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Last updated: July 1, 2020 Written by: Avatar Justyna
Table of contents
Table of contents

You can add your own JavaScript to the landing page and extend its functionality.

This way you can implement for example chats, conversion pixels, tracking codes, sliders or animations.

How to add your own script?

1. Log in to the platform and go to the Landing pages tab. Navigate to the Dashboard of the landing page to which you want to add the code.


2. Go to the JavaScript Code tab and click Add script.


3. Name your script (1) and paste the code into the Content (2) field.

Remember to always place scripts between the  tags.

Choose the position (3) for your code:

  • head,
  • body top,
  • body bottom

and the page (4):

  • main page,
  • conversion page,
  • both.

Click Add (5) to add the script to your landing page.


Check if the code works correctly on your landing page.

Please, remember that we are not able to provide technical support for custom scripts added to your landing page.

Edit, enable/disable and delete your own scripts

Once created, you can edit a script, temporarily disable or permanently delete it. To do this, go to the JavaScript Code tab, find the selected script and click on More, then click on the chosen action:

  • Edit
  • Disable/Enable
  • Delete.

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