template

      Check out the Car Offer template and use the best landing page builder to craft your creative landing page for a product promotion.

      6. Give answers – Lindywell

      Lindywell has created a landing page that promotes Pilates training. They have used creativity to show essential information about the training, point out all the benefits, and design a creative layout that encourages visitors to download their app.

      A good practice you can notice in this example is using graphic elements, such as shapes, to point out the primary information in a user-friendly way. Breaking out the content into smaller blocks of text, designed with creative shapes and outstanding colors, directs attention to the point, and visuals of the product help visitors understand its value.

      Examples of Creative Landing Pages - give answers example


      Key takeaways:

      • Pointing out information
      • Concise content in smaller blocks of text
      • High-quality visuals
      • Clear CTAs

      Landing Page Template

      Want to create a similar landing page? Check out the Gym template and make use of the best landing page builder – Landingi, to craft the best creative landing page.

      7. Use proper CTAs – Huttopia

      A landing page of Huttopia was created to promote camp work. The creativity of this landing page was prompted by the theme of nature, which is one of the camping advantages. They were able to inspire users and encourage them to join the camp crew, but they haven’t forgotten about the basic elements of a high-converting landing page.

      Background colors and pictures correspond to the brand’s visual identity, but CTAs are outstanding and easy to notice for potential visitors. With short instructions, the user knows how to apply for a dream job.

      Examples of Creative Landing Pages - use proper CTAs


      In this case, a whole creative layout works well with graphic elements and doesn’t disturb taking the desired action.

      Key takeaways:

      • Outstanding CTA buttons
      • Creative background
      • Instructions in pointed-out steps
      • No distracting elements

      Landing Page Template

      To achieve such effects, you can use the template Fitness Camp or find the best pattern from the Landingi template library and start the process of crafting your perfect landing page.

      FAQ About Creative Landing Pages

      Before you start preparing your creative landing page, you may have some questions that need to be answered – check out the FAQ about creative landing pages and learn more from the explanations below.

      What To Avoid While Creating Creative Landing Pages?

      Even though creativity is crucial for designing effective landing pages, you should avoid complexity overload, unclear messaging, and elements that can discourage visitors, such as auto-playing videos with sounds.

      Don’t ignore usability – ensure your landing page is mobile responsive and take care of loading times.

      Can a landing page design be too creative?

      Yes, a landing page design can be too creative if it compromises usability, clarity, or performance. The level of creativity should align with the goals of the landing page and the preferences of the target audience.

      It's essential to strike a balance between creativity and functionality to create an engaging yet effective user experience.

      What Constitutes a 'Creative' Landing Page?

      A creative landing page features include the following:

      • unique visuals,
      • innovative layouts,
      • compelling copy,
      • interactive elements,
      • bold colors,
      • typography.

      It may include storytelling, micro-interactions, personalization, surprises, and thematic consistency.

      Minimalist design, emotionally resonant imagery, and unconventional navigation create a memorable and effective user experience.

      Does a Creative Landing Page Significantly Increase Conversion Rates?

      While a creative landing page can capture attention and engage visitors, the impact on conversion rates depends mainly on the balance between usability and creativity, which should enhance, not hinder, the user journey, ensuring a clear call-to-action and streamlined experience.

      Regular testing and optimization are crucial to assess the effectiveness of creative elements in driving conversions.

      What Are the Key Elements of Effective Landing Page Design?

      Critical elements of effective landing page design include:

      • Clear CTAs that guide visitors toward the desired action.
      • Engaging visuals that capture attention and reinforce the message.
      • Concise copy that communicates the value proposition and benefits.
      • Responsive design to provide a seamless user experience.
      • Trust indicators, like testimonials, reviews, or security badges, to enhance credibility.

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      What Are Some Common Themes In Successful Creative Landing Pages?

      Successful creative landing page design concepts typically adhere to proven approaches, incorporating the 7 following elements:

      1. Clear visual hierarchy
      2. An eye-catching main image
      3. Bold and highly legible typography
      4. Short and easy-to-scan tagline
      5. Clear and concise description
      6. Instantly visible call-to-action element
      7. Color palette with emotional appeal that aligns with the page's message

      Which Industries Benefit the Most From Creative Landing Page Designs?

      Creative landing pages always enhance your traffic's attention. Still, according to Unbounce Marketing research, industries that benefit most from strategies based on landing pages are:

      • Job training – with conversion at the level of 6.1%
      • Travel – 5%
      • Business consulting – 5%
      • Legal – 3.3%
      • Home improvement – 3.3%
      • Health – 2.9%

      The truth is that no matter what kind of business you support by creating landing pages, the originality of design mixed up with UX rules will increase the chances of higher conversion.

      Which Is More Important For a Landing Page: Visual Creativity or Clear Messaging?

      Both visual creativity and clear messaging are pillars of a high-converting landing page. The most important thing for your landing page's effectiveness is balancing usability and design.

      Even though visual creativity catches the eye and inspires your audience to take action, the clue lies in clear messaging, solid CTAs, and well-structured navigation.

      How Does the Choice of Color Scheme Impact the Effectiveness of a Creative Landing Page?

      The color scheme greatly influences a creative landing page's effectiveness. Colors evoke emotions and convey brand personality. Harmonious schemes enhance visual appeal, guide user focus, and create a cohesive brand image.

      It's a good practice to check out the psychology of colors before the beginning of the creation process. A thoughtful choice can strengthen messaging, improve user experience, and positively impact conversions.

      What Role Does Copywriting Play In the Success of a Creative Landing Page?

      Copywriting is pivotal for a creative landing page's success. Well-crafted messaging reinforces brand identity, builds trust, and influences conversions, contributing significantly to overall effectiveness.

      Compelling, concise, and persuasive copy communicates the value proposition, prompts action, and establishes a connection with the audience.


      Creative landing pages are the real opportunities to catch users' attention and make them stick to your brand. Still, in the process of creating your landing page, you must remember about usability.

      To improve the UX factor, choose the best landing page builder with AI tools that can guide you through the process and help unleash your creativity – with Landingi, any idea can come true!

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