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Last updated: May 9, 2022 8min read Written by: Karolina Niegłos
Table of contents
Table of contents

Landing pages have earned a reputation for being one of the best tools for boosting conversions once created properly (it is easier with a high-quality landing page builder like Landingi). Using them, you are able to easily impose an action from potentially interested visitors and turn them into leads for your business.

Although landing pages are more famous for lead generation process for strictly business marketing campaigns, they can also be effective when it comes to recruitment processes and getting the attention of the best and most promising candidates. Since every landing page offers something valuable to the target audience, it can also be a great job offer with great opportunities.

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    What features an effective recruitment landing page has

    Although landing page usage is significant and is still on an upward trend, the concept is often implemented improperly and the vast majority of landing pages don’t reflect the landing pages best practices. According to WordStream, “only about 22 percent of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates”.

    Nevertheless, if you create a landing page with the utmost care and follow the best landing page tips, you can easily find yourself in this group.

    A recruitment landing page is a special kind of landing page. Nevertheless, it should have all the landing page essentials, such as:

    The features above put together make up a general landing page structure.

    Also, another essential fact is that you should always create a landing page for one specific offer to keep your prospects focused.

    Now let’s center around a recruitment landing page copy in order to encourage potential candidates to apply for a job you have posted.

    “Only about 22 percent of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates”


    Most essential recruitment landing page features

    The key point to have in mind while creating a landing page copy is to make it concise and meaningful at the same time. You should use short sentences, be specific and consistent. What is more, in order to entice the right candidates to apply, remember about the following:

    • showing the values your business stands for (for example honesty, consistency),
    • presenting opportunities that a given job offers,
    • quoting job requirements,
    • including testimonials of your employees,
    • quoting office benefits and office location,
    • collecting leads with a form with an option (or rather an obligation) to attach a CV.

    A good example of an effective recruitment landing page is the one created by UBER for finding drivers-to-be (the full version):

    uber recruitment landing page

    Source: https://www.uber.com/us/en/drive/

    How to get leads in recruitment and drive them to your landing page

    Social media campaigns

    A recruitment lead generation campaign is not a lot different than a traditional marketing campaign. You can take advantage of social media marketing and use: LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads in order to promote your offer and drive candidates directly to your specifically-created landing page.

    As for the recruitment lead generation process, the most powerful website may be LinkedIn. It is a business- and employment-oriented platform and users are usually interested in new opportunities and development which makes them the perfect candidates for new jobs.

    Google Ads campaigns

    Another channel you can use in order to reach the right candidates for the job is Google and their Google Ads. Once you decide to run Google Ads marketing campaigns, you can easily drive traffic to your recruitment landing page directly from search engines.

    In order to run a successful Google Ads campaign for the recruitment process, you should deeply reflect on the search terms as it will determine who will see your ads. Therefore, you should think about your employee persona, try to get into their shoes and think about what searches they are likely to make.

    All in all, if you decide to drive traffic from numerous channels, you should also consider UTM implementation. The tool can assist you in improving your traffic analysis and finding out which channel works best and drives the most traffic to your landing page.

    Now you know how to get leads in an effective manner.

    How to use recruitment landing page for remarketing purposes

    Recruitment landing pages can also be used as a great tool for remarketing purposes, especially if you are recruiting for a few job positions at the same time.

    In a nutshell, remarketing refers to a strategy of specifically targeting the audience that have already engaged with your brand (for example visited your landing page).

    Truth be told, the vast majority of your recruitment landing page visitors won’t convert and will exit it without even starting to follow your business on social media channels. The first time around they probably won’t, but, with remarketing you are able to win some of them back.

    Since they have already shown an interest in your job offer and your business, you should make sure that your brand and business stay visible for them as they might reflect on it and eventually convert for your job position.

    In many cases, the first interaction may not be enough to get customers convinced by your offer. However, once they see it for the 3rd or 4th time, they may start to check your business out on employment satisfaction websites and do major soul-searching that will make them apply for the job in the end.

    What are the best lead generation ideas for recruitment?

    As already mentioned – lead generation process for recruitment is very much like a traditional lead generation strategies for converting customers. The recruitment lead generation funnel is very similar to a traditional marketing or sales funnel and consists of a few phases such as:

    • awareness,
    • consideration,
    • interest,
    • application,
    • evaluation,
    • hire.

    recruitment process funnel

    Click image to view source

    Landing pages and recruitment campaigns are highly effective when it comes to raising awareness, consideration and increasing interest. Once you prepare appropriate social media or Google Ads campaigns, the odds of converting the best applicants for a job are in your favour.

    Nevertheless, there are also other great lead generation ideas for recruitment that you should be aware of and which will help you go through the first three phases of recruitment lead generation process smoothly:

    • organising meet-ups, events and trainings ,
    • publishing career guides and e-books,
    • organising webinars,
    • hosting or taking part in Career Days,
    • conducting surveys in regards to work conditions, salary, appreciated benefits, etc.

    You are the one who should know what initiatives will be most appreciated by your potential dream candidates and the ways to encourage them most effectively to apply for your open position. Reflect well on your employee persona and try to come up with an idea that your model candidates will be most prone to respond to.

    All in all, lead generation in recruitment is a special type of lead generation process and there are some nuances that you should always have in mind while trying to implement it properly.

    Nevertheless, the foundation of every decent lead generation process is a solid and high-quality landing page that will easily and quickly show potential candidates the most important features, requirements and benefits of an open job position.

    Remember about the Rule of Seven which states that a prospect needs to see your offer at least seven times before they take action and don’t be discouraged if you don’t record a high conversion rate all at once. Try to implement a proper remarketing campaign and you will easily find the perfect candidate for your job offer.

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