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Last updated: August 12, 2022 Written by: Avatar Magdalena Dejnak
Table of contents
Table of contents

You can track conversions on your landing page via LinkedIn pixel and connect it with Google Tag Manager. Before you configure your LinkedIn pixel, make sure to install the LinkedIn Insight Tag on your landing page.

Get your LinkedIn pixel

1. Sign in to your LinkedIn Campaign Manager account.

2. Choose your account (or create a new one). 

3. Navigate to the Account Assets tab and select Conversions.

linkedin pixel conversions

4. Click Create a conversion.

create linkedin conversion

5. Name your conversion, enter your settings, and select campaigns.

6. In a field no. 3 (Define how you would like to track your conversion) select Use an event-specific pixel to track when there is no unique URL (e.g., a button click) (1).

Next, copy only the URL portion of the event-specific image pixel (2) and click Create (3).

NOTE: You won't see the code if you don't have the Insight Tag installed.

Install the LinkedIn pixel in GTM

1. Go to your Google Tag Manager account, and in the left-side menu, select Tags and click New.

2. Name the tag. Choose Tag configuration (1) and find Custom Image (2) in a right-side panel.

3. Paste the event-specific pixel URL from the Campaign Manager in the Image URL field. Disable cache-busting and select a Trigger. Click Save.

5. Click Submit and Publish.

Now, your LinkedIn event-based conversions will be tracked with Google Tag Manager. Remember that it might take a couple of hours for data to appear in your statistics.

NOTE: Keep in mind that LinkedIn is a third-party solution and is continually being developed. We do our best to keep this guide updated, but if you come across any changes in the set-up process, let us know.

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