What to put in the pot to make your landing page taste awesome and amaze all of the connoisseurs of a good conversion flavor? Well, as in the real world, there is no ultimate way to make it work, but there is a recipe it’s better to stick to and modify a bit according to your preference and services to achieve the success and create a Killer Landing Page.

Landing page framework may differ from each other, depending on what you want to emphasize and show to the world. Below though you’ll find a few key ingredients of a delicious landing page that will bring you results you need. Simply mix them all together.

A tablespoon of a headline

A headline can win your customers’ hearts and bring you results in a glance. This is the very first touchpoint with your potential clients and your landing page’s visitors. If the headline is catchy enough, it will grab your audience attention and make them scroll your page down in search for more information. If it is boring, not informative enough, very cheesy and too long (the best headlines are up to ten words long!), you can be almost sure that the vast majority of visitors will exit your landing page as it won’t be attractive enough for them to make them stay and get familiar with your offer. So, remember to pick a catchy, short, consistent headline that draws attention and add it to the pot.  

A teaspoon of a subheadline

A subheadline should be a continuation and support of your headline – sometimes a few words in the headline may not be enough to persuade your visitors to stay, but enough to persuade them to read the subheadline. This is why you shouldn’t miss this boat as it can help you increase conversion. Subheadline plays the role of a “lure” – it gives more info about your product, company or service and can be helpful for your visitors if they’re in doubt. Spend a minute or two on coming up with a really special idea that reflects your thoughts and aims.

A bunch of some aromatic pictures

A single picture can tell more than thousands of words, that is obvious and well-known already. Put a focus on photos of your product, show your product more than people using it – it can increase sales and show the details of your product that wouldn’t be visible in some other photo shoots. The product is what matters the most! Obviously, some additional photos won’t hurt as well and using our resources can save you a lot of time and effort and make your killer landing page look simply better.

A pinch of USP

Unique Sales Proposition should drive your potential customers crazy enough to make a desirable action right here and right now. What is it in that particular product for that particular person? Why should they need (and buy) it? What makes it so special that they just have to own it? If your USP can provide your audience with intended questions, you’re on your way to achieving success and we covered it a bit here. Make a list full of possibilities and benefits and look at how your conversion grows. Like 1, 2, 3.

A cup of Goal – call to action

Call to action reflects what you want your audience to do while entering and getting familiar with your killer landing page. Depending on what you offer – event invitation, free e-book, special discount offer for your product or webinar signup – your CTA should be readable, clarified and clear. Take care of how it looks like and in how many places on your page it is visible. Using a totally different color to highlight may not be a bad idea at all.

A few drops of a Lose syrup

This syrup is bitter and can make you sad, but sometimes you need it to brighten your killer landing page future! No matter how deep it sounds, “Lose syrup” in our recipe is nothing else but a few words or sentences that are about the possible loss or even pain if a particular person exits your landing page without taking a desirable action. By pointing out some features and opportunities they may miss you can actually make them stay with you. FOREVER. (or at least we hope so).

A few seeds of a Pleasure spices

After all, you don’t really want to make others sad with your website. Show some fun, enjoyment and a kind of pleasure coming from getting your product or service. Show emotions and what could happen after a single purchase. Put a lot of pleasure spices on your almost ready meal and enjoy their aroma spreading out to your customers.

Alternatively, when you’ll be a bit tired of whipping it all, look at what Brand24 did:

(and that could be a great dessert with a cherry on top – Thank You page as well!)

A bit of a Contact powder

Ok, so you created a killer landing page. Well done you! But are you sure that you added enough Contact powder to your landing meal? The Contact tab should be visible and easily reachable, and before you stop mixing it into the other ingredients ensure yourself that all of the links are active and mailbox works correctly. Otherwise, you may lose a lead you need. Not once and not twice.

A few crushed leaves of testimonials

Testimonials are what makes the world go round. How? Easy and tasty. Nothing will work more wonders than a proper recommendation from your satisfied customers or business partners. Gather them all together and make yourself an intro that others will be jealous of. Trustworthy opinions can bring about some better results and new customers.

What else could, and would, you add to our recipe to get a perfect one that will amaze the others?