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Advertisement in the Internet – AdWords, positioning or mailing?

September 18, 2013 Agata Rabsztyn 7 min read

From the article “The landing page is 300% more effective” you found out how to increase your sales by means of a landing page. If a conversion rate is already at a high level, it is time to increase traffic on your website.

The best ways to increase traffic:

Positioning and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The most important and the cheapest source of traffic on a long-term basis is Google search. Think about how many times this week you searched for something on Google – this search engine has changed behavior, habits (and supposedly also brains) of people – also your customers.

Until recently, to get high positions in Google search results, you had to position your website. Search Engine Optimization is a set of more or less ethical techniques, the use of which affects Google results. Usually, you had to pay a positioning company to do that, and the company incorporated your website into the link exchange system.

Those times slowly pass into history. Today it is content of a website that is the most important. If you have a lot of natural, unique content on subpages of your service or shop – you will always be clearly visible in Google. It is great news – as today the Internet is full of duplicated content. Descriptions of products in online shops are usually identical – they come from a producer, warehouse or publishing house. Hundreds of shops place the same description – because of that Google put them to one bag – hundreds of clones.

Advertisement in the Internet and positioning

You have to create your own, unique description for every product. If you have many products, start with key ones – where you can potentially earn the most. Your own description will cause that the number of Google search results will increase to so-called “long tail” – queries consisting of 3 and more words.

Positioning by means of unique content has a great advantage – once done work, pays off all the time. You have to wait about 2 weeks to see the first results, and the real effects appear after 1-4 months, depending on Google’s trust for the domain. But thanks to that, you may get a constant, free source of traffic – even for many years.

Why it is good to write your own texts instead of paying any company for positioning of 1-2 general key phrases (e.g. “tourism”, “credits”, “shop”)? There are many reasons:

NOTE! It is worth creating a separate landing page for each product.

Sponsored links AdWords

The easiest way to get traffic on your website is a text advertisement in the Internet – sponsored links Google AdWords. There are many advantages of such a solution:

The biggest disadvantage of sponsored links is the fact that the effect of thiskind of advertisement is temporary. You pay – you have traffic, you do not pay – you do not have traffic. If you want to double your sales, you have to double your budget for AdWords.

Advertisement in the Internet – mailing and newsletter

In every e-business it is good to build mailing lists. You can collect e-mail addresses in many ways – by taking them from orders, by means of a special form, by organizing competitions or giving something for free, e.g. a course or an e-book.

The great majority of internauts check their e-mail at least once a day. If you send e-mails to interested people once in a while (newsletter, mailing), they will start to recognize you.

Even if they do not accept the offer after the first time, many of them will, at least, read it. If you arouse their curiosity and leave them with a good impression, after the second time, they will read your mailing as if it was a letter from a friend. And as we know – we buy more things more willingly from our friends.

Establishing relations with customers

Owners of online shops emphasize that a key to a rapid increase in sales is perfect customer service – both before and after sale. Even if it takes a lot of time, this is the only way to acquire a good reputation. Satisfied customers will come back, and they will also recommend you to other customers – however, they have to be delighted and encouraged to leave a positive opinion (in services with opinions and on your website).

To establish perfect relations with customers it is necessary to:

Sale optimization

There are many ways to encourage a customer to buy something that he did not plan to buy, e.g.:

Advertisement in the Internet – Facebook and comparison tools

An online shop has to advertise itself outside. It means not only to gain links for SEO, but also to draw traffic from places, which already gather your potential customers. These are e.g.:


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