If you are thinking about increasing conversion rates for your PPC and email marketing campaigns, you’re on the right path. All you need to do is to master the art of landing page creation!

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a simple page that allows you to get potential customers for your company. Visitors „land” on your landing pages as a result of your marketing activities like aforementioned PPC or email marketing campaigns and you need a landing page to turn those visitors into leads. Landing pages, unlike your main website, are single-goal oriented! While your main website gives visitors a comprehensive overview of what your business does, a landing page is focused on the single action you want your visitors to achieve.

Visitors on a website have multiple options to click on. There are a lot of elements which distract their attention from your business goal. Giving visitors too many options will scatter their attention and move them away from the goal. But when it comes to landing pages there’s only one option to click on – the call to action button!

According to researchers from Microsoft Corp., a modern man is now able to focus his attention only for 8 seconds. While in the year 2000 it was 12 seconds. Even a goldfish can remain focused for 9. Attention spans are reflected on social media. The limit on Twitter is 140 characters. This is a limit that is natural to assimilate information by internet users. Facebook has recently started to present short entries (up to 35 characters) with enlarged font and an extra background. It has been done to attract users’ attention, anticipating that they are able to focus on relatively brief information.

Landing page ideas to start your lead gen journey

“[What information consumes is] the attention of its recipients. Hence a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.” Herbert Simon, 1978.

We can find this quote in Microsoft’s study. This sentence very well reflects the situation in which modern man finds himself. For marketers wishing to conduct effective marketing communication, this knowledge is crucial. The fact that the recipient is focused only for 8 seconds forces the appropriate form of product/offer presentation. The message must be simple, precise and legible. The visitors make a purchase decision within a few seconds.

So if you want to keep your ROI high and convert visitors within 8 seconds you must focus on your landing pages!

How to create best converting landing pages

Landing pages can’t have any elements that draw away attention from your planned action. Therefore, they should not contain links to other pages, excess information, or other items that are irrelevant to your goal. Also, landing page size should be small (they can’t be overloaded with MB’s with extra content) so that the pages can load quickly.


There are certain guidelines to follow if you want to have a best converting landing pages!

  1. Unique value proposition
    How does your product or service solve customer problems? What makes you stand out from the competition? The answer to these questions will help you create a good advertising message and makes the content design process easier.
  2. Headline
    According to Brian Clark,  only 2 out of 10 landing page visitors will read something more than the headline. Therefore, the header that will precisely point to the desired value is the starting point of your landing page creation. In addition to the header, you can use a supporting header. It is nothing more than a subtitle that details the main headline.
  3. Video or graphics presenting the product in the context of use
    Graphic elements play a bigger role than you may think. Properly selected graphics and good videos can be the key elements that will determine whether your visitor converts. Remember that elements you’ve used must correspond to the value that you are offering. Graphics or video must clearly show the declared value.
  4. Call to action button (CTA)
    The CTA (call to action) must be related to the landing page goal. This is the only element on the page your recipient must click. It’s a button that should draw attention, so make it stand out from the crowd. A good call to action should answer the question, “What happens when I click?”
  5. Language of benefits
    Refer to the real needs and expectations of your client.When preparing the landing page, answer the question, “How will your offer improve a customers’ life?” Check the following graphic (taken from this great UserOnBoard’s post) to make sure you are on the right path with the language of benefits. If you are looking for extra knowledge about landing pages copywriting check our latest article – Landing Pages and High-Converting Copy!

In theory, everything looks clear but when it comes to the creation stage, you can draw a blank. It’s nothing to worry about! At Landingi you have over 100 tested templates with descriptions about what should be written in each part! We’ve put all hands on deck to ensure you will get conversion-focused landing page templates with our landing page conversion knowledge! Simply select an interesting ready-to-use template and make your lead generation journey come true!

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Choose a PPC provider for your lead generation campaign

You must remember that PPC ads and their traffic, as opposed to organic and referral traffic, tend to have one singular goal – conversion. If you don’t know which to choose,  check this article about the PPC battle between Facebook Ads vs. Google AdWords to select your winning option.

landing page ideas to start lead gen journey ppc

Whatever you choose, remember that Google searchers are specifically looking for something while Facebook users are shown ads based on their interests. It’s a popular practice to run a campaign with those two PPC providers – Facebook Ads to build awareness and Google AdWords to answer customer needs.

Landing pages ideas that you can immediately copy-and-paste to your business

If we are able to determine a measurable goal to achieve during an advertising campaign, the landing page is an ideal solution. The applicable uses for landing pages are practically limitless, so all you need to do is to select one for your lead-gen campaign or check out our ideas and make them yours!

  1. Ebooks and guides that offer value to the user
    landing page ideas to start your lead gen journey ebook brand24


    When it comes to ebooks,  you have to remember to highlight the benefits of your publication. It doesn’t matter how many pages this pdf will have – value is the point. Focus on your prospects need and give him ebook or guide your visitors dream about!

  2. Webinars, conferences and events
    landing page ideas to start your lead gen journey webinar neil patel


    Webinars are one of the most effective ways to capture leads and to convert prospects into paying customers. Webinars are also important because webinars can establish you as an expert in the discussion in your industry. If you do it right it’s much easier to generate quality leads.

  3. Events
    landing page ideas to start your lead gen journey event freshmail


    Landing pages are the best way to promote your upcoming events. Create a landing page and start your marketing campaigns to promote the event and get your attendance full!

  4. Recruitment
    landing page ideas to start your lead gen journey recruitment jira
    Recruitments are a year-long process. If you ask your HR specialist you will know that it’s not an easy task to find the best people to join your team. Many marketers help HR departments to create special landing pages and run PPC campaigns to make the recruitment process more efficient! If you are using landing pages there’s a greater possibility to attract a candidate which may not even be considering working in your company.
  5. Preorders


    If you are starting promotion of your new product make sure it will fit the market. A good practice is to run promotional campaigns to attract customers to your new product. Nail your value proposition in the first section (headline and hero shot) and get more sales!

  6. Newsletter signup

    via GIPHY

    A landing page is a good way to attract subscribers to join your mailing list. All you need to do is to create a simple landing page with clear heading and effective selling point. With this landing page, you can convince visitors to stay in touch with your brand.

  7. Crowdfunding landing pages
    landing page ideas to start your lead gen journey harrys prelaunch crowdfunding


    If you are going to start your first crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter or IndieGoGo you must have a prelaunch landing page to get emails! Those emails will guarantee your first sales. If you are interested in creating high converting crowdfunding landing pages, check this article.

In conclusion,

There are a lot of possibilities to start your landing page lead generation journey. You can start from the scratch or choose one of the templates. You can create a landing page for an ebook, webinar signups or newsletter… it’s up to you! But when it comes to landing pages and lead generation focus on your prospects and think for a while about landing page distribution. The number of collected leads depends on the value you are going to provide and there won’t be leads without right, targeted traffic.

Good luck!