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Landing page use cases for the automotive industry

What you’ll learn:


How to highlight vehicle features

What are the must-have elements of automotive industry landing page


How to include compelling visuals to enhance your landing page effectivness


We will overview projects representing two approaches to landing page buidling for the automotive industry and discuss solutions used during the creation process.

Thursday, 07/06/2023, 2:00pm UTC

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The joint administrators of personal data are Landingi Inc. and Landingi Sp. z o. o.

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Karol Świtała

Customer Success Team Leader

Customer Success Team Leader in Landingi. During my 4 years career at Landingi I worked my way up from customer support specialist to leading customer success team and learning about our customers’ problems, needs and point of views. In my everyday work I ensure that Landingi indeed helps in our customers' growth and that their voice is heard within the Landingi company.

Patryk Dymek

Customer Success Specialist in Landingi. I'm here to help you define your business goals and make sure we do not stray off the path towards them. I educate customers on how to use the Landingi platform in the most efficient way and how to squeeze the most out of your landing pages.

Customer Success Specialist

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