Running a company isn’t easy. If you’re not one of the lucky entrepreneurs that can afford to take risks, you’re surely paying attention to your team’s decisions: decisions that can take a toll on your company’s daily operations. That’s why Customer Relations Management (CRM) tools are so popular among companies of all industries and sizes.

Incorporating a CRM is dictated not only by the need for control. CRM is a great option that lightens the load of the sales department and allows for easy contact with customers. It’s doing so by processes automatization. Processes that took hours and hours of a sales department’s time only a few years ago now let you find data on the client in a matter of seconds. All data, including personal information and automatic responder that should launch next month, can be managed through this. And this is only a part of it.

What is CRM?

CRM it’s about managing relations with customers and it’s directly responsible for your company’s overall financial performance. Thanks to CRM tools, you are able to check and estimate the progress of sales negotiations and decide what steps to take to finalize the sale. Most CRM tools are built around the concept of a sales funnel. At the top we have “cold leads” and at the bottom we have customers with contracts signed with your company.

CRMs allow for continuous sales operations and the marketing part of the process is the vital part that generates a vast amount of leads. The sales process allows for effective managing of sales employees and allows for more effective utilization of the currently owned resources (both human and tool-based). The important factor here is predictability. By organizing sales based on a CRM system you are able to foresee your probable income.


What is lead scoring?

The recently popular term in the context of using a CRM is the so called “lead scoring”. It’s a method of giving points to information about a customers based on the amount, details and level of importance. Lead scoring done right allows for the singling out of high-quality potential customers from the crowd. Based on Marketo research on lead quality we can say that a 10% increase in lead quality leads to a 40% increase in sales effectiveness.

How to leverage lead scoring when working with customers on a daily basis?

Imagine a situation when you’ve got two leads. Which one of them has a higher chance of closing the deal?

John Smith, e-mail:

John Smith, e-mail:

You surely chose the commercial e-mail. That’s how lead scoring works, minus the oversimplification, of course. It attaches a score to sets of characteristics, classifying leads and adding priority levels. A lead containing a commercial e-mail is potentially a better one, because based on that information you are able to gain additional information about the particular person and the company this person works for. That way you can offer him business value tailored to the needs of his company. It consequently means a higher chance to finalize the lead and gain a new customer.

Lead generation and CRM

If you’re a marketer, your job is to deliver the right amount of leads to the sales department. Your goal is to generate a number of leads that will go to CRM in order for the sales department to contact potential customers. On the way there, you’re using a wide range of tools including paid advertisements, content marketing, e-mail marketing and social media activities. In each case it’s important for a person to fill in a form on a landing page. That way he or she receives a reward that originally brought him or her to a landing page (an e-book for example) and you gain precious personal and/or contact data that can lead to gaining a customer, when the sales department does everything right.

As a marketer, you pay attention to leads – they should be qualified and high quality. That will make a difference for lead scoring. Remember though, that the number of leads does not necessarily translate into lead quality. If you decide on cutting fields in the form (which should result in a higher number of filled forms in general) it can bare fruit in diminished lead quality. A good warning sign can be an article titled “3 ideas for landing page optimization that can ruin you”, describing a form optimization that brought a 20% increase in conversion rate but finally led to a sales decrease, three times over. Remember that data leading ostensibly to a drop in conversion rates might be crucial to sales.


3 steps for delivering high quality leads to sales

When preparing lead generation campaigns, it’s important for marketing and sales departments to closely cooperate. Cooperation might come in the form of impressive financial results. That’s why it’s worth taking note of these steps on your way up:

Analyze your lead sources

Use the data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console to find out what users are looking for on your website and check what phrases are converting the most. That’s the key to gaining knowledge allowing you to prepare a campaign that converts the traffic.

Talk to your sales department

Marketers often don’t have contact with customers and that’s a good reason for them to talk to the sales department, which thrives on customer relations. During the discussion, salesman will tell you about customer’s needs and problems they struggle with in the process of closing sales. Maybe the knowledge gained here will help you optimize the form on the landing page. That will deliver value to sales, which can then be turned into profit for the company.

Prepare a landing page that will monetize your business goal

Remember, that a landing page realizes one business goal. That’s why, when getting ready for a lead-generating campaign, you should prepare a clean and easy-to-understand landing page. This will increase your chances of achieving your goals.

At Landingi, we wish for marketers and salespeople to work together closely and seamlessly. That’s why we have prepared dozens of integrations with popular CRM systems. Because of that, work in our editor is seamless and easy. Thanks to integration, leads gathered on landing pages are automatically send to CRM and a dedicated merchandiser can take over from there.

Qualified leads with landing pages

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