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Prepare a landing page matching your style

Are you wondering how to create a landing page in WordPress? Let’s explain how it works in a few simple steps.

First, design your landing page in Landingi. Choose any of our landing page templates and adjust colors and fonts to suit your brand. You can swap widgets, embed videos and even add your own additional CSS styles.

Work independently even without coding skills

Not a fan of PHP or HTML? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. The best landing page builder for WordPress is the one that requires as little work as possible.

Landingi is a kind of a “what you see is what you get” user-friendly tool with a drag and drop function as well as additional instructions included in our help center.

Before you create a landing page

What if you already have a good-looking webpage or a consistent WordPress theme? Landing page templates designed by Landingi are fully customizable and you can adjust them to match your brand style guide.

Make use of over 300 templates available for you in the Landingi platform. Save time by picking up a template suitable for your goal and industry. Then, you can rearrange all the landing page’s elements, widgets and graphics.

WordPress plugin is waiting for you

Once you’re done with the design, install our free WordPress landing page plugin to publish landing pages under your own domain.

Activate the plugin in just a few clicks through the Plugins page. You simply need to generate an API token in your Landingi account and then paste it in an appropriate field in the Settings menu. Setting up a landing page in WordPress should not be a problem – our tutorials, instructions, guides and support team are also here for you.

Wait. There’s more to this than meets the eye

Sometimes to catch the viewer’s attention you just need to pop up.

Add JavaScript code to your website to publish pop ups and draw the attention of your visitors.
Make use of triggers – display a popup at a certain scroll depth, or set up an exit intent to prevent users from leaving your landing page.

Choose your WordPress landing page template to start with

Ecommerce landing page example
Ecommerce popup
Mobile landing page for ecommerce
Real estate landing page
real estate popup
Real Estate mobile landing page
Education webinar LP
Education webinar popup
Education webinar mobile
Finance landing page
Finance popup
Finance landing page on mobile
Sports discount LP
Sports discount popup
Sports discount mobile

Join these companies and gather more leads with Landingi

“We find Landingi a very convenient tool for landing page creation and management. The thing we value the most is the flexibility of the tool and the fact that we can adjust it to our needs. ”

Rafał Krzyżański
Head of E-commerce at Player

“Love it. Easy to use, nice templates. Makes setting up a single-page or landing site easy. If you need to set up a quick landing page, this is the easiest way to do it! ”

David Hooper
Boss at Big Podcast

“Quick and easy to create, design and launch landing pages and has helped to increase conversion rates on our sites. ”

Mark Neale
Head of Paid Marketing at Adtrak

“Good landing page builder with lot of good quality included templates. Easy to use and quick. ”

Christo Fourie
Director at Value Hearing
Free 14-day trial. 30-day money-back guarantee.

How to make a landing page in WordPress convert better?

Make use of more Landingi’s features

Further integrations

What happens after you publish your beautifully designed lead generation landing page? WordPress surely isn’t the platform to store information your leads provide you with.

To seamlessly pass leads to almost any email marketing or CRM tool you are using, integrate with solutions like MailChimp, HubSpot, SalesForce, Zapier or any of over 40 integrations available in Landingi platform.

Don’t waste time copying and pasting leads from one place to another – let the integration do the work for you.

A/B/x Tests

There’s always something to improve no matter which WordPress landing page theme you choose. But before you start rushing with uncertain changes, perform an A/B test and compare a few variants.

To start the test and learn which version of your page converts better, you have to add at least one additional variant. Specify a traffic distribution between each variant, carry out the test, analyse the conversion rates and select the winner.

Build funnels

Use our landing page funnel builder to design and plan the whole user path – from the first visit, through a few conversions up to the final point. Prepare a landing page or for each step of your customer journey – there are templates for each stage of your funnel available in the Landingi platform.

Thanks to funnels, you can increase your conversions, boost sales and analyse the traffic and users behavior better.

Landing page grouping

Perhaps you need plenty of landing pages and don’t want to search through a long list of them? Landing page grouping allows you to keep all your work in order and makes it easy for you to find whatever you, or your coworkers, need right now.

One-click duplication

Work smarter, not harder. Duplicate chosen parts of your landing page and paste them into its different sections to save time. Or, if you are planning to create a lot of similar landing pages, clone one version to make sure all of them are consistent.

Custom code

Although we did our best to create a software suitable for non-programmers, if you have coding skills and want to enhance landing pages with elements coded separately, nothing stands in your way. Our landing page builder is HTML and JS ready – include custom codes wherever you need.

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