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Landing page builder – a new chapter in the life of an agency?

For marketing agencies, landing page builders offer streamlined processes and enhanced creative control, making it easier to deliver tailored solutions for clients. Learn about the top advantages of landing page builders you may benefit from.

Balancing all aspects of work is not an easy task for any of us. It is the same case for almost any company, regardless of the market, product, or service. Balancing the needs of clients, team capabilities, cost, time, and more is always very challenging. Luckily, more and more tools and services may help make life easier. The landing page builder is one of many services that may have a huge and positive impact on how the digital agency operates. The lot depends on the team, what the customers can receive, and daily routines.

If you run an agency or are employed by one, we do not have to tell you how difficult your life can sometimes be. Navigating daily obstacles thrown at your projects can be a nightmare, but we have some good news. Although a landing page builder is not an “all-in-one-perfect-magical-solution” that will make all the difference and all your problems disappear, we will show you where it can help and what you may expect.

You may have had some insight if you read our WordPress vs. landing page builder post. Today we will focus on some real-life examples in which a landing page builder can help, which can be improved by using such a service.

Before we go to the specific points and examples, one crucial piece of information. Not all landing page builders have an “agency-specific” subscription plan. Everything will depend on the features included in each created plan and your specific needs. So, to put it simply. The fact that you are creating web pages and landing pages for yourself and your clients does not mean that you always have to subscribe to the largest and the most expensive plan. Especially in most cases, you should be able to upgrade your plan anytime per your needs.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get to actual examples.

How can an agency benefit from the use of the landing page builder?

Make your sections smartable and let go of mundane manual tasks with Smart Sections! An easy way to manage bulk changes.

Manage all landing pages in just one place 

One of the common problems many of you may encounter is landing page management. Different clients, different servers, websites, passwords, access, etc. It all can be like a jungle at times. If more than one person at your agency deals with different clients, finding the right page, the correct server, and a place to create or update an existing page may be more challenging. And even if you find it, at times, it may happen that the needed resources will be stored on a completely different computer or on hard drives to which you do not have easy access.

One place to rule them all, one place to find them, One place to bring them all, and in the cloud bind them…

Simply put, it is tough to stay in control and easy to create chaos.

A landing page builder is a straightforward and elegant solution helping you avoid just that. All your projects, all resources, and all pages are in one place. And it does not matter if it is just you who designs, creates, and manages landing pages or if there is a larger team.

Depending on your specific needs, you can create and group pages in particular folders or under specific subaccounts. You can also create folders in the pictures gallery to have a nice and clear outlook on all your resources.

And, of course, you will be able to create a separate login account for each team member.

And don’t worry. A versatile landing page builder like Landingi will give you all the needed publishing options. Directly at the Landingi platform – all you need to do is to add a specific subdomain. WordPress plugin, or you can use the PHP file to place it directly on your client’s server.

Don’t waste time searching for access, searching for pages, searching for resources – just create.

Send the leads where the client wants them

You may often encounter a situation when your client wants to send collected leads to a specific CRM or another external system. If that is something popular or something you have dealt with before, ok. But what if that is not the case? You will need to spend additional time to find a way to make it all work. If we are talking about hundreds of leads collected daily and specific teams in your client’s organization waiting for them, the task is as crucial as creating the landing page and campaign itself.

With a landing page builder, this task becomes a lot, a lot easier. Not only will you find a lot of native interactions in one place or integrations with services like Zapier that act like an intermediary between the landing page form and clients’ CRM solution.

More importantly, you will find help and support if you or someone on your team gets stuck.

Create a form, choose an integration, and read the instructions in the Help Centre if needed.
And if that will not be enough, you can always rely on our friendly Technical Support Team to guide you through all and any problem the landing page life can throw at you.

Don’t start from scratch

Ever encountered a “blank page syndrome”?

You know your end goal and what you need to do, but getting there is a different matter.

You open an empty page and… well, that is it. Instead of doing the job and moving on to another task, you simply stare at a blank, white space on your screen.

