Excel integration (transfer lead list to spreadsheet)

Last updated: July 14, 2023 Written by: Author Magdalena Dejnak
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      The only way to connect Landingi with Excel is to download your lead list and open it as an Excel file.

      Download a lead list and transfer it to Excel

      You can download your lead list in two ways: either as a bulk export or by selecting a specific source and time range for income leads.

      1. To bulk-export your leads, go to your account Settings. Then find the Bulk lead export section and click Export landing page leads or Export popup leads. Learn more in a guide on mass lead export.

      2. To download a list of selected leads, go to the Leads tab and select source or time range. Then click Export. Learn more in a guide on lead management.

      The result of both methods is getting an email containing a file with a lead list that can be easily opened using Excel.

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