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Lead generation in recruitment – tips and ideas


Lead Generation – Recruitment Case

Generating leads in recruitment is of the utmost importance for big companies. Their earnings, growth opportunities, and fame level are closely related to the qualifications of employees. Thus, attracting a wide range of skilled candidates is still an urgent need across various industries or businesses.

This article provides you with practical knowledge along with a few tips on how to accelerate the process and make it more effective. Once read, you will comprehend how the core recruitment agencies do it and which tools come in handy through the process.

Let’s start with two stats:

– 56% of recruiters state that the extended duration of the hiring process has a negative impact on their capacity to make quality hires (Recruiter & Employer Sentiment Survey MRI Network, 2016),

– 77% of jobseekers look for a job on company websites, and 58% visit online job pages (Gallup State of the American Workplace Report, 2017).

The data speaks for itself. The average recruitment process is a long story, and this influences its quality. On the other hand, over three-quarters of candidates seek for job on company pages. If we connect both facts, the key question will emerge in a snap: how to speed up the recruitment process by moving job openings online?

One of the most relevant answers to this reads… landing pages!

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How to Use Landing Pages to Generate Leads?

Every marketer is aware of the unique position of a landing page over other lead-generation tools and marketing channels like paid advertising campaigns, social media posts, career blogs, or online webinars. Its power can be doubled when combined with other tools, but even a sole landing page can bring you a bag of benefits.

Landing pages have earned a reputation for being one of the best tools for boosting conversions once created properly (it is easier with a high-quality landing page builder like Landingi). Using them, you are able to easily impose an action from potentially interested visitors and turn them into leads for your business.

Although landing pages are more famous for the lead generation process for strictly business marketing campaigns, they can also be effective when it comes to recruitment processes and getting the attention of the best and most promising candidates. Since every landing page offers something valuable to the target audience, it can also be a great job offer with great opportunities.

Once you read this article, you will find out:

  • which landing page platform features you can benefit from in recruitment

What Features an Effective Recruitment Landing Page Should Have

Although landing page usage is significant and is still on an upward trend, the concept is often implemented improperly and the vast majority of landing pages don’t reflect the landing pages best practices. According to WordStream, “only about 22 percent of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates”.

Nevertheless, if you create a landing page with the utmost care and follow the best landing page tips, you can easily find yourself in this group.

A recruitment landing page is a special kind of landing page. Nevertheless, it should have all the landing page essentials, such as:

The features above put together make up a general landing page structure.

Also, another essential fact is that you should always create a landing page for one specific offer to keep your prospects focused. Check out these great recruitment landing page examples to optimize your own page!

Now let’s center around a recruitment landing page copy in order to encourage potential candidates to apply for a job you have posted.

“Only about 22 percent of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates”

Most Essential Recruitment Landing Page Features

The key point to have in mind while creating a landing page copy is to make it concise and meaningful at the same time. You should use short sentences, be specific and consistent. What is more, in order to entice the right candidates to apply, remember about the following:

  • showing the values your business stands for (for example honesty, consistency),
  • presenting opportunities that a given job offers,
  • quoting job requirements,
  • including testimonials of your employees,
  • quoting office benefits and office location,
  • collecting leads with a form with an option (or rather an obligation) to attach a CV.

A good example of an effective recruitment landing page is the one created by UBER for finding drivers-to-be:

How to Get Leads in Recruitment and Drive Them to Your Landing Page

Landing pages are effective in converting visitors into leads, but earlier, they simply must land on them. This is why lead-generation strategies should also cover social media advertising and online advertising. Aside from redirection to your landing page, some social media platforms may also generate leads itself, as they create an opportunity to reach you directly by candidates interested in your job postings.

Social Media Campaigns

A recruitment lead generation campaign is not a lot different than a traditional marketing campaign. You can take advantage of social media marketing and use: LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads in order to promote your offer and drive candidates directly to your specifically-created landing page.