The landing page builder helps to avoid just that. How? – you may ask. – It’s elementary, my dear Watson.

Don’t start from scratch. Choose a template instead.

If you have time, you can browse through them all to choose the one that suits you best.

If you have time, you can browse through all of them to pick one that suits you best.
If not, choose the right industry or, better yet, a final goal you wish to achieve. Newsletter signup, sale of a product or service, recruitment, funnel creation. Whatever your goal, we got you covered.

Browse, choose, and work. That is it.

Easy personalization

And since we mentioned templates. We bet you have already gotten into a situation where you had to create a page for your client using his WordPress installation. Not only do you need to start from scratch, but you may also be limited by the theme used or additional plugins installed. You may wish to use one you are familiar with, but your client will say no, as each additional plugin may affect how the page works and is a potential security threat.

In most cases, that means that the development of even a simple landing page needs a team of people to make it work.

With a landing page builder, all that trouble goes away.

Every single template is fully customizable. You can change and edit anything and everything with a few mouse movements and clicks.

Wish to make a new page out of a few different ones? No problem. Choose a section or elements on one page with the “magical” combination of Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V, and move it to your new project.

Duplicate the page, and instead of one, use a few different versions of the same age directed to varying subgroups of your primary target group. You can read more about the pros of such personalization in this article: Why does it make sense to personalize the landing pages?

Personalizing ads and landing pages will significantly and positively impact your and your client’s campaign ROI.

Wish to know more? Watch our  webinar – How to Create a Landing Page based on a Template – Good Practices.

Be independent

Your client’s satisfaction is essential. No discussion here. However, two aspects will significantly impact this overall satisfaction besides the obvious: the look and performance of the landing page.

Those two are time and cost. The sooner you can make the page ready and the cheaper you can make this happen, the better. Landing page builders will help you on both of those two fronts.

The use of templates, options for personalization and optimization (like PageInsider or automatic A/B testing), duplication, and the fact that any part of the landing page can be reshaped as you like in an instant will help save massive amounts of time.

And because a landing page builder is 100% user-friendly – a simple drag & drop editor with no need for coding – you do not need a large team of developers, designers, and copywriters working together to create it. Again, you can prepare and publish a landing page much more quicker and cheaper.

If you have a designer or a developer on your team they may add value to your projects. All the HTML, JS, or CSS functionality is available for more advanced projects. But if that is not needed… well, in that case, you can assing them to other work that will bring you and your agency even more value.

You do not need to pay for additional services and rely on others to make the excellent landing page happen!

And if you think you may need something extra, there are always additional services you can consider adding, like a Landing page design subscription.

Help while they wait

And when we mention independence. I am sure you remember all those times when your client asked for some minor (as always) last-minute changes. Remember how sometimes a simple thing to do with text or a picture requires a few days? You had to get in touch with a developer or a graphic designer and ask them to change (again) the same thing they already did.

When the page is created with a landing page builder, 99% of such changes you will be able to do yourself and on the spot. Not “I’ll do it shortly, give me a day or two,” but “Ok, give me a second. Please check. Is this OK?”.

Do you think that such an approach would amaze your client and emphasize your expertise? We would certainly think so.

With the use of a landing page builder, you are in control of almost every aspect of the page will help you save time, save money and make your clients and their projects feel special.

Let’s sum up

Can the use of a landing page builder save you time? – yes, it can, and it will!

Can a landing page builder help you lower the cost of web page creation and development? – yes, it can, and it most certainly will.

Does a landing page builder make the life of your employees easier? – yes, it does.

If you are making landing pages for your clients and your business, the landing page builder is a tool that will have a massive positive impact on the daily life of your company and your employees. How you work with your clients will be easier, faster, and more cost-effective.

If you try, you will never return to how you are developing landing pages today – and that is a promise!

Tomasz Gałecki

Customer Success Specialist

Tomasz Gałecki jest specjalistą ds. sukcesu klienta z ponad 3-letnim doświadczeniem w marketingu cyfrowym, tworzeniu treści i landing page'y.
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