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Take a free online course for landing page creators.

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Take part in the Landing Page Academy – a free online course for landing page creators. Two levels, six modules, 25+ valuable lessons! Fill out the form and get started!

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Who is this for and what can you get?

Landing Page Academy is an online course split into two levels.

If you’re just starting your adventure with landing pages, look into the Beginner’s part. For more experienced players, who have already created, published and used landing pages in their marketing efforts, we’ve got an Advanced part.

Each level ends with a personalized Certificate of Completion!


  • Learn how to create landing pages from stage 0 to a ready-to-go page.
  • Save money on programmers, designers, and other services – build landing pages single-handedly or within your team instead of relying on outsourcing.
  • Get to know various features which can help increase conversions and eventually get you more customers.
  • Get better leads thanks to advanced landing page optimization.
  • Learn how to nurture your leads and convince them to convert into paying and returning customers.
  • Discover the secrets of advertising and drive valuable traffic to your landing pages.


What’s inside?

Landing Page Academy is an online course split into two levels.





Chapter 2

Building a Landing Page

(7 lessons)

1. How to Find the Right Landing Page Builder?

2. What is Your Target Audience?

3. What do You Need to Start Building?

4. Finding an Outstanding Template

5. Writing Convincing Copy

6. Designing a Landing Page

7. Building a High-Converting Form

Chapter 1

An Intro to Landing Pages in Marketing

(3 lessons)

1. What is a Landing Page and How it’s Different from a Website?

2. Why and When do You Need Landing Pages?

3. 5 Key Elements of a Landing Page

Chapter 3

Publishing a Landing Page

(5 lessons)

1. Setting up Integrations

2. Adding Your Own Domain

3. Publishing a Landing Page

4. Getting Traffic

5. Optimizing Your Landing Page After Publication

Chapter 5

Making Use of a Landing Page

(4 lessons)

1. Analyzing and Iincreasing Traffic

2. Buyer Personas Creation

3. Lead Nurturing

4. Scaling and Re-Using Certain Landing Pages’ Elements

Chapter 4

Landing Page Optimization

(7 lessons)

1. First Steps After Landing Page Publication

2. Tracking Results and Making Assumptions

3. Checking and Improving the Page Speed

4. Lighter and Better-looking Landing Pages

5. More Effective Copy on Your Landing Page

6. How to Make the Most Out of A/B Testing?

7. Tracking and Analyzing Visitors’ Behavio

Chapter 6

Landing Pages and Advertising

(4 lessons)

1. Landing Pages and Google Ads

2. Landing Pages and Facebook Ads

3. Advertising on LinkedIn and YouTube

4. Using Landing Pages in Remarketing

Meet the Experts

Every online course has some faces behind it – meet the Creators of Landing Page Academy! We all come from Landingi – a company that brought you one of the most acclaimed landing page builders on the market. We decided to share our knowledge with you and to make creating landing pages even easier for anyone interested!

What’s the course like?

Still hesitating about joining the Landing Page Academy? See what others have to say about it and give it a try!

Landing Page Academy is a great entry point for those who are willing to take their first steps in a landing pages world. We’ll use it in our customer success processes, for it should help our customers create their first campaigns with landing pages.

Karolina Olczak

Landingi, Support Team

The Rewards

Completing the Landing Page Academy will leave you with more than knowledge. We’ll provide you with ways to use the techniques to significantly increase conversions and sales, and we’ve prepared something extra: Certificates of Completion – for Basic and Advanced course graduates! See what they look like!

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