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What’s your landing page goal?

Webinar signup

Educate about a product or service, start an interactive course for customers, resolve problems with utilization.

Build landing pages

Company presentation

Use a landing page to introduce yourself to your audience and present your business values and unique features. Convince visitors to use your offer by showing what stands you out from the competition.


How to use a landing page to warm up potential clients for their purchasing decision? Put convincing copy to guide them to the next page, when the actual conversion happens. Describe what is unique about the product or service and then make a sell.

Newsletter signup

Newsletter signup is an essential element of every successful email marketing strategy. Allowing your visitors to sign up for your newsletter will help you understand your target audience and identify the strategies to boost your lead generation and grow your mailing list.

Coupon download

Introducing a new product to the market or providing a discount on an already existing product doesn’t have to mean coupon handouts. Whether it’s an occasional promotion for a product or a time-limited coupon for a service – it can be designed in our editor, with the help of our templates and shared on a landing page.

Sale of product or service

From making a landing page to a conversion of a potentially interested customer. There’s only one step that separates you from a successful internet sale – an effective landing page. Promote your product or service and watch the revenue grow. It’s all easier than you think with our templates!

Landingi Affiliate Program


Effective job advertisement includes more than contact data and a job title. The possibility of applying for more than one position, employees testimonials about the company, and finally – recent achievements. Remember that employees value more than just the  job. The company itself matters now more than ever.

Ebook download

Content marketing has been with us for a long time now, but there are still companies that choose to make it a pillar of their promotion activities. It doesn’t matter if you started creating content recently or you’re already a veteran. Almost anybody will eventually create an ebook, but not everybody will make a converting site that promotes it. Make it possible.

Coming soon

Inform about a new website version, a product or service launch. Add a counter, convincing copy and build an email base of potentially interested visitors. Use newly-gathered leads to send newsletters and news updates.

Event signup

Create a landing page that captures attention and allows a smooth registration. Extensive configuration options and a wide template catalog allow you to create a unique place for announcing a meeting. Just like your event.

How about taking the lead?

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14-day free trial. 30-day money-back guarantee.