As for the recruitment lead generation process, the most powerful website may be LinkedIn. It is a business- and employment-oriented platform, and users are usually interested in new opportunities and development, which makes them the perfect candidates for new jobs.

Google Ads Campaigns

Another channel you can use in order to reach the right candidates for the job is Google and their Google Ads. Once you decide to run Google Ads marketing campaigns, you can easily drive traffic to your recruitment landing page directly from search engines.

In order to run a successful Google Ads campaign for the recruitment process, you should deeply reflect on the search terms as it will determine who will see your ads. Therefore, you should think about your employee persona, try to get into their shoes and think about what searches they are likely to make.

All in all, if you decide to drive traffic from numerous channels, you should also consider UTM implementation. The tool can assist you in improving your traffic analysis and finding out which channel works best and drives the most traffic to your landing page.

Now you know how to get leads in an effective manner.

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How to Use Recruitment Landing Page for Remarketing Purposes

Recruitment landing pages can also be used as a great tool for remarketing purposes, especially if you are recruiting for a few job positions at the same time.

In a nutshell, remarketing refers to a strategy of specifically targeting the audience that have already engaged with your brand (for example visited your landing page).

Truth be told, the vast majority of your recruitment landing page visitors won’t convert and will exit it without even starting to follow your business on social media channels. The first time around they probably won’t, but, with remarketing you are able to win some of them back.

Since they have already shown an interest in your job offer and your business, you should make sure that your brand and business stay visible for them as they might reflect on it and eventually convert for your job position.

In many cases, the first interaction may not be enough to get customers convinced by your offer. However, once they see it for the 3rd or 4th time, they may start to check your business out on employment satisfaction websites and do major soul-searching that will make them apply for the job in the end.

Pro-Tip: To accelerate the process and increase the conversion rate on your online job posting, you should thoroughly observe how users paying it a visit behave and what are the main reasons they leave the page. To gather data of that kind you may use EventTracker, which enables you to track micro-conversions (button clicks, video views, scroll percent, etc.) on your recruitment landing pages. This way you’ll easily determine, for example, which element or section of the page may be the key obstacle in diving further into the process.

What are the Best Lead Generation Ideas for Recruitment?

As already mentioned – lead generation process for recruitment is very much like a traditional lead generation strategies for converting customers. The recruitment lead generation funnel is very similar to a traditional marketing or sales funnel and consists of a few phases such as:

  • awareness,
  • consideration,
  • interest,
  • application,
  • evaluation,
  • hire.


Landing pages and recruitment campaigns are highly effective when it comes to raising awareness, consideration and increasing interest. Once you prepare appropriate social media or Google Ads campaigns, the odds of converting the best applicants for a job are in your favour.

Nevertheless, there are also other great lead generation ideas for recruitment that you should be aware of and which will help you go through the first three phases of recruitment lead generation process smoothly:

  • organizing meet-ups, events, and trainings,
  • publishing career guides and e-books,
  • organizing webinars,
  • hosting or taking part in Career Days,
  • conducting surveys in regard to work conditions, salary, appreciated benefits, etc.

You are the one who should know what initiatives will be most appreciated by your potential dream candidates and the ways to encourage them most effectively to apply for your open position. Reflect well on your employee persona and try to come up with an idea that your model candidates will be most prone to respond to.

All in all, lead generation in recruitment is a special type of lead generation process and there are some nuances that you should always have in mind while trying to implement it properly.

Nevertheless, the foundation of every decent lead generation process is a solid and high-quality landing page that will easily and quickly show potential candidates the most important features, requirements, and benefits of an open job position.

Remember about the Rule of Seven, which states that a prospect needs to see your offer at least seven times before they take action, and don’t be discouraged if you don’t record a high conversion rate all at once. Try to implement a proper remarketing campaign, and you will easily find the perfect candidate for your job offer.

