News and updates February 2023—image widget, Portuguese language, GA4 and Webhook

Last updated: September 8, 2023 Written by: Patrycja Szurgacz
News and updates February 2023 — image widget, Portuguese language, GA4 and Webhook
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      New widget image

      Editing and managing images in the Landingi editor with a new twist! You can now add images with a resolution of up to 8000 x 8000 and 25MB size that you can easily bulk upload with a drag and drop. Group and sort all your resources to organize your work more efficiently.

      If you prefer ready-made resources, you can always use Unsplash, a gallery of free high-resolution images.

      Integration via Webhook with multiple URLs

      In-app integration with Webhook is available from the form settings of each landing page. From now on, you can add multiple URLs, allowing you to automate your workflow in an even wider range.

      Platform and website available in Portuguese

      The Landingi platform and website are now available in Portuguese. The new language version was a response to our customers' needs.

      Google Analytics 4

      We have added new entries to the Help Center that describes in detail how to properly integrate GA4 with Landingi:

      We have also added a post to help you understand how to read data correctly in GA4:

      Twitter pixel on landing pages

      With the Twitter pixel, you can send data to Twitter, allowing you to track user behavior and thus optimize your Twitter advertising campaigns. You configure the integration using a JavaScript snippet.

      Other product updates


      —Improving the creation of a new lightbox from within the builder;

      —Adding subtitle options for YouTube video clips.


      —Fixing the issue with the read model not refreshing for subaccounts;

      —Improving the view of the bookmarks bar and buttons for the Firefox browser.

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