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TVN Case Study


Promotion of the world’s first 360° tv series, available exclusively on a streaming app. That’s what the Landingi platform is being used for.

It doesn’t matter if you run or work for a big or a smaller company. When it comes to marketing optimization, both types of organizations share experiences and challenges. The biggest obstacle of all is time. You want to do more in a smaller window of time. You want to optimize tests. Sometimes you just want to simply get things done.

The process of making landing pages swallows up an IT team’s time, no matter the size. For a big TV station like TVN (part of Discovery Communications), time is crucial. They are launching numerous marketing campaigns for the Player product, which is a streaming service available on multiple devices such as tablets, smartphones, smart TVs and internet browsers. TVN reaches over 3 mln users with their Player service and, according to the latest study, has over 11% of the market share of video streaming applications.

TVN (Discovery Communications)

TVN is launching numerous campaigns promoting Player. It has always been a matter of great urgency to build and launch new campaigns, as it always is in the fast-paced media environment. TVN sells licenses abroad and takes part in various international activities, but its primary focus is the local, Polish market. Mixing local thinking with rock-solid, global foundations, the company wanted not only to create landing pages to support Player, but also needed A/B tests and optimizations for performance. As was said to us by Rafał Krzyżański, Head of E-commerce at TVN:

TVN Highly Values Functionality of Landingi Builder:

It’s always very convenient when you can make landing pages on your own, not with the whole marketing team. My team includes 4 people, and we make landing pages with only two of them – a graphic artist and a marketing specialist. Thanks to the solution provided by Landingi, our developers can focus on new features and we can focus on performance marketing.

Rafał Krzyżański

Head of E-commerce


Media, TV



Goal for cooperation

Taking developer’s load off, enabling them to do other projects


Krzyżański emphasizes that it’s vital to be able to change everything in the project. Changing a button, a graphic or copy – everything is in reach within seconds, and the entire project can meet a deadline in hours, not weeks. That’s the advantage of a dedicated platform like Landingi.

TVN’s Player is not only a service for streaming licensed movies and tv shows. In fact, a majority of available content is the original movies, tv series and shows, including various reality and talent shows. With scheduling updated every few months and sometimes changing on a dime, TVN can’t afford a tool that is unpredictable. Player is all about the user’s preference. Users can log into the app and buy a subscription granting access to not only premium features of the app, but the premium channels as well, including 24/7 information channels like TVN24 and TVN24 BiS.


Quick and easy landing pages generation


Lack of IT’s experience when using flexible landing page builders


Higher number of created landing pages and higher conversion rates


Landing pages made by TVN in Landingi builder allow for comfortable work in a fast-paced environment and are a part of the marketing campaigns for cutting-edge products. One of them is a TV series ‘Para nie do pary’, made exclusively for Player. It’s the world’s first 360° show. Produced with a special 360° camera, it introduces a range of new experiences to the audience. Users can use a smart device or VR goggles like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Oculus Gear or Google Cardboard to ‘shift the scene’ by moving the device diagonally and expand the scene in the process. This is how it works:

Effects of Cooperation

We are happy with TVN’s results and their ability to maximize the use of our platform in order to meet deadlines and fulfill business goals. We welcome opportunities for further cooperation and hope for new, cutting-edge developments.

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