Landing Pages Advantages for Recruitment

Let’s step up into the practice to see some unique landing page tools and solutions that may turn you profits: additional leads pool, more qualified candidates, saving time, more control over the process, or enhanced targeting possibilities.

Recruitment Landing Page Templates

Landing page templates are ready-to-use, customizable designs that you can utilize instead of creating a job-opening site from scratch. Your only job is to fill it with your content related to a specific offer. Of course, you can also replace or adjust images, buttons, and other layout elements.

The additional merit is that templates offered by top landing page platforms are designed by specialists familiar with UX principles. It means that not only the sole appearance issue is well-addressed, but also a distribution of elements and colors selection is made with an eye on conversion. Did you know that 57% of males and 35% of females designate blue as their top color choice, associating it with qualities like trustworthiness, professionalism, and reliability? Templates are usually created by people who know such facts inside out.

Furthermore, some companies offer dedicated templates for recruitment companies. Just a few examples from Landingi template gallery:

View Full Template

lead generation landing page template with a few sectionsView Full Template

landing page template ideal for recruitment agency lead generationView Full Template

Data Capture Forms

If your potential leads are ready to share their data, you must make them capable of doing it. This is where a form comes into play.

Of course, in recruitment, you often need a lot of details such as personal and demographic data, employment history, salary expectations, additional agreements, etc. It’s all true, but it doesn’t mean you must obtain all of these data at once.

It’s better to ask at the beginning only for the necessary information (just like those visible on the screen above) and then, once provided, request the rest of them. For example, contact information at the first step and more CV details at the second step. This is an easy way not to discourage the impatient.

Sounds familiar? Yeah, this is what we call a funnel! Ensure your landing page builder supports funnel creation.

Calendar Integration

Another feature able to streamline your work is a calendar integration, which enables candidates to schedule a job interview in no time. Users can select the most convenient date and time in a special widget without back-and-forth emails engaging both parties.

Sometimes calendar generates leads itself, as it gives a sense of getting one stage further in the process than when a candidate must wait for the phone contact after submitting a form.

Pro-Tip: To avoid interviewing mismatched candidates, you may request their CVs and enable the confirmation option. Then, every interview scheduled will need your authorization.

Copy Generation

Generating new leads is obviously important, but there is one thing of greater weight. It’s generating high-quality leads, which translates here to candidates well-fitted to individual job offers.

It’s a matter of communication. Choosing the proper tone, language, and phrases is a must if you’d like to reach the targeted audience instead of thousands of random candidates.

To save some time, you may use copy generators like popular Chat-GPT, but good landing page platforms have built-in tools for that purpose. They generate headlines, taglines, and paragraphs, taking into account predefined target group characteristics. Of course, generated copy requires a human’s final touch to sound perfect, but either way, it can save you lots of time.

Pro-Tip: Make your offer more significant to candidates by including a clear value proposition (e.g., list benefits for your company employees) or using a lead magnet (in recruitment, a good idea is offering discounts for your company products or services for those who submitted their applications).

In-built Search Engine Optimization Tools

The more traffic your pages get, the more leads you attract. This is why you should never neglect SEO!

Well-optimized sites appear higher in the SERPs, being easier to find by candidates.

In Landingi you can generate core SEO for your pages automatically. It applies to titles, meta titles, and keywords.

Don’t forget to optimize the site communication. With keywords generated, you have the most time-consuming part of a job (keyword research) done in a jiffy.

To Conclude

Lead generation in recruitment is a rough challenge with numerous hurdles to surmount, but with the above knowledge, a bit of practice, and exploiting appropriate tools, you will be easily able to tackle it.

No matter which lead generation strategy you bet on, a landing page can be a vital part of it. It gives you immediate access to an infinity of candidates along with advanced targeting and remarketing options.

All the tools and features described in the article are available on the Landingi platform. Test it for free and discover for yourself how it can streamline the lead-gen process.

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