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Find the most effective way to create assets for your clients. Work fast with an intuitive tool and don’t waste time repeating your work – use one-click duplication on landing pages, popups, and lightboxes.


Improve and adapt your work to the ever-changing market. Run A/B tests to determine which version of your landing page or pop up gives better results.

Use funnels to guide visitors through a smooth process instead of burdening them with all the options at once.


Use 40+ integrations to seamlessly complement your resources with third-party tools.

Cooperate with your favorite sales, management, and email software. Extract leads, communicate with them and help them get through the sales process.


Make use of advanced features to squeeze the most out of Landingi. Create subaccounts, assign team roles, create templates and images library especially for your team or your customers.

Personalize Landingi with custom domains, login page, CNAME, and branded emails.

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“We build, launch, analyze and integrate our landing pages with multiple tools from our marketing stack. Our clients have been satisfied with the time of delivery, the quality and the results. ”

Alfredo Castro
Marketing Ops & Tech Manager at MarketLogic

“Landingi’s willingness to cooperate; the fact that they consider our needs when doing R&D, the end product we deliver together… We’re proud of the end result users get with our services.

Dan Irmler
CEO of ProChurch